Genome: [r4 Bd=19900418]

Unknown: John Horsley Denton

Unknown: Ursula Graham Bower.

Programme Catalogue - Details: Naga Queen19900418

BBC Programme Number: 89NT1079

First broadcast on 1989-11-05

Recorded on 1989-10-09

Producer: CE LEC

Notes: CAIRS 476645


SBH:NAGA QUEEN - John Horsley Denton tells the story of Ursula Graham Bower, the Englishwoman who became the 'White Queen' of the Naga tribesmen in north-east India. Nagaland is now closed to Westerners and her daughter has taken up their cause. With the voice of Bower. Music by Nich Sargent. producr: Chris Eldon Lee.

Broadcast history

05 Nov 1989 16:02-16:47 (RADIO 4)

18 Apr 1990 11:02-11:47 (RADIO 4)


Nick Sargent (Composer)

Chris Lee (Producer)

Mark Tully (Speaker)

Sarah Harrison (Speaker)

David Astor (Speaker)

Gavin Young (Speaker)

Alan Macfarlane (Speaker)

John Denton (Speaker)

Ursula Bower (Speaker)

Niu Lungalung (Speaker)

Trina Paskell (Speaker)

A Phizo (Speaker)

Khadao Yanthan (Speaker)

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4