My Dear I Wanted To Tell You, The Lucky Ones


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The First World War brought changes previously unimaginable to every aspect of life. Louisa Young's story explores the impact on the lives of women, on the challenge to the Edwardian class structure and on assumptions about patriotism and duty.

Episode 10: The lucky ones

At Christmas 1918, Riley Purefoy is out scouring the streets of London for his traumatised comrade Peter Locke. He finds him, very drunk, in a bar and takes him back to Locke Hill. By coincidence, Nadine - the girl who has always loved him but whom he has tried to turn away because he doesn't want to ruin her life - is spending Christmas there. Inevitably they are thrown together and after they have allowed themselves to be totally honest with each other, they realise that the one thing they can be sure of is each other, and agree to marry.

Abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths

Producer Christine Hall.

Christmas 1918. Riley scours the streets of London for his traumatised comrade Peter Locke