Natural Born Caretakers [Drama On 3]


20101024A new play by award winning writer Sarah Daniels that takes us behind the headlines about social work in 21st century Britain. The writer spent months talking to social workers and a week shadowing a London social work team. The resulting drama reflects current concerns, workloads and aspirations for social work teams at all levels.

David Ashton is on the edge of retiring from his hectic job as a social work team manager; his wife Ann is about to leave him, and he is not sure what his teenage son Oliver does on a daily basis. Karen his colleague is beginning to doubt her reasons for leaving a successful business career in order to follow what she thought was her vocation. When Sue, their Team leader, calls them to her office first thing, they know it won't be good news. Ashley, a 4 year old boy on Karen's patch, has been rushed to hospital unconscious in the middle of the night. His mother, Nicole, has no coherent explanation for his injuries. When drugs are found on the premises and the police inform the social work team that a man was in the house, Karen and the team have to protect Sophie, Ashley's younger sister; find out what really went on; field press interest; and prepare a detailed report for their superiors.

Sarah Daniels is a prolific writer for stage, screen and audio, putting current issues and social concerns at the heart of her dramas. She has won many awards for her work.

David....Michael Garner

Ann....Deborah Findlay

Karen....Nadine Marshall

Sue....Emma Fielding

Doris....Pamela Miles

Dr Harvey....Philip Bretherton

Ricki....Derek Riddell

Dr Omosoto....Angela Wynter

Oliver/Lucas....Will Payne

Ashley....Ray Dowland

Sophie....Mala Yorke

Dramatist....Sarah Daniels

Sound design....Eloise Whitmore

Producer/director....Polly Thomas

A Somethin Else production for BBC Radio 3.

A new, darkly humorous drama focusing on a day in the life of a social worker.