My Father's Mantle


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700223]

by HEDDY ROSSI adapted by MARGARET ETALL with Maxine Audley , Austin Trevor and Frederick Treves

The fate of Europe might have been different if the Emperor Frederick of Germany, who succeeded to the throne in 1888, had lived. He was an enlightened and liberal man, married to Queen Victoria's favourite daughter, and would have prevented the rivalry with Great Britain which launched his son William II, who succeeded him, on the road to the First World War.

This play shows a turning-point in the fate of the world from the point of view of the human beings involved.

Cast in order of speaking:

Produced by MARTIN ESSLIN †

(Maxine Audley is in ' Conduct Unbecoming ' at the Queen's Theatre, London)


Unknown: Heddy Rossi

Adapted By: Margaret Etall

Unknown: Maxine Audley

Unknown: Frederick Treves

Produced By: Martin Esslin

Narrator: Godfrey Kenton

Fritz (Crown Prince Frederick,later Emperor Frederick III of Germany): Austin Trevor

Vicky (Crown Princess Victoria,later Empress Victoria): Maxine Audley

Princess Moretta of Prussia: Patricia Galllmore

Sandro (Prince Alexander of Battenberg): Gabriel Woolf

Baron Kaminsky: Garard Green

Countess Rattern: Kathleen Helme

Willy (Prince William of Prussia later Emperor William II): Frederick Treves

Professor Wegener: John Gabriel

Professor Schroetter: Charles Simon

His Excellency: James Thomason

Professor Bergmann: Hector Ross

Dr Mackenzie: Duncan McIntyre

Count Eulenburg: Clifford Norgate

Kiddern: Wilfrid Carter

Queen Victoria: Margot Boyd