Genome: [r4 Bd=19900513]

Winner of the 1990 Sony/Radio Academy Award for the most creative use of radio. At the turn of the century a tiny, toy-like guitar somehow found its way from its home in Portugal to Hawaii. The Hawaiians called it dancing flea or ukelele, and adopted it as their national instrument. Nick Baker hears the story at their annual Ukelele Festival.

Producer Andrew Parfitt Stereo (R)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900513]

Unknown: Nick Baker

Producer: Andrew Parfitt

Programme Catalogue - Details: 27 April 198919900513

First broadcast on 1989-04-27

Producer: A. PARFITT


A tiny, toy-like guitar somehow found its way half way round the world, at

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documentaries (programme format)

music programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

27 Apr 1989 19:20-20:00 (RADIO 4)

13 May 1990 16:02-16:42 (RADIO 4)


Nick Baker

Andrew Parfitt (Producer)

Herb Ohta (Speaker)

Sam Kamaka (Speaker)

Leslie Nunes (Speaker)

Roy Hirakawa (Speaker)

Lyle Ritz (Speaker)

Roy Sakuma (Speaker)

Jim Thorogood (Speaker)

Ray Tukulemo (Speaker)

Recorded on 1989-04-15.

BBC Programme Number: 88FT0042

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4