The Mysterious Case Of Maria



by Florence Vincent, Emer Kenny, Corey Montague-Sholay, Wemmy Ogunyankin and Sandra Townsend.

A romantic comedy noir by a team of five young writers.

Ellie's dropped out of law college without telling her parents. She's found refuge in a down-at-heel bar where she devours thrillers featuring kick-ass detective Bianca Kane. When charismatic bartender Maria goes missing, Ellie starts her own eccentric investigation.

Directed by Abigail le Fleming

Studio production by Graham Harper and Robin Warren


The writers met while working on the online BBC drama E20, a spin-off from BBC One's EastEnders.

Emer Kenny was selected as the youngest ever writer for the BBC Writers Academy in 2012. Her first EastEnders episode was aired in 2012. Acting credits include EastEnders and Pramface.

Corey Montague-Sholay is an actor and writer studying Arts Management at the BRIT School and developing plays for theatre. His play Aisle 26/Painrelief was performed at the Warehouse Theatre.

Wemmy Ogunyankin is at college and was the youngest writer on E20.

Sandra Townsend is working on a series of online science documentaries and has completed the Royal Court's Young Writers Programme.

Florence Vincent also worked as a story writer for EastEnders on BBC One. She completed a Creative Writing Masters at Edinburgh where she co-wrote Remember This for Bedlam Theatre.