My Single Life With Sadia Azmat



Comedian Sadia Azmat has been single for 9 years, and sometimes feels as though she's the odd one out, but, she's not alone! 35-40% of adults in the UK are single and the number's growing in every age group. People are choosing to stay single, people are marrying later, more stay single after divorce and more people are being widowed as we live longer.

Sadia is Muslim and has found meeting someone of her own faith difficult. Although she's relatively content, being single does sometimes hold her back from doing things she wants to. So as part of this year's Faith in the World Week on being single, she meets people who are living the single life well to see if she can embrace her singleness. Sadia meets people are single for a number of reasons, whether choice, bereavement or vocation, for example Beth and Jackie from the Single Friendly Church, journalist Poorna Bell who was widowed in her 30's, priests who have chosen celibacy and Salma El Wardany, a fellow young single Muslim woman. Sadia talks to sociologist Aurel Diamond to find out why new research has found single people can actually be happier than married people, and she even has a therapy session! Will they help her to finally be happy with her single status?

Sadia Azmat meets people who embrace their singleness to see if she can be happy single!