Nativity, The [Radio Ulster]



Improvised drama of the Nativity performed by primary school pupils.

An improvised drama of The Nativity as dictated by young children as they contemplate a story where there really is rather a lot to take on board. At age five and six they know only the world around them so even hurdling the concept of "Long, long ago" - a world where there are no cars, no planes, no televisions, no ipods, no hospitals - naturally throws up a lot of lively debate. And what with Angels appearing, and there being "no room in the inn", and having to have the baby on straw in a stable with animals, and three wise men showing up with gifts and shepherds arriving, this really is rich terrain to place in the small hands of truly natural story tellers. Who knows what we will learn?

Performed by pupils from St Malachy's Primary School, Kilclief and St Joseph's Primary, Strangford. With Liam Neeson.