Muzio Clementi (1752-1832)



With Donald Macleod. When Clementi was 15, Sir Peter Beckford took an interest in the young composer's musical talent and struck a deal with his father in Rome to take the boy to London, which became his base for the rest of his long and busy life.

Sonatina, Op 36 No 1

Daniel Blumenthal (piano)

Symphony No 3 (Great National)

Philharmonia Orchestra

Claudio Scimone (conductor)

Sonata in D, Op 40 No 3

Pietro De Maria (piano).


Donald Macleod looks at the relationship between Clementi and three great composers of his time: Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.

Sonata in B flat, Op 24 No 2

Nikolai Demidenko (piano)

Symphony in B flat, Op 18

London Mozart Players

Matthias Bamert (conductor)

Sonata in G minor, Op 34 No 2

Christopher Czaja Sager (piano).


Donald Macleod finds out what effect the many women in Clementi's life had on his music.

Trio in C, Op 22 No 3 (La Chasse)

Faure Trio

Sonata in F minor, Op 13 No 6

Andreas Staier (piano)

Symphony No 2 in D

Philharmonia Orchestra

Claudio Scimone (conductor).


As well as a virtuoso pianist, Clementi was world famous as a piano maker and teacher. Donald Macleod looks at his relationship with two of his more famous pupils, Cramer and Field, and we hear one of his sonatas being played on a Clementi piano.

Adagio sostenuto in F (Gradus ad Parnassum)

Vladimir Horowitz (piano)

Sonata in A, Op 2 No 4

Carlo Grante (piano)

Piano Concerto in C

Felicja Blumental (piano)

Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg

Leopold Hager (conductor)

Sonata in D, Op 25 No 6

Peter Katin (piano).

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With Donald Macleod. Clementi became a founding member of what is the second oldest concert society in the world, The Royal Philharmonic, formerly The London Philharmonic.

Prelude in the Style of Haydn

Andreas Staier (piano)

Symphony No 4 in D

Philharmonia Orchestra

Francesco D'Avalos (conductor)

Sonata in G minor, Op 50 No 3

Mario Patuzzi (piano).