My Dear I Wanted To Tell You, Peter, Julia And Rose



Louisa Young's story explores the impact of unthinkable changes on five young people during the First World War. Riley's experiences at the Front cause him to write in despair to Nadine "I do not exist.. that is my protection from all this." But to Nadine, he is the only boy she wants and the one she worries about continually; their future as a couple seems appallingly fragile. Abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths and read by Olivia Colman.

Episode 3: Peter, Julia and Rose

1915. The War continues to challenge both men and women. Rose Locke, a nursing auxiliary, and her relative Julia - who has no occupation other than being beautiful - are discovering that all the old certainties about their lives are gone. For Rose, this is liberating; for Julia, it is an unlooked-for education in what a man is capable of when he has been brutalised.

Produced by Christine Hall.

1915. The war continues to challenge both men and women.