My Dear I Wanted To Tell You, France And London



Louisa Young's story explores the impact of unthinkable changes on five young people during the First World War. Nothing in Riley Purefoy's short life could have prepared him for Flanders in 1914. The only joy he knows is his love for Nadine, and Nadine's mother has made it clear that this cannot have a future. Abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths and read by Olivia Colman.

Episode 2: France and London

Newly-promoted Riley Purefoy is in France. It's 1915 and he's about to return to the Front Line. Meanwhile in London, his girlfriend Nadine makes the decision to become a nurse. Her mother still won't countenance the idea that she and Riley could have any future together.

Produced by Christine Hall.

Riley Purefoy returns to the front line. In London, Nadine decides to become a nurse.