New Series As It Really Happened


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A Morning with Lord Byron by DORIS KER with Ronald Pickup , Jane Asher Sheila Allen

A conversation between Lord Byron and Mr Thomas Medwin at Pisa in 1821, in which his Lordship reveals the circumstances of his marriage to Annabella Millbanke in 1815 and their subsequent separation the following year.

Special sounds by BRIAN HODGSON (BBC Radiophonic Workshop) Produced by RAY MILES

(Ronald Pickup is a National Theatre Player; Jane Asher is in ' The Philanthropist ' at the May Fair Theatre. London)

An occasional series of dramatic reconstructions based on contemporary documents and relating to famous events or characters from history.


Unknown: Doris Ker

Unknown: Ronald Pickup

Unknown: Jane Asher

Unknown: Sheila Allen

Unknown: Mr Thomas Medwin

Unknown: Annabella Millbanke

Unknown: Brian Hodgson

Produced By: Ray Miles

Thomas Medwin: Martin Jarvis

Fletcher: Edward Kelsey

Lord Byron: Ronald Pickup

Thomas Moore: Sean Barrett

A Dandy: Ronald Forfar

A Cad: Sean Arnold

John Cam Hobhouse: John Shrapnel

Lady Melbourne: Margot Boyd

A Young Lady: Audrey Murray

Lady Caroline Lamb: Kathleen Helme

An Old Lady: Ursula Hirst

Anne Isabella Millbanke: Jane Asher

William John Bankes: John Rye

Mrs Augusta Leigh: Sheila Allen

Lady Millbanke: Noel Hood

Sir Ralph Millbanke: Hector Ross

A Parson: Gerald Cross

A Lawyer: Gerald Cross

A Doctor: John Rye

Lady Jersey: Barbara Bliss