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Ed Stourton takes a look back at the stories that hit the headlines in 2004. [Rpt of Mon 12.00pm]


Edward Stourton looks back at the stories that hit the headlines in 2007.


Edward Stourton looks back at the stories that hit the headlines in 2008.



Carolyn Quinn looks back at the stories that hit the headlines in 2009.

This was the year when MPs were booed and jeered over their expenses, bankers became reviled, public debt and unemployment soared to unimaginable heights, and elections in Iraq and Afghanistan proved corrupt while the death toll mounted. It was also the year when Joanna Lumley won justice for the Gurkhas, England won the Ashes and we all became obsessed with Twitter.


Carolyn Quinn looks back at the stories that hit the headlines in 2009.


Carolyn Quinn looks back on a year when so much changed but a few things didn't.

2010 heralded a "new politics" and a coalition government for the first time in generations.

The Labour Party was beset by brotherly conflict and austerity hit home.

We learnt that we would wait longer for our pensions, maybe lose our jobs and definitely lose our benefits.

There were riots in London but bigger ones abroad - protestors in Athens & Paris took to the streets.

BP became reviled in the US where President Obama tried - and failed - to cool down the Tea Party.

Travellers were delayed by an Icelandic ash cloud and 33 miners waited to be rescued in Chile.

Floods caused widespread despair in Pakistan and - no surprise this perhaps - England returned defeated from the vuvuzela roar in South Africa.

Producer : Rosamund Jones.

Carolyn Quinn looks back on 2010: A year of high political drama and deep cuts.


Eddie Mair takes us on a rather eccentric, sometimes over cooked audio tour of an extraordinary year of news events with the aid of some Christmas helpers:the BBC's World Affairs Editor, John Simpson, Home Editor Mark Easton, news presenters Huw Edwards and Sophie Raworth, journalist and stand-up comic Natalie Haynes and of course the inimitable Economics Editor Robert Peston.

Plus there will be some interval music provided by Chinese virtuoso pianist Lang Lang from the Last Night of the Proms.

Producer : Daniel Tetlow

Presenter: Eddie Mair.

Eddie Mair looks back at an extraordinary year of news stories from 2011.


A look back at the defining events over the past twelve months with Paddy O'Connell. There has been much to celebrate, despite Britain's economic woes. 2012 will undoubtedly be remembered for the great success of the London Olympic Games with team GB surpassing expectations. Cyclist Bradley Wiggins was among the 29 gold medal winners, having already become the first Briton to win the Tour de France. Clare Balding is on hand to give her own perspective on the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

On the international stage, there were victories for President Obama, returned for a second term in the United States, and for Francois Hollande in France, who defeated President Nicolas Sarkozy. Vladimir Putin returned for a third term as Russian president and Xi Jinping was confirmed as the man who will lead China for the next ten years. Meanwhile, the situation in Syria steadily got worse, claiming countless lives, including the celebrated journalist Marie Colvin, who was in the city of Homs to report the story.

The economy continues to cause concern in Britain and around the world. The BBC's Business Editor Robert Peston helps to make sense of it all and predicts what he thinks will happen to the Eurozone. Benefit claimants felt the squeeze and big multinationals like Starbucks, Amazon and Google came under attack over the amount of corporation tax they pay in the UK. Meanwhile, parts of the country suffered their most severe drought since 1976, followed by some of the worst floods people had ever seen.

The Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the press took evidence from nearly 400 people representing 120 different organisations. And the BBC found itself in crisis over the sexual abuse carried out by the former disc jockey Jimmy Saville and a completely false allegation levelled at the Tory peer Lord McAlpine. The corporation is now minus one director general and about to inherit another.

Producer: Mark Savage.


was not short of drama. The Pope resigned, chemical weapons were used in Syria and a typhoon killed thousands in the Philippines. At home, the economy seemed to turn a corner, a prince was born and 'plebgate' went on and on... It was the year that 'twerking' entered the national vocabulary, we feared poisoning by horse meat and Andy Murray (finally) won Wimbledon (hurray).

Paddy O'Connell takes a backward, sideways look at the year that was, and wonders among other things if the huge success of The Great British Bake Off tells us something more profound about the world, and us, in 2013.

Producer: Linda Pressly



From the tragedies of the Malaysian Airlines planes to the spread of Ebola, from Scotland's referendum to the rise and rise of UKIP, from Russia's annexation of Crimea to America's withdrawal from Afghanistan, from Gaza to Ferguson, from YouTube sensations to social media trolls, from Rotherham to Hong Kong to Kobani, from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams to L'Wren Scott, from Germany's World Cup to Malala Yusufzai - 2014 witnessed episodes of extraordinary drama, tragedy, excitement, elation and mystery.

Sarah Montague presents her personal review of the year, including its defining episodes and its lighter moments.

Producer Simon Coates.


What really stood out in the news of 2015 and will have enduring significance? Paddy O'Connell considers the stories, people and issues which have said most about the last twelve months and evaluates the legacy which they have left. He recalls the lighter moments of the year - as well as discussing what we have discovered that we did not know a year ago and how these developments will shape our lives.

Producer Simon Coates.