My Sky Blue Trades [Gerry Mckee]


2002031520181212 (BBC7)

How the part-Catholic yet rebellious family of Victor P McCann dashed any hopes for him of a carefree boyhood - despite a slight family tendency towards booze, fags and rebellion.

Gerry McKee's elegiac comedy set in post-war suburbia.

Stars Nicky Henson as Adult Victor, Oliver Quelch as Young Victor, Carolyn Pickles as Mum, John Rogan as Dad, Kate Binchy as the Aunt, Gavin Muir, as Uncle Liam, Carl Prekopp as Dekker, Jonathan Forbes as Phil, and Helen Longworth as Jane.

Director: Cherry Cookson

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2002.

How Victor P McCann's family dashed any hopes of him enjoying a carefree childhood.