The National Theatre Of Brent's Complete And Utter History Of The Mona Lisa



The National Theatre of Brent is celebrating (in a comic fashion) the 500th anniversary of the actual painting of what is without doubt the most famous work of art in the whole world - The Mona Lisa.

With Desmond Olivier Dingle starring as Leonardo da Vinci and his entire company, Raymond Box as the Mona Lisa, it is believed that this is the very first time an historic work of art has actually been re-created on radio exactly as it would have been done at the time.

Nothing as dramatic, as moving, as historically accurate and as revolutionary in its concept, has ever been presented on any radio station ever, and certainly not Radio 4.

At least not as far as the National Theatre of Brent is concerned.

Desmond Olivier Dingle....Patrick Barlow Raymond Box....John Ramm Created by Patrick Barlow Written by Patrick Barlow Additional material by John Ramm and Martin Duncan Directed by Martin Duncan Produced by Bruce Hyman.