26 May 1999

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 99YC0476

First broadcast on 1999-05-26

Next in series: 27 May 1999

Previous in series: 25 May 1999

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Pres Dominic BYRNE. European Cup final, RHYS-JONES, meningitis, Australia,. Welsh Assembly..

ITEM 01:EUROPEAN CUP: European Cup final tonight is most important match for English club football in 31 years. Manchester United will win historic treble if they beat Bayern Munich in Barcelona: DB i/v Judy HOBSON (crrsp). ITEM 02:RHYS-JONES: Buckingham Palace made a formal complaint about The Sun publishing topless photographs of Sophie RHYS-JONES with Chris TARRANT: MaxFLINT report; clips Chris TARRANT, radio news, Andrew MORTON (royal author), Garth GIBBS (journalist), Zoe BALL (Radio 1). ITEM 03:MENINGITIS: Four teenagers in Leicestershire have meningitis and two are in Leicester Royal Infirmary. Over 2,000 pupils and staff at 2 schools have been given injections:Matt SMITH report; clips Dr Philip MONK (Leicester Health Authority), vox pop s, Mark HEWLETT (headmaster), Marilyn MCKNIGHT (worried mother).

ITEM 04:AUSTRALIA: Police found 10th body in worst serial killing case in Australia. Remains discovered in garden of house in Adelaide rented by one of 3 men charged with murder. Eight victims were found in plastic drums in disused bank vault: DB i/v Leon BIGNOL (ABC Radio, Adelaide). ITEM 05:WELSH ASSEMBLY: The Queen opened the Welsh Assembly this afternoon. It is the first governing body there for 600 years: Rachel LAWSON report; fx horse, vox pops, fx trumpets, clips Queen, Alun MICHAEL AM (First Sec), Prince CHARLES (in Welsh). ITEM 06:EUROPEAN CUP: Thousands of fans are cheering on Manchester United tonight. But somefans would rather eat their season tickets than support the Reds: Claire CAVA NAGH report: vox pops, clips Tony BANKS (Sports Min), Matt ALLEN (Four Two Four magazine); DB i/v Judy HOBSON (crrsp).

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societies (organisations)


sun newspaper


opposition (sociology)

intimidation (hostility)


prince charles (royalty)

official ceremonies






association football

manchester united (football team)

welsh language speakers

european cup final 1999

manchester united premiership fa cup and european cup treble winners 1999

bank vault serial killers

opening of welsh assembly

Broadcast history

26 May 1999 17:45-18:00 (RADIO 1)


Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Charles

Tony Banks

Judy Hobson

Zoe Ball

Alun Michael

Max Flint

Dominic Byrne

Matt Smith

Claire Cavanagh

Rachel Lawson

Chris Tarrant

Philip Monk

Andrew Morton (author)

Mark Hewlett

Garth Gibbs

Matt Allen (journalist)

Marilyn Mcknight

Leon Bignol


27 May 1999

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 99YC0437

First broadcast on 1999-05-27

Next in series: 28 May 1999

Previous in series: 26 May 1999

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Pres Max FLINT. Manchester Utd; Kashmir; Obesity; South Africa rugby racism; Flying cars.

ITEM 03:OBESITY: Nutritionists say we are suffering from an epidemic of obesity and we need to change our eating habits: Rachel LAWSON rpt ex St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, Bristol; clip Natalie FIELD (Health promotion unit); vox pops Sixth formers, Kate PICKARD (School nurse), Stephen POLLARD (Consultant surgeon), Carol MILLS (clinically obese) ITEM 04:SOUTH AFRICA RUGBY RACISM: SA Rugby Union faces allegations that the sport still excludes black players. Game authorities say they are doing all they can to intergrate it: Huw WILLIAMS rpt; clip Springboks winning World Cup; act Zola YAYEH (Black player), Agazo NYO (Nat Sports Councils Rugby Transformation Ctte), Owen UNCOMANI (Black player who did tour with Springboks), Zimcle DALMEANI (Grandson of Nelson Mandela), Marcus PRIOR (Sports journo)

ITEM 05:FLYING CARS: American scientists are testing jet car which can fly and believe that could be on sale within 5 years: Jonny MASSEY rpt; fx car not starting, jet car; acts Mike MAY (Science journo), Lydia AYDON (Auto Express)

ITEM 01:MANCHESTER UNITED FC: Football team which has completed historic treble of winning the Premiership, FA Cup and now the European Cup has arrived back in Manchester and is about to embark on victory parade of city: Phil WILLIAMS rpt; act fans cheering and singing; vox pops ITEM 02:KASHMIR: Pakistan has shot down two Indian war planes after series of air strikes against what it describes as Pakistani-backed infiltrators in Kashmir: Paul MOSS rpt; fx artillery; act Mushahid HUSSEIN (Pakistan Information Min), Air Chf Marshall V.P MALIK (Hd Indian Army), Mohan BHANDRI (Pakistan army spks), Mike WOOLDRIDGE (corres)

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current affairs programmes (genre)



relations between india and pakistan

india pakistan crisis


military offensives

eating habits



military aircraft


manchester united (football team)

rugby union

increase in obesity

flying cars

fa cup final 1999

european cup final 1999

manchester united premiership fa cup and european cup treble winners 1999

Broadcast history

27 May 1999 17:45-18:00 (RADIO 1)


Mike Wooldridge

Huw Williams

Max Flint

Paul Moss

Phil Williams

Rachel Lawson

Jonny Massey

Lydia Aydon

Stephen Pollard (consultant)

Marcus Prior

Mushahid Hussein

Carol Mills (obesity)

Owen Uncomani

Zola Yayeh

Mike May (Science journalist)

Kate Pickard

Agazo Nyo

Natalie Field

Mohan Bhandri

Zimcle Dalmeani

V Malik


26 May 2000

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 99YC2734

First broadcast on 2000-05-26

Next in series: 30 May 2000

Previous in series: 25 May 2000

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Pres ?

ITEM 01: UNI: Comprehensive student, Laura SPENCE, refused place by Oxford University. Liza BOOTH (rep). Gordon BROWN (Chancellor of the Exchequer), Dr Colin LUCAS (Oxford Uni), vox pops [2.29] ITEM 02: VICTIMS: Govt plans for crime victims to make statement before sent- encing. Matt WILLIAMS (rep). vox pop victim of abusive teacher, Jack STRAW (Home Sec), Jacqui GASSON (Rape Victim), Sir John SMITH(Nottingham Uni)[2.41] ITEM 03: SUNSCREEN: Linco-Care Looney Tunes sun cream face legal action for misleading claims on bottle. Phil WILLIAMS (rep). Dr Mike BROWN (Boots), Les MILLARD (Dermatologist), Joe MANN (Trafford Trading Standards) [2.33] ITEM 04: CELEBS: Showbiz names lobbying for causes. Peter BOWES (rep). Clint EASTWOOD, Chuck DEE, Sheryl CROW, Elizabeth TAYLOR, Michael J. FOX, Fred GRUNDY, Christopher REEVE [2.47]

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current affairs programmes (genre)



testimony (legal evidence)


university selection

magdalen college (oxford)

university admissions

ultra violet radiation

sun block cream

effects of crime

looney tunes (cartoon characters)


Broadcast history

26 May 2000 17:45-18:00 (RADIO 1)


Peter Bowes

Liza Booth

Phil Williams

Matt Williams

Jack Straw (Speaker)

Gordon Brown (Speaker)

Elizabeth Taylor (Speaker)

Michael Fox (Speaker)

Christopher Reeve (Speaker)

Clint Eastwood (Speaker)

Sheryl Crow (Speaker)

Colin Lucas (Speaker)

Jacqui Gasson (Speaker)

Mike Brown (Boots (spkr)) (Speaker)

Joe Mann (Trafford council (spkr)) (Speaker)

John Smith (nottingham university (spkr)) (Speaker)

Les Millard (dermatologist (spkr)) (Speaker)

Chuck Dee (Speaker)

Fred Grundy (Speaker)