26 May 1999

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 99YC0475

First broadcast on 1999-05-26

Next in series: 27 May 1999

Previous in series: 25 May 1999

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Pres Dominic BYRNE. RHYS-JONES, ALFORD, under-age drinking, arranged. marriages, Diana Memorial Fund, European Cup final, giant Yorkshire pudding..

ITEM 01:RHYS-JONES: Buckingham Palace and Chris TARRANT condemned The Sun for publishing topless photographs of Sophie RHYS-JONES taken in 1988. The woman who sold the pictures, Kara NOBLE, was sacked from a London radio station: Max FLINT report; clips Chris TARRANT, radio news, Andrew MORTON (royal author), Garth GIBBS (journalist), Zoe BALL (Radio 1). ITEM 02:ALFORD: London's Burning star John ALFORD, 27, jailed for 9 months for supplyingcocaine and cannabis to an undercover News of the World reporter. The judge s aid the paper set him up: DB i/v John ANDREW (crrsp). ITEM 03:UNDER-AGE DRINKING: New government figures show 11-15 year olds in England drink 3 million pints of alcohol per week. Alcohol Concern blames alcopops for binges: Phil WILLIAMS report; clips Eric APPLEBY (Dir, Alcohol Concern), Portman Group spks, Natalia (aged 15).

ITEM 04:ARRANGED MARRIAGES: An Asian woman who refused an arranged marriage ismeeting MPs to discuss her case. She married a white man and they have been i n hiding for 6 years to avoid a hit man allegedly hired by the woman's mother:Claire CAVANAGH report. ITEM 05 :DIANA FUND: The Diana Memorial Fund is spending #30,000 a month trying to bana Princess Diana doll in America. Success in the case means millions more for good cause in the future: Eloise TWISK report; clips Andrew PURKIS (Ch ief Exec, Diana Fund), vox pops, Stephen LOCK (Franklin Mint).

ITEM 06:EUROPEAN CUP: Thousands of Manchester United fans are in Barcelona for the European Cup Final. A win against Bayern Munich tonight would make them the first British team to win the treble: Judy HOBSON report ex Nou Camp stadium: vox pops, clips Seamus (pub manager), Alan HUTCHINGS (Manchester Police), vox pops. ITEM 07:YORKSHURE PUDDING: Simon THACKRAY from N Yorkshire was drinking in his local pub when he was inspired to make a giant Yorkshire pudding. Then he decided toget 7 year old nephew Jack to row it across a pond: Matt SMITH report; clips Simon THACKRAY, Simon THOMAS (baker).

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european cup final 1999

Broadcast history

26 May 1999 12:30-12:45 (RADIO 1)


John Andrew

Judy Hobson

Zoe Ball

Max Flint

Dominic Byrne

Matt Smith

Claire Cavanagh

Phil Williams

Eloise Twisk

Chris Tarrant

Andrew Morton (author)

Eric Appleby

Alan Hutchings

Simon Thackray

Garth Gibbs

Stephen Lock (Franklin Mint)

Simon Thomas (baker)


27 May 1999

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 99YC0436

First broadcast on 1999-05-27

Next in series: 28 May 1999

Previous in series: 26 May 1999

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Pres Max FLINT. Manchester Utd FC; War Crimes; Air Rage; Sophie photo apology, Computer Rage.

ITEM 01:MANCHESTER UNITED FC: Football team has completed historic treble of winning the Premiership, FA Cup and now the European Cup by beating Bayern Munich in Barcelona last night: match clips; Judy HOBSON rpt ex Barcelona; vox pops Man U fans; act Alex FERGUSON (man U mgr), Ole Gunnar SOLSKJAER (scored winning goal), Ryan GIGGS (Man U player); Phil WILLIAMS rpt ex Manchester; atmos pub; vox pops; fx cheering, horns ITEM 02:WAR CRIMES: President Slobodan MILOSEVIC of Serbia and 4 of his senior officials have been indicted as war criminals by the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague: Mike WILLIAMS rpt; act Paddy ASHDOWN (LDP ldr), Dr John PRITCHARD (war crimes expert), Milisav PAIC (Yugoslav foreign ministry)

ITEM 03:AIR RAGE: Judge has been summing up in case of Ian BOTTOMLEY, Essex plumber charged with causing #30,000 damage to aircraft and injuring 3 stewards who had to restrain and sedate him during his air rage attack: MF i/v Matt WILLIAMS (corres) ITEM 04:SOPHIE PHOTOS APOLOGY: The Sun newspaper publishes formal apology to Sophie RHYS JONES after publishing a photo of her topless: Paul MOSS rpt; act Chris TARRANT (DJ, also in photo), Theresa WICKHAM (Friend of Sophie), Peter PRESTON (ex Press Complaints Commission), Nicholas WITCHELL (Royal corres) ITEM 05:COMPUTER RAGE: Computers are meant to make our working lives easier but a computer manufacturer admits that they seriously raise office tensions and contribute to stress: Phil MERCER rpt; act Prof Robert EDELMAN (psychologist), Sarah KIDNER (PC Pro journo)

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manchester united (football team)

fa cup final 1999

european cup final 1999

manchester united premiership fa cup and european cup treble winners 1999

Broadcast history

27 May 1999 12:30-12:45 (RADIO 1)


Paddy Ashdown

Nicholas Witchell

Alex Ferguson

Judy Hobson

Max Flint

Ryan Giggs

Paul Moss

Phil Mercer

Phil Williams

Mike Williams

Matt Williams

Ole Solskjaer

Peter Preston

Chris Tarrant

John Pritchard

Milisav Paic

Theresa Wickham

Robert Edelman

Sarah Kidner


26 May 2000

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 99YC2726

First broadcast on 2000-05-26

Next in series: 30 May 2000

Previous in series: 25 May 2000

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Pres by ?

ITEM 04:PARROT: Matt WILLIAMS reps re a helpline that's been set up in North Wales after four people became infected with the rare disease Parrot Fever, Intv Dr Phil WHITE (local GP), Intv Dr Richard ROBERTS (North Wales Health Authority), Intv Heather LOVE (Do It All spokesperson) (2m50s) ITEM 05: BURMA: Judy HOBSON reps re the dumping of books outside the Lonely Planet Guide offices by The Burma Campaign Group, who are against tourism in Burma. Intv Jennifer COX (Lonely Planet) (2m43s).

ITEM 01:JILL DANDO: Danny SHAW reps re detectives have been given more time to question a man about the the murder of Jill DANDO. He's been named as 40 year old Barry BULSARA. 2 way with Danny SHAW and Claire CAVANAGH (1m46s) ITEM 02:UNIVERSITIES: Phil WILLIAMS reps re university chiefs are hitting back at Chancellor Gordon Brown, who accuses them of running an "old school tie" system for picking students to go to Oxford and Cambridge. Acty Gordon BROWN, Acty Laura SPENCE (student), Intv Tony HIGGINS (UCAS) (3m00s). ITEM 03:SEGA: Liza BOOTH reps re the head of computer giant Sega is quitting - because of disappointing sales of the Dreamcast. Intv Nick JONES (editor arcade magazine), Christian REED (computer business analyst) (2m47).

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current affairs programmes (genre)


university admissions

psittacosis (disease)

electronic apparatus

firing (gunnery)

companies (business)

Broadcast history

26 May 2000 12:30-12:45 (RADIO 1)


Jennifer Cox (Speaker)

Tony Higgins (univ admissions (spkr)) (Speaker)

Richard Roberts (north wales health authority () (Speaker)

Heather Love (Speaker)

Phil White (doctor (spkr)) (Speaker)

Nick Jones (magazine editor (spkr)) (Speaker)

Christian Reed (Speaker)