Ne'r Cast A



David Bramwell meets natural weather forecaster David King.

"Late August when three Kestrels fly - Autumn will be dry."

David King is something of a phenomenon in the world of weather forecasting.

Having spent the last 50 years watching the signs of nature, he believes his cross-referencing system has now reached 90% accuracy rate - up to 9 months ahead of time. His close study of the natural world around his home in Kent has enabled him to trust in sayings, some of which go back hundreds of years, and some of which he has created himself.

"If the first week of August is unusually hot, the winter will be white and long."

To find out about how David King works and walks, David Bramwell, takes to the fields and hedgerows armed with a keen eye, a pair of stout boots and a sheaf of country weather sayings, to find out how we can all learn from the flies, ants, apples and mists to read nature better for ourselves, and which sayings are based in fact.

"N'er Cast A Clout till May is Out"

Producer: Sara Jane Hall"Late August when three Kestrels fly - Autumn will be dry."

Producer: Sara Jane Hall