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The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen


The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen


The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen


























The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen


The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen


The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen

US President's former aide, Paul Manafort, pleads not guilty to charges of conspiracy against the US and money-laundering. Also: speculation that the sacked Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, is preparing to seek asylum in Belgium, and why tequila production is threatening the bat population.

(Photo: Former campaign manager for U.S. President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The Trump administration says the arrest of Paul Manafort is not significant.

Also: Facebook says Russia-based propaganda may have reached as many as one-hundred-and-twenty-six-million US users, during and after last year's US election campaign, and Spanish prosecutors ask for all senior figures in the Catalan regional government to be charged with rebellion.

(Photo: Former campaign manager for US President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Carles Puigdemont, speaking in Brussels, accused the Spanish government of causing chaos. He denied rumours he was attempting to seek asylum saying he wanted to "speak freely". Also, President Trump responds to the arrest of his former campaign chairman, an Indian court finds two uncles guilty of raping their ten year old niece, and how has the Russian Revolution impacted life in Moscow 100 years on?

(Photo: Carles Puigdemont gives a statement during a press conference at Press club in Brussels, Belgium. Credit: EPA)

Carles Puigdemont went to Belgium after being deposed by the Spanish central government. There's speculation he may seek asylum after hiring a lawyer specialising in immigration. Also, asylum seekers hoping to reach Australia barricade themselves inside a detention in Papua New Guinea, a new report highlights faltering momentum on tackling climate change, and NASA releases the spooky sounds of space.

(Photo: Journalists await the arrival of sacked Catalan leader at the Press Club Brussels Europe. Credit: Reuters)

Carles Puigdemont says he came to Belgian capital for 'freedom and safety'.

Also, UK police inquiry into Harvey Weinstein investigating allegations by 7 women, and Germany marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

(Photo: Carles Puigdemont at news conference in Brussels. Credit: Yves Herman/Reuters)


The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen

Vehicle was driven along a cycle path in what is being treated as a terror attack. Also: tech firms defend themselves to US Senate committee investigating whether Russia used social media to influence the 2016 election, and the Olympic flame arrives in South Korea.

(Photo: Investigators inspect a truck following an incident in New York on October 31, 2017, Credit: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

President Trump pledged to end the green card lottery under which the suspect in the New York attack entered the US. Also: new allegations have emerged accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct, and a bus company boss sacks entire staff saying he can't work with them any more.

( Picture: Law enforcement personnel search for evidence in New York. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.)

President Trump has called for increased vetting of foreign visitors in wake of Tuesday's terror attack which killed 8 people in New York. The attacker has been named as Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek immigrant.
Also, at least 26 Yemenis are reportedly killed by a Saudi-led airstrike, and 100 years after the Russian revolution, are attitudes changing towards the last Tsar?

(Photo: President Trump talks to the media at Trump Tower, New York: 15/08/17. Credit Reuters)

Eight killed when truck drove at speed into pedestrians and cyclists. Also: Malaysia hit by a massive data breach, and sacked Catalan leader summoned to appear before Spain's high court.

(Photo: Authorities inspect the scene following incident in New York on October 31, 2017, Credit: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

An immigrant from Uzbekistan, Saifullah Saipov, has been unofficially named as the truck driver, who hit people on a cycle path in Lower Manhattan, killing eight and injuring eleven.

Also, Hamas hands back control of border crossings into the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority for the first time in 10 years. And indigenous land owners in Australia say they are to ban climbing on Uluru - one of the country's best known landmarks.

(Photo: Saifullah Saipov, suspect named in the New York terror attack. Credit: St Charles County Police Department/AFP)


The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen

Thousands demonstrate against the detention of eight ousted Catalan government ministers. There is still the possibility of an international arrest warrant being issued for Catalonia's former leader, Carles Puigdemont, who's in self-imposed exile in Belgium. Also: President Trump has picked Jerome Powell to become chair of the US central bank, and a social media campaign tries to raise awareness about a missing Saudi woman.

(Picture: Protesters outside the Catalan parliament in Barcelona, Credit: EPA)

Sayfullo Saipov is charged with a number of terrorism offences. Also: British Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, has resigned, following recently revealed claims of sexual harassment at Westminster, and 'fake news' is awarded the title Word of the Year by a dictionary publisher.

(Picture: Sayfullo Saipov appearing in court Credit: Reuters)

Nine Catalan officials appear at Spain's high court over accusations of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds. Ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and four others ignored a summons. The deposed leader, who is in Belgium, dismissed the trial as political. Also, Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi visits Rakhine State for the first time, and the exchange of poems between a British schoolgirl and the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

(Picture: Dismissed Catalan cabinet members arrive at Spain"s High Court after being summoned to testify on charges of rebellion and sedition. Credit: EPA)

Aung San Suu Kyi visits Rakhine State after months of conflict between Muslims and Buddhists. Over 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled into neighbouring Bangladesh following "textbook" ethnic cleansing according to the UN. Also, members of Catalonia's sacked regional government appear in court in Madrid to face charges of rebellion and sedition, and President Trump calls for the death penalty for the Uzbek immigrant accused of killing eight people in an attack in New York on Tuesday.

(Photo: Aung San Suu Kyi arrives back from Maungdaw town to Sittwe Airport, Rakhine. Credit: EPA)


The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen

The Islamic State group endures big losses on both sides of the border between Iraq and Syria, shrinking the territory it holds still further. Also: the UN urges Australia to immediately provide food and water to refugees and asylum seekers on a remote island, and does the iPhone X live up to the hype?

(Photo: Smoke billows from Deir al-Zour. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

The Ebola epidemic in west Africa required a massive humanitarian operation costing hundreds of millions of dollars to bring it under control. Also: France plans New Caledonia self-rule referendum in 2018 and cockatoos chew through broadband cables in Australia.

( Picture: Health workers outside an Ebola unit in Liberia in 2014. Credit: UNICEF.)

Eight former ministers remanded in custody as prosecutors seek European arrest warrant for region's sacked president, Carles Puigdemont. Also: UN says world's stateless deserve nationality and Trump's Twitter account briefly 'deactivated'.

(Picture: Carles Puigdemont was pictured in a Belgian café. Credit: Radio Television Española)

Demonstrators protest against the detention of eight former Catalan regional ministers. Five other former officials -- including the sacked president, Carles Puigdemont -- who are now in Belgium, were also summoned, but didn't attend. Also: President Trump nominates a new chair of the US central bank, Venezuela's president announces debt restructuring, and works hoarded by son of a Nazi art dealer to go on public display.

(Photo: Catalonia independence supporters protest in Barcelona. Credit: Getty Images)

Deir al-Zour has been completely liberated from "terrorism," says Syrian state TV. Other reports said the Syrian army and its allies were clearing the last pockets of resistance from IS. IS had held most of the city since 2014. Also, the latest on Catalonia's jailed leaders and how the new Apple iPhone X is boosting the company's fortunes.

(Picture: Deir al-Zour, Credit: Reuters)


The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen

US government scientists say human activity is driving climate change contradicting the position of President Trump. Also: sexual abuse allegations made against UN staff, and Mexico gang leader killed during plastic surgery.

(Picture: Climate change could cause more extremes of weather. Credit: AFP)

Saad al-Hariri steps down saying he fears an assassination plot. Also: President Trump urges Saudi Arabia to float its state oil company in the New York Stock Exchange, and a round up football results from the English Premier League.
(Photo: Lebanon"s prime minister Saad al-Hariri. Credit: Reuters)

From Hawaii Mr Trump will go straight to Japan at the start of his 11 day Asia trip. He also goes to South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Also on the programme, another blow for Venezuela's economy as two credit agencies downgrade its credit rating, and in Zimbabwe an American women is arrested for insulting the president in a tweet.

(Photo: President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump scatter flower petals in the water at the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii, US. Credit: Reuters)

A report by US government scientists say it's likely human activity is man cause of global warming. The conclusion is at odds with Trump administration policies. Also: New York City Police gathering evidence for possible Weinstein arrest warrant, further accusations of sexual harassment against UK members of parliament, and President Trump begins 12 day trip to Asia.

(Photo: Power Station. Credit: Getty Images).

"corruption Embedded" In Global Athletics Body20160114

Islamist militants attack central Jakarta, Oscar nominations are revealed, British actor Alan Rickman dies aged 69 (Photo: Dick Pound, chairman of commission investigating corruption in sport. Credit: Reuters)

"final Assault" Begins On Fallujah20160530

Iraqi government forces press ahead with campaign to recapture the city of Fallujah; Chad's former president, Hissene Habre gets life sentence; South America's largest airline, Latam, becomes latest carrier to suspend flights to Venezuela

(Photo: Iraqi government troops near Fallujah, credit: AP)

"goodbye To War" In Colombia20160623

Bilateral ceasefire agreement in Havana to end fifty year civil war in Colombia ; US Supreme Court has dealt a major blow to President Obama's plans to protect four million illegal immigrants from deportation ; Police in Germany have shot dead a suspected gunman after he took hostages at a cinema complex.

(Photo: A wreath in Cali, Colombia with a ribbon that reads "Goodbye to war", celebrating the peace agreement. Credit: AFP )

"i'll Restore Fifa Image" Says Infantino20160226

New FIFA president Infantino promises to restore organisation's tarnished image; New Jersey governor Christie backs Trump; Bolivian president's lover arrested in corruption probe

(Photo: Sheikh Salman congratulates Infantino, credit: Allsport/Getty)

"man In The Hat" May Have Been Arrested In Brussels20160408

A man suspected of taking part in the Paris attacks could be among several suspects arrested in Brussels; The Pope calls for Catholics to be less judgemental; Is it homophobic to call a gay hairdresser a "faggot". (PHOTO: CCTV footage of a man suspected of taking part in the Brussels bombings. CREDIT: Reuters)

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'1000 Russian Athletes Benefited From Doping'20161209

A WADA report has said that the Russian team at the London Games in 2012 had corrupted the Olympics on an unprecedented scale, UN says hundreds of Aleppo men missing, High-intensity sound waves to be used to treat patients with debilitating tremors

(Photo: Urine samples being tested for drugs. Credit: PA.)

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2016 Paralympic Games Begin20160907

Opening ceremony underway in Rio; Apple's iPhone7 ditches headphone socket; Mexico's Finance Minister resigns over Trump visit; iconic London nightclub to close for good

(Photo: A supporter at the Maracana Stadium before the start of the Opening Ceremony at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Credit: Getty Images)

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A Brief Encounter20160417

Underwear exhibition opens in London; Brazil's President fights for survival; Guantanamo detainees transferred to Saudi Arabia

(Photo: Actor holding a pair of pants. Credit: BBC)

Underwear exhibition opens in London; Brazilian President Rousseff fights for survival

A Leader Of Bangladesh's Largest Islamist Party Is Executed20160904

Mir Quasem Ali, hanged for 1970s war crimes; US and China ratify Paris climate deal

Mir Quasem Ali, hanged for 1970s war crimes; Turkish offensive drives IS from Syrian villages; US and China ratify Paris climate deal

(Photo: Jamaat-e-Islami party leader, Mir Quasem Ali, at the International Crimes Tribunal in Dhaka. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

A Tale Of Two Planets20160204

Reasearch says Earth formed after head-on planetary collision; Syria conflict: donor nations pledge $10 billion in vital aid; scientists extend the lifespan of mice by up to 35 per cent

(Photo: Planet Earth rising above the Moon's horizon. Credit: NASA)

Afghan President Warns Of Further Conflict20160125

Ghani says Taliban peace talks essential, US begins snow clear up, Brazil mass jail break

Ashraf Ghani predicts deepening conflict, unless peace talks with the Taliban begin soon; US east coast cities start recovery after massive snowstorm; Forty inmates escape Brazil jail by blowing a hole in a wall.

(Photo: Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Credit: AP)

Afghan Taliban Capture 'nearly All' Of Sangin20151223

Fierce fighting in battle for Ramadi, Mikhail Khodorkovsky responds to arrest warrant, Beatles' music to be available on streaming services (Photo: Afghan National Army troops in Helmand province. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Afghanistan: Bomb Kills Six Us Soldiers20151221

American reaction to soldier deaths, FIFA bans the top guys, Refugees portrayed as criminals in Hungary.

(Photo: American ISAF soldiers in Afghinstan Feb 2009 Credit: AFP Archive )

African Music Legend Papa Wemba Dies20160424

Papa Wemba 'King of Congolese rumba' collapses while performing at music festival in Ivory Coast, Obama and Merkel discuss safe zones for Syrians fleeing fighting, India's top judge bemoans workload

(Photo: Congolese musician Papa Wemba (L) performs onstage during Femua music festival in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on April 24, 2016 before collapsing on stage. He died later. Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

African Rhino Killings On The Rise20160310

Figures for 2015 show more than 1,300 Rhinos slaughtered; US 'capture' IS chemical weapons expert; Myanmar chooses new president.

(Photo: White rhinoceros - Ceratotherium simum - in Kenya)

Figures for 2015 show more than 1,300 Rhino slaughtered; Myanmar chooses new president

Aftermath Of Bomb In New York20160918

New York steps up security after a bomb attack, Polls close in Russia's parliamentary elections, Winnie the Pooh gets a new friend

(Picture: Police investigate at the site of an explosion in New York City. Credit: Getty Images)

Aftermath Of Paris Attacks20151114

The Islamic State group has said it carried out a wave of shootings and suicide bombings in Paris. Police in Belgium have made a number of arrests in connection with the attacks.

(Photo: People light candles at a pop-up memorial to the victims of the Paris attacks, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Aftermath Of Thai Blast20150818

BBC reporter in Tehran, South Sudan peace talks, India Airbus deal.

(Photo: Bangkok bomb scene. Credit: EPA)

Aid Convoy Reaches Madaya20160112

Venezuela court challenge to Parliament; Nepal 'prone to fresh earthquakes'; Bowie tributes continue

(Photo: Aid convoy in Madaya, Syria. Credit: AP)

Venezuela court challenge to Parliament; Nepal 'prone to fresh earthquakes'

Aid Reaches Besieged Towns In Syria20160217

Dozens of trucks carrying vital humanitarian aid reach besieged towns in Syria, Deadly explosion in the Turkish capital Ankara, Pope continues visit to Mexico.

(PHOTO: Aid convoys on their way to besieged towns in Syria. CREDIT: European Photopress Agency)

Aid Relief Reaches Madaya20160111

David Bowie's music industry legacy; Oscar Pistorius seeks review of murder conviction; Cologne attacks aftermath

(Photo: ICRC Aid convoy entering Syria town of Madaya. Credit: Getty Images)

Aleppo Airstrikes Hit Hospital20160428

Syria ceasefire in tatters, VW bosses paid millions, UK Labour anti-Semitism row, 'e-cigs better than smoking', say doctors

(Photo: The ruins of a hospital in Aleppo, Credit: Reuters)

Aleppo Fighting Continues Despite Temporary Ceasefire20160811

Fighting goes in on Syrian city despite 3-hour ceasefire organised by Russia, Germany launches new anti-terror policy, Pakistani cricket legend Hanif Mohammad is dead, investigation after Canadian police kill 'terror suspect' (Photo: Residents of rebel-held area of Aleppo queue to buy food during brief ceasefire. Credit: Reuters/Abdelrahman Ismail)

Aleppo Fighting Threatens Syrian Ceasefire20160428

The ceasefire in Syria appears on the verge of collapse as fighting intensifies in Aleppo, Car maker Volkswagen to give millions of dollars to its bosses despite emission tests scandal, New study says smokers should be encouraged to switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes.

(Photo: Rescuers look for survivors after government air-strike on Aleppo. Credit: Reuters)

Aleppo: Syrian Forces Seize More Rebel-held Areas20161206

Reports say soldiers have captured five more districts, Merkel backs partial burka ban, Beyoncé leads nominations for next year's Grammy awards

(Photo: Syrian government troops continue offensive in Aleppo. Credit: AFP)

All About That Waist20160510

Popstar takes down altered picture, Kidnapped PM's son freed from Taliban, Brazil disarray

(Photo: Meghan Trainor Credit: BBC)

Ambling Gait Horse Gene Spread From England By Vikings20160808

, dozens killed by Pakistan hospital bomb, Japan's Emperor Akihito says he's too old to fulfil duties, Russia reacts to Paralympic ban

(Photo: Mare and foal in field in UK. Credit: Getty)

Angela Merkel In Turkey To Discuss Refugee Crisis20160208

UN accuses Syria of 'extermination' policy, India blocks Facebook free internet plan, did meteorite kill a man? French ex-minister in tax fraud trial, leopard mauls 6 in school.

(Photo: A baby cries while refugees wait at Syria - Turkey border.

Credit: Getty)

Angelina Jolie Pitt Says Refugee System Breaking Down20160516

US backs arming Libyan government to fight IS, First successful penis transplant in US, April smashes global temperature records

(Photo: Angelina Jolie at the BBC in London. Credit: AP)

Anger At Saudi Shia Cleric's Execution20160102

India air base attack, Trump in Al-Shabab propaganda film, BBC hacked 'as test'

(Photo: Kashmiri Shiite Muslims, carrying a placard with the portrait of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, shout slogans during a protest in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir. Credit: AP)

Ankara Blasts Kill Scores20151010

North Korea anniversay parade; Moslem fashions; Latin crossword puzzle returns

(Photo: Participants in rally react to explosion behind them in Ankara. Photo: AP)

Another Step In Race For White House20160607

Voting taking place in six primaries in the US which should rubber-stamp Hillary Clinton's nomination, Car bomb in Istanbul targets Turkish police, and seventy-year-old Hindu priest murdered in western Bangladesh.

(Photo: Rival Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders campaigning in California. Credit: EPA)

Ansbach Suicide Attack: Bomber Pledged Allegiance To Is20160725

Democrats due to nominate Hillary Clinton, Marni Nixon: Hollywood's invisible voice dies, Sir Phillip Green the "unacceptable face of capitalism"

(Photo: Flowers lie near the area of a suicide bomb attack at a music festival on July 25, 2016 in Ansbach, Germany. Credit: Getty Images)

Antarctic Station In Peril20160504

Antarctic station in danger of floating away, US media says Kasich will suspend his campaign, Migrant fines

(Photo: The Halley VI centre in Antarctica. Credit: PA Wire.)

Antarctica's Ozone Layer Is Healing20160630

Healing of ozone layer credited to ban of ozone-destroying chemicals; Brexit - two favourite contenders emerge in Conservative leadership race; Iran sacks four bankers after their high salaries are made public

(Photo: Antarctica's ozone layer hole. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/PA Wire)

Anti-government Protests In Brazil20150816

Iraq ex PM blamed for Mosul fall, Punjab minister killed, Thai bike ride for Queen.

(Photo: A woman holds up a sign saying "Dilma Out" during an anti-government protest in Rio de Janeiro. Credit: AP)

Anti-government Protests In Drc20160801

Opposition demands President Kabila step down by end of 2016, Khan family responds to Trump, signed banknote returned to owner after decade in circulation

(Photo: Supporters of Congo opposition leader, Etienne Tshisekedi, carry a symbolic casket during a protest against a third term for Congo President Joseph Kabila, in Kinshasa, 2016. Credit: Associated Press)

Opposition demands President Kabila step down

Anti-saudi Arabia Protests Continue20160104

US sues VW, Paris Wildenstein trial, South Africa race row

(Photo: Iranian demonstrators hold anti-Saudi placards in Tehran. Credit: AP)

Anti-separatists Rally In Catalonia20171029

Hundreds of thousands demand Spanish unity

Spanish flags were waved and Viva España was sung on the streets of Barcelona, two days after separatists declared independence for Catalonia. Also: the veteran president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, makes a defiant speech after his resignation is accepted, and a visit to an extraordinary sound archive in London.

(Photo: Catalans with Spanish flags. Credit: Reuters)

The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen

Apple Asks Court To Reverse Iphone Order20160225

Apple asks federal court to dismiss order to help FBI unlock iPhone of San Bernardino killer; EU open border system in danger of collapse, says migration commissioner; Egyptian court revokes licence of FGM doctor

(Photo: FBI director, credit: AP)

Apple Ordered To Pay 14.5bn Dollars In Back Taxes20160830

European Commission orders technology giant Apple to pay up to 14.5 billion dollars in back taxes. Investigation found it had paid tiny amounts of tax on its profits in Ireland -- as little as fifty dollars per million dollars in one particular fiscal year.

(PHOTO: Apple logo seen in shop in Galway;

CREDIT: Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne)

Apple Unveils Iphone 720160907

Apple is holding its annual launch event where its new phone is revealed, Turkey and US 'ready to hit IS capital', Mexico's Finance Minister resigns after Trump visit

(Photo iPhone. Credit: Getty Images)

Archbishop Of Canterbury Reveals Secret Father20160408

Justin Welby says he is the illegitimate son of Antony Montague-Browne, Key Brussels arrests and Abrini confirmed among them, Female police in Mexico subjected to 'attractiveness' inspections

( Photo: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, delivering his Easter Sunday sermon at Canterbury Cathedral, Kent. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA)

Argentina Floods Crisis20151227

Australia Bush Fires, India Campaign for Free Toilets, Bid to Save Rare Bird from Extinction (Photo: Flooded river in north-east Argentina. Credit: EPA/Jose Granata)

Australia Bush Fires, Bid to Save Rare Bird from Extinction

Argentina's President Sworn In20151210

Syrian opposition groups agree on demands ahead of peace talks, Paris climate summit - second night of talks, Being unhappy is not linked to shorter life

( Photo: President Mauricio Macri of Argentina with the traditional sash and staff, during a ceremony at Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Credit: EPA)

Argentinian Elections Back Economic Reforms20171023

Former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner returns to politics as a senator

President Mauricio Macri's pro-business coalition makes gains in Argentina's mid-term elections as voters back his programme of economic reforms. Meanwhile, former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner returns to politics as a senator, guaranteeing immunity from corruption charges. Also, a major study finds increasingly acidic oceans are harming sea life, and South Korea demonstrates its military might in a show of strength to its northern neighbour.

(Photo: Argentina's President Mauricio Macri speaks to journalists after casting his vote in Buenos Aires. Credit: Reuters)

Army Approaching Ouagadougou20150921

Hungary allows use of non-lethal force against migrants, Reasons for IS defections, Syriza still anti-austerity

(PHOTO: Anti-coup protesters in Ouagadougou. CREDIT: Reuters)

Army Fights Its Way Into Mosul Suburb20161104

Reports of IS atrocities in Mosul, Zimbabwe's cash crisis, Spanish parents to strike over homework, police clear Paris migrant camp

(Photo: Iraqi special forces soldiers fire at Islamic State positions on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq.

Credit: AP)

Army Veteran, Micah Johnson Named As Main Suspect In Miami Shootings20160708

Dallas shooting: bomb material found at suspect's home, NATO agrees to deploy 4,000 troops along border with Russia, Renowned Pakistani philanthropist dies

(Photo: Micah Johnson had fought with the US military in Afghanistan. Facebook)

Assad Pledges To Retake All Of Syria20160212

Syria's President says he'll fight till whole country's under his control, Pope to meet Orthodox Patriarch, Paedophiles are using Facebook to swap obscene images, British newspaper "The Independent" switches from print to online

(Photo: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Assad Says 'russian Help Vital'20151005

Israel buries Jerusalem murder victims, Pope opens family synod, French floods

(Photo: President Assad talking to Iranian TV. Credit: AP)

Assad Warns Of Mid-east Destruction20151004

Funerals in Iran for Hajj victims, French floods, Jin Dynasty tomb

(Photo: President Assad of Syria. Credit: AP )

Asteroid-sampling Space Probe Launch20160908

NASA prepares to begin seven-year scientific space journey; Three women arrested over French car gas plot; Northern Ireland teenager sues Facebook over nude photo; Jamaican ska singer, Prince Buster, dies

(Photo: Nasa's asteroid sample-return mission craft, Osiris-Rex. Credit: NASA)

At Least 30 Killed In Deadly Bomb Attacks In Brussels20160322

Three bombs cause havoc at Brussels Airport and Maelbeek underground station. The Belgian prime minister called it a black day. A court in Southern Russia sentences Ukrainian military pilot, Nadia Savchenko, to 22 years in jail.

(Photo: A view of bomb damage as passengers are evacuated from Zaventem Bruxelles International Airport after a bomb attack. Credit: Getty Images)

Athletics Doping: 'ban Russia'20151109

Myanmar opposition set to win election, Catalonia votes to start secession, Indonesia crocodile prison guards

(Photo: The World Anti-Doping Agency report on corruption and money-laundering in athletics is distributed to journalists in Geneva, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Australia's Deputy Pm Disqualified20171027

The High Court ruled Barnaby Joyce was wrongly elected because he held dual citizenship

The High Court ruled Barnaby Joyce and four other politicians were wrongly elected because they held dual citizenship. Also, the Spanish Senate is expected to vote to impose direct rule on Catalonia, and research suggests that open heart surgery in the afternoon could be less risky than operations in the morning.
(Photo: Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. Credit: European Photopress Agency)

Austria Criticises Hungary For Migrant Treatment20150912

Corbyn elected UK Labour leader, dozens killed in India restaurant blast, Kenya uprising memorial unveiled

(Photo: Austrian Chancellor, Werner Faymann, address news conference during a summit on migration policy in Vienna, Credit: Reuters)

Austria Faces Fresh Migrant Influx20150920

Pope Francis in Cuba, Greece election, Japan rugby shock

(Photo: Migrants on Austria Hungary border / BBC's Anna Holligan)

Austria Far-right Narrowly Thwarted As Van Der Bellen Elected President20160523

Independent candidate wins Austrian election, restaurant owner jailed over peanut death, deadly blasts rock Assad strongholds, Bayer $62bn bid to buy Monsanto

(Photo: Presidential candidate backed by the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen. Credit: AFP)

Austria To Cap Asylum Claims20160120

Russia cuts its space budget, deadly attack on Pakistani university, Vietnam in mourning for sacred turtle (Photo: Migrants at Slovenian-Austrian border. Credit: AP)

Austrian Court Orders Presidential Election Rerun20160701

Legal challenge to poll result leads to annulment, Gove sets out 'bold vision' for UK, Paris bans old cars on weekdays

(Photo: Austrian FPOe presidential candidate Norbert Hofer, Parliamentary President Doris Bures and Deputy Karlheinz Kopf. Credit: Lisi Niesner/EPA)

Bafta Triumph For "the Revenant"20160215

Survival epic wins five awards including best film and best actor for Leonardo DiCaprio, Turkey shells Kurdish fighters in Syria, HSBC HQ to remain in London

(Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass, a fur trapper, in "The Revenant," directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Credit: Associated Press)

Survival epic wins 5 awards including best film and actor, Turkey shells Syria

Baghdad Blasts Kill Dozens20160517

Wave of bombings in Iraqi capital; world powers discuss Syria conflict; French protests

(Photo: Aftermath of bomb explosion at a Baghdad market. Credit: AP)

Balkan Nations Struggle With Migrant Crisis20150919

Japan military vote, Cuba prepares for Pope visit, Carnegie row

(Photo: Migrants on train in Croatia, Credit: Reuters)

Baltimore Officer Acquitted Over Freddie Gray's Death20160523

Policeman cleared over detainee's death; Minister in Brazil's new government steps aside; Pigs' eyes used in blindness treatment

(Photo: protestors in Baltimore, credit AP)

Baltimore Police Lambasted Over Race20160810

US government blasts Baltimore police over race, Russia accuses Ukraine of trying to send forces into Crimea, fire kills 12 premature babies in Iraq, Olympics latest, Ed Sheeran sued over Marvin Gaye song

(Photo: A mural of Freddie Gray near the location where he was arrested in Baltimore, Maryland. Credit: Getty Images)

Ban For Russian Paralympians In Rio20160807

IPC says Russia has 'catastrophically' failed its athletes; Thai voters approve new constitution; Celebrating life of Brazilian plastic surgeon, Ivo Pitanguy, who's died

(Photo: IPC President, Sir Philip Craven, speaking at a press conference concerning Russian athletes and the Paralympics on August 7, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Credit: Getty Images)

Ban On Russian Athletes Remains20160617

BBC understands that Russian athletes will remain banned from international competition including the Olympics following accusations of state-sponsored doping, Ex Auschwitz guard Reinhold Hanning convicted, China rules against Apple over iPhone

(Photo: Blood samples being analysed at anti-doping laboratory. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.)

Ban On Russian Paralympians Upheld20160823

The Court of Arbitration for Sport dismisses a Russian appeal against a ban on its athletes competing in the paralympics in Rio next month. Russia calls the decision political

(Photo: Logo of the Russian Paralympic Committee on a wall in the office of the Russian Paralympic Committee in Moscow. Credit: Maxim Shipenkov/EPA)

Bangalore Shuts Down For The Day20160909

A strike over water shortages has a big impact on India's technology capital, UN Security Council to decide on how to respond to North Korea's latest nuclear test, Backing for 9/11 legislation

(Picture: A traffic blockade at a major connecting road during a state-wide strike in Bangalore, Credit: AFP)

Bangkok Bomb Blast20150817

Pistorius prosecutors back in court, Spanish deaths from bull running, gay rugby player

(Photo: Bangkok bomb scene. Credit: EPA )

Bangkok Bomb Suspect Video20150818

Poll setback for Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa, Russian cheese raid, Fly-past marks Hardest Day

(Photo credit:AP)

Banksy Leaves Present For Primary School20160606

Banksy leaves his mark on a school wall, Report on gene editing, Latest on Peru presidential election

(Picture: A Banksy mural which was painted on the side of one of the classrooms of a primary school in Bristol. Credit: PA Wire.)

Barbie Gets A Makeover20160129

Mattel introduces Curvy Barbie, the fight against Zika intensifies, and when it comes to playing Michael Jackson, does it matter if you're black or white? (PHOTO: Handout photo from Mattel showing new Barbie doll body shapes of petite, tall and curvy next to the traditional Barbie. CREDIT: Reuters)

Mattel introduces Curvy Barbie, the fight against Zika intensifies

Barking Up The Wrong Tree20160205

Why planting the wrong kind of tree can actually increase global warming, Syrian refugees massing on Turkey's border, Pope Francis set for historic Orthodox Patriarch meeting

(Photo: Giant Sequoia stands among other smaller pine trees in the Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequioas in the Yosemite National Park, California, USA. Credit: BBC)

Barzani Says He'll Continue Fight For Independent State20171030

The veteran president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, has quit but vows to fight on

The world's Newsroom brings you global events as they happen

Prosecutors could file criminal charges against the deposed president Carles Puigdemont, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, has said he will continue to fight for an independent state for his people despite leaving office. Also, Puerto Rico remains without power after a contract to restore supplies is withdrawn. (Photo: Palau Catalan Regional Government Building Credit: Getty Images)

Madrid sacked the Catalan parliament after their unilateral declaration of independence. The central government is sending in officials to take control of institutions, while Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and other separatist leaders say they are still in charge. Also, a new study says carbon dioxide levels reached a record high in 2016, a war crimes trial of an Ethiopian aide to a former dictator takes place in the Netherlands, and a cancer support charity hires a 'digital nurse' to deal with fake news and answer online questions.

(Photo: Police stand guard outside the Palau Catalan Regional Government Building. Credit: Getty Images)

Last year's increase was 50% higher than the average of the past 10 years. Experts say a combination of human activities and El Niño drove CO2 to a level not seen in 800,000 years. Also, prosecutors in Madrid are charging the Catalan leadership with rebellion and sedition, and nurse hired to combat cancer myths online.

(Picture: A vehicle's exhaust pipe releases fumes. Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Aide says he tried to set up talks between Trump presidential campaign and Russia. And Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort charged over his dealings with Ukraine.

Also, Spain's chief prosecutor calls for Catalan leaders to be charged with rebellion, and how an emoji sparked fierce online debate over the perfect burger.

(Photo: President Donald Trump. Credit: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Battle For Falluja Continues20160524

Military base destroyed in Syria by Islamic State group, Cosby in court for sexual assault case, Greece moves migrants from Idomeni camp, Google's Paris HQ raided in tax probe, Pink Panther star Burt Kwouk dies

(Photo: Iraqi pro-government forces advance towards the Iraqi city of Fallujah

Credit: AFP)

Battle For Kunduz Continues20150929

Army moves against Ouagadougou rebels; South Dakota marijuana resort; US chairs anti-IS summit

(Photo: Afghan policeman in Kanduz a day after Taliban insurgents overran the strategic northern city. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Bbc Interview With Turkish Pm20150811

'Missile parts' at MH17 site, explosion at Nigeria market, Queen Nefertiti 'discovery'.

( Photo: Ahmet Davutoglu Turkish PM from BBC interview.)

Bbc Interviews Syrian Minister20160907

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, dismisses the idea that President Assad step down - a key demand of Syria's main political opposition groups meeting in London; caesarean births linked to obesity; Paralympics classifications.

(Photo: Faisal Mekdad)

Bbc Investigates Putin's Wealth20160125

The US Treasury tells the BBC it believes the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is corrupt; uncertainty over Friday's peace talks on Syria; studying the long-legged secretary bird's lethal kicks.

(Photo: Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Bbc Reports From Over Fallujah20160603

Iraqi troops battle to recapture Fallujah from IS; search for migrants In Mediterranean; watching a giant panda give birth

(Photo: Reporter Nafiseh Kohnavard; BBC News)

Bbc Speaks To Bangkok Victim's Friend20150819

Putin in Crimea, Church apology to abuse victims, giving blood to fight Boko Haram

(Photo: Bangkok bomb scene Credit: EPA)

Before Ceasefire, Assad Vows To Recapture All Of Syria20160912

Hours before a scheduled ceasefire is due to happen in Syria, Assad vows to recapture the whole country, Trump on Clinton health, Tanzania quake

(Photo: Pro-regime fighters walked in a street in Ramussa, Sept 9th

Credit: AFP, Getty Images)

Belgium Arrests Two Over 'new Year Plot'20151229

3D replica of ancient Syrian monument, Iraqi PM visits Ramadi, tributes paid to Motorhead's Lemmy.

(Photo: A Belgian soldier patrols a Christmas market in Brussels. Credit: Reuters.)

Belgium Charges Man Over Paris Attacks20151123

US air strike 'destroys IS oil trucks', Argentine President-elect's new agenda, white rhino death

(Photo: a policeman and an armed soldier stand guard over the Grote Markt in Brussels. Photo: Getty Images)

Belgium Frees Brussels Bombing Suspect20160328

Pakistan PM urges swifter action on terror, Damage to Palmyra not as bad as feared, Batman v Superman breaks monthly box office record

(Photo: Flower tributes in Place de la Bourse. Credit: AP.)

Belgium In Mourning20160323

Prosecutors name two brothers who were involved in the Brussels attacks, Somalia's PM signs the global petition to end FGM, Obama in Argentina, Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz

(Photo: People gather at the Place De La Bourse in Brussels in honour of the victims of Tuesday's terror attacks. Credit: Getty Images)

Belgium Manhunt After Terror Raid Shots20160315

Russian jets target Islamic State in Syria, Nigerian oil revenues of $16 bn 'missing', Bangladesh bank boss quits over fraud, Breivik sues Norway over jail isolation

(Photo: Police officers at the site of a shooting in Brussels. Credit: AFP)

Belgium Minister Resigns Over Brussels Security Row20160415

The Belgian transport minister has resigned over accusations she ignored lapses in security at Brussels airport before the attacks in March, Lower house of Congress in Brazil begins a debate on whether to impeach President Rousseff, Pioneering Malian photographer dies

(Photo: Belgian minister Jacqueline Galant Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Belsen:'one Was Speechless'20160308

Death of British officer who liberated Belsen, Legal fears over EU-Turkey migrant plan, Motown Musical

(Photo:SS women haul bodies into mass grave, watched by British soldiers - Belsen 24/04/45. Credit:AP)

Bernie Wins Wyoming20160410

US Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie beats Hilary, Brussels 'man in hat' identified, Largest cholera vaccination campaign begins in Zambia

( Photo: Bernie Sanders in New York accepting Wyoming win.Credit: Reuters)

US Democratic hopeful Bernie beats Hilary, Brussels 'man in hat' identified

Biden Rules Out White House Presidential Run20151021

Assad in surprise visit to Moscow, South Africa students clash with police, UK and China reach nuclear power agreement.

(Photo:US Vice President Joe Biden with President Obama. Credit: Reuters)

Biden: 'i'm Not Running For President'20151021

Student protest in Cape Town, Fiat and Starbucks tax deals 'illegal', royal banquet menu

(Photo: Joe and Jill Biden. Credit: EPA)

Bikers Converge To Hear Trump20160530

Donald Trump speaks to a motorcycle rally in Washington, A spat over this year's Hajj, Could baking soda help capture carbon dioxide?

(Picture: Donald Trump greets bikers in Washington. Credit: AP Photo.)

Donald Trump speaks to a motorcycle rally in Washington, A spat over this year's Hajj

Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault20151230

North Pole unseasonally warm, Central African Republic goes to the polls, Kipling born 150 years ago today

(Photo: District attorney Steele, credit: AP)

Bill Cosby In Court On Sex Charge20151230

'Humanitarian crisis' in Iraq, Saudi oil price hike, whither Zuma?

(Photo: Bill Cosby arrives at court to face a charge of aggravated indecent assault. Credit: AP)

Billion Dollar Us Powerball Lottery20160114

Oil prices hit twelve year low; Record snow in Moscow

Oil prices hit 12-year low; Record snow in Moscow; Denmark to force migrants to pay for government services.

(Photo: People queuing for Powerball lottery tickets on the state line between Arizona and Nevada. Credit: AP)

Billions Wiped Off World Markets20160121

Growing case for Planet Nine, Earth's warmest year, new Himalayan bird species

(Photo: Man filling his car with petrol pump nozzle, GB)

Blame Game Over Downed Russian Jet20151126

MSF on 'frightening' Kunduz errors, Facebook murder picture, Brazil corruption arrests

(Photo: Russians burn a Turkish flag during a rally in front of the Turkish embassy in Moscow, Russia. Credit: EPA)

MSF on 'frightening' Kunduz errors, Facebook murder picture

Blatter Faces Criminal Investigation20150925

Pope speaks at UN, new CEO at VW, Boehner to quit Congress

(Photo: Sepp Blatter. Credit: AP)

New VW chief executive, criticism grows over Hajj deaths, Nigeria reaches polio 'milestone'

(Photo: FIFA president Sepp Blatter. Credit: EPA )

Blatter: Russia 2018 'agreed Before Vote'20151028

Iran to join Syria talks, US policeman sacked for school assault, Austria to build fence

(Photo: Sepp Blatter meeting President Putin in Russia. Credit: AP)

Blizzard Batters The Us20160124

Snow shuts down NY, Poland anti-surveillance law protests, Italy gay rights rally

A huge snowstorm has brought much of the eastern United States to a standstill and New York imposes travel restrictions; huge protests in Poland against proposed surveillance law; Italians demonstrate in favour of same sex partnerships

(Photo: Workers shovel snow to clear walk ways near the Lincoln Center in New York, Credit: EPA)

Blizzard Hits Us East Coast20160123

Zika virus travel warning, Charlotte Rampling on the Oscars racism row, all the latest sport (Photo: Man walking in heavy snow. Credit: AP)

Zika virus travel warning, Charlotte Rampling on Oscars racism, all the latest sport

Bloody Sunday Bishop Dies20160808

Edward Daly iconic face of Northern Irish conflict; Hospital bombing kills 70 in Pakistan; Man whose life saved by his car; Is watching a baby riveting theatre?

(Photo: Mural in the Bogside area of Derry depicting Edward Daly waving a white handkerchief as he led Jackie Duddy away from danger on Bloody Sunday. Credit: Press Association)

Bodies Found In Austria Migrant Lorry20150827

Surge in Mers deaths in Saudi Arabia, Usain Bolt beats Gaitlin to win 200m gold, Knut polar bear death riddle solved

(Photo: Forensic police officers inspect migrant lorry. Credit: Reuters)

Bomb Blast In Istanbul Kills Tourists20160319

Four tourists have been killed and many others wounded in a suicide attack in Istanbul; Paris bomber arrested in Belgium charged with terrorist murder; tackling Lebanon's rubbish crisis. (PHOTO: A woman reacts following a suicide bombing in a major shopping and tourist district in central Istanbul. CREDIT: Reuters)

Bomb Fears Halt Uk-sharm Flights20151104

UK plans for online data monitoring, Maldives state of emergency, Romanian PM resigns

(Photo: Wreckage of the A321 Russian airliner, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Bomb Threat Cancels Germany Friendly20151117

French police identify ninth suspect, Brazil dams at risk, emotions at Wembley

(Photo: A police car stands in front of the Hannover football stadium. Credit: AP)

Bond Film Set Director Ken Adam Dies20160310

Set and car designer Sir Ken Adam dies at 95, Pentagon confirms chemical weapons expert capture in Iraq, ISIS files

( Photo: Left, Poster of You Only Live Twice. Credit PA. Right: Sir Ken Adam in Berlin 2014. Credit:EPA)

Border Controls For Germany Migrants20150914

End of dream for Syrian migrant, California wildfires, Robots job threat?

(Photo: Migrants travelling from Munich to Berlin. CREDIT: Getty Images.)

Boris Pulls Out Of Tory Leader Race20160630

Former London Mayor and Brexit campaigner, Boris Johnson pulls out of Conservative leadership contest, UN ends its peacekeeping mission in Liberia, 'Future Shock' author, Alvin Toffler, dies.

(Photo: Boris Johnson waves as he rules himself out of becoming the next Conservative party leader. Credit: Getty Images)

Bosnians React To Karadzic Genocide Verdict20160325

Bosnia still divided - more than 20 years after war, Anti-terror operation in Paris, US comedian Garry Shandling dies

(Photo: Bosnian Muslim women take cover in front of UN vehicles: 31/08/1993. Credit: REU)

Bosnia still divided - more than 20 years after war, Anti-terror operation in Paris

Bowie Art Collection Revealed20160714

Bowie art works worth millions are on display at London Sotheby's, Theresa May assembles her new 'radical' cabinet; we find out world reaction to Boris Johnson becoming Foreign Secretary

(Picture: A photograph of David Bowie by Gavin Evans, part of Bowie's private art collection, Credit: Sotheby's/PA)

Bowie's Legacy20160111

Princess Cristina of Spain in court, Migrant crime in Sweden, Anglican leaders discuss homosexuality

Brain Implant Allows Paralysed Man To Use Hand20160413

Paralysed man moves his hand after brain implant, South Korean president loses majority, Kerry underlines US opposition to torture.

(Photo: Ian Burkhart playing a guitar video game after regaining the use of his hand. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Brazil Awaits Impeachment Process Result20160411

Key step to impeach President Rousseff underway; US: Zika scarier than thought; Tiger numbers rise

(Photo: Dilma Rousseff. Credit: AFP Photo/ Getty Images)

Brazil Congress Speaker Resigns20160707

Eduardo Cunha who led impeachment process against President Rousseff has resigned over corruption allegations; President Obama: US shootings not isolated incidents; Conservative MPs select two women contenders to be the next British Prime Minister

(Photo: President of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha during a session to review the request to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. Credit: Reuters.)

Brazil Police Arrest 10 For 'plotting Olympic Terror'20160721

Brazilian suspects accused of 'pro-IS sympathies', latest on Nice attack investigation, Trump NATO controversy

(Photo: Members of Brazilian security forces guarding Olympic Village in Rio. Credit: Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch)

Brazil Policeman 'Killed Greek Envoy'20161231

Brazil Policeman 'Killed Greek Envoy'20161231

Police in Brazil say the Greek ambassador to the country was killed by a local police officer who was having an affair with the envoy's wife, Trump praises Putin for being 'very smart' in response to expulsions, longer countdown to 2017 this year

(Photo: Burnt Car in Brazil

Photo credit:AFP/Getty Images)

Brazil President Impeachment Debate20160417

Demonstrations across Brazil as parliament votes on whether to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, Ecuador earthquake death toll reaches more than 230, Major oil producers fail to agree on limiting global production to boost prices.

(Photo: Brazilian Deputies fight during session to discuss admissibility of impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia on April 17, 2016. AFP/Getty Images.)

Brazil Scientists' New Warning Over Zika Virus20160502

Brazilian scientists warn Zika may be much more dangerous than previously thought; German Muslims protest as right-wing party approves manifesto; American cruise ship heads for Cuba for the first time in more than half a century

(Photo: Doctor measuring baby's head, BBC)

Brazilian scientists warn Zika may be much more dangerous than previously thought

Brazil Senate Votes On Future Of President Rousseff20160511

Brazil Senate debates impeachment trial for Rousseff, Baghdad car-bombs kill more than 80, how much should you spend on a wedding-gift ?

(Photo: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Credit: Reuters)

Brazil: Ex-president Lula Gets Cabinet Post20160316

President Dilma Rousseff appoints predecessor to top job, President Obama nominates judge for Supreme Court vacancy, FIFA wants back tens of millions of dollars it says were stolen by its former leaders.

(PHOTO: Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff (L) and former Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, at a Workers Party's campaign rally in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2014. CREDIT: AP )

Brazil: Pressure Mounts On President Rousseff20160331

Rousseff supporters gather across Brazil, US concerns over North Korea's nuclear programme at security summit, Will champagne bubbles be banned by EU climate change body?

( Photo: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff speaking in Brasilia 22 March 2016. Credit:AP )

Brazilian Coalition Party Quits Government20160329

The PMDB, the biggest coalition partner of president Rousseff, quits Brazil's government; Trump campaign manager to appear in court, charged with assault; Plane hijacking raises new fears over Egyptian airport security

(Photo: PMDB lawmakers vote to quit government, credit: AFP/Getty)

Brazilian Senate Hears Rousseff20160829

Suspended president urges senators at impeachment trial not to remove her from office; More than 50 killed in IS attack in Yemen; South African high school has 'racist hair policy'

(Photo: Brazilian Supreme Court president at impeachment trial, credit: AFP/Getty)

Brazil's Dilma Has Her Day In Court20160829

The suspended president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, gives her defence in the Senate to rebut allegations that she illegally manipulated the budget. Ms Rousseff says the impeachment proceedings amount to a coup d'etat.

(PHOTO: Woman carries a flower in support of the suspended Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff


Brazil's Former Leader Investigated For Corruption20160317

Judge releases Lula's phone taps, Garland for Supreme Court, software simulates bloodflow

(Photo: Brazil's former president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva. Credit: AFP)

Brazil's Former President Lula Quizzed By Police20160304

Lula questioned over alleged role in fraud case, doctors try to make paralysis patients walk again, does EU have new plan to tackle migrant crisis ?, police examine knife allegedly found at OJ Simpson's former house

(Photo: Brazil's ex-present Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Credit: AP)

Brazil's Lula To Stand Trial20160729

Former president Lula is to go on trial for obstruction of justice, Testing times for Europe's banks, Australia plans new co-ordinates to fix sat-nav gap

(Photo: Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has denied any wrongdoing. Credit: AFP)

Brazil's New President20160831

Michel Temer to assume power after Senate impeaches Dilma Rousseff; Mussolini message to future revealed under Rome obelisk; Pink Floyd exhibition marked by giant flying pig

(Photo: Brazilian president-elect, Michel Temer, delivers a speech at the Planalto Palace, the seat of government in Brasilia. Credit: Evaristo AFP/Getty Images)

Brazil's Opposition Seeks Rousseff Impeachment20151021

Biden rules out White House bid, South Africa protests, Netanyahu comments criticised

(Photo: Dilma Rousseff. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Brazil's President Challenges Impeachment Vote20160418

Dilma Rousseff says she's committed no illegal act, Deaths rise in Ecuador quake, Study suggests dinosaurs were heading for earlier extinction

Brazil's President Rejects Calls For Arrest Of Lula20160311

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff defends predecessor Lula over corruption scandal, former Putin aide 'died of head injuries', UN report accuses S. Sudan government of 'war crimes', India festival begins despite criticism

(Photo: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Credit: AP)

Brazil's President Won't Resign20160311

Brazil's president, Dilma Rousseff, dismisses opposition calls for her to stand down; Cuba signs deal to normalise relations with the European Union; Russia waits for information from US on last year's death of former Putin adviser

(Photo: Rousseff, credit: Reuters)

Brazil's Rousseff Defends Her Record At Trial20160829

Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff urges senators not to remove her from office, IS attack in Yemen kills dozens, Did our famous ancestor, Lucy, fall out of a tree?

(Photo: Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff. Credit: AP.)

Breast Cancer Genetic Breakthrough Hailed20160502

Scientists say they have a genetic breakthrough of events leading to breast cancer, Kerry hopes to salvage Syria truce, Tributes paid to Congolese musician Papa Wemba,

(Photo: Electron microscope picture of breast cancer cell. Credit: Science Photo Library. )

Breast Cancer Treatment Breakthrough?20160310

Drug combination shrinks tumours in 11 days; new rules after cash-for-cannonisation row; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang set designer dies

(Photo: Coloured 3D magnetic resonance imaging scan of a woman with breast cancer. Credit: Science Photo Library)

Breathalysed At The Pub Door?20160916

Will a UK trial to breathalyse people before they go into pubs reduce drinking? EU summit opens without UK; school children quiz Bank of England governor

(Photo: A young man drinks a pint of beer, Credit: PA)

Brexit Tv Debate20160621

Leave and Remain campaigners clash on eve of UK EU referendum, conflicting claims over who controls Fallujah, scientists 'reverse' autism in mice

(Photo: BBC debate on the EU referendum with British members of parliament Boris Johnson (L), Gisela Stuart (2-L), Andrea Leadsom (3-L), Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (2-R), Member of the Scottish Parliament Ruth Davidson (3-R) and General Secretary of the British Trades Union Congress (TUC) Frances O'Grady (R) at Wembley Arena, London. Credit: EPA)

Brexit: Boris Boost20160221

London Mayor will campaign to leave EU; Syria ceasefire prospects; Veteran British pilot Eric 'Winkle' Brown dies

(Photo: London Mayor Boris Johnson speaks to reporters outside his London home. Credit: EPA)

Britain And France Sign Calais Deal20150820

British embassy in Iran to reopen, Greek PM calls new elections, alien plants survey.

(Photo: French Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve and British Home Secretary Theresa May sign a deal in Calais to alleviate the migrant crisis. Credit: EPA)

Britain Approves Gene Manipulation20160201

French President pardons abused killer, Cologne prepares for Carnival post New Year assaults, Is Zika a global health emergency? China to punish rowdy air passengers.

(Photo: embryos being placed onto a CryoLeaf ready for instant freezing using the vitrification process. Credit: PA)

Britain Battles For Eu Reform20160218

Cameron seeks better deal on EU membership, Pope criticises Trump, Obama to visit Cuba

(Photo: British Prime Minister David Cameron at EU summit in Brussels. Credit: Getty Images)

Britain Prepares To Vote In Eu Referendum20160622

Taliban say they killed Pakistani Sufi singer in Karachi, Putin accuses West of not supporting Russia on terrorism, has Nigeria found a solution to its tomato crisis ?

(PHOTO: Houses of Parliament in London from Westminster Bridge;

CREDIT: AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Britain Secures Eu Renegotiation20160220

British Prime Minister David Cameron announces details of EU renegotiation package, Harper Lee up close and personal,


British Prime Minister David Cameron announces details of EU renegotiation package

British Inquest Concludes Unlawful Killing Over Hillsborough Deaths20160426

Inquest found police action after the crush contributed to deaths, British doctors strike, Chernobyl marks thirtieth anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident

(PHOTO: Trevor Hicks whose daughters died at Hillsborough reacts after unlawful killing conclusion reached

CREDIT: EPA/Peter Powell)

British Mp Jo Cox Dies After Shooting Attack20160616

Labour MP Jo Cox dies after shooting and stabbing attack, EgyptAir plane voice recorder recovered in Mediterranean, and VW plans major drive into electric cars.

(Photo: British MP Jo Cox. Credit: AP)

British Mp Jo Cox's Murderer Gets Life20161123

Thomas Mair found guilty of killing MP in her north of England constituency; China may get Facebook again; Anne Frank's poem fetches thousands at auction

( Photo: Jo Cox taken on June 6th 2016. Credit: AP )

British Mps Debate Donald Trump Ban20160118

Brother of American released by Iran speaks to the BBC, China's living Buddha list, 'breakthrough treatment' for MS

(Photo: Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Nevada. Credit: AFP)

British Mps To Vote On Syria Bombing20151202

Zuckerberg to give away Facebook billions, Royal Institution sells scientific works

Zuckerberg to give away Facebook billions, Gene editing, Royal Institution sells scientific works

(Photo: Anti-war protesters outside parliament in London. Credit: Reuters)

British Parliament Debates Syria Airstrikes20151202

Biafra protests; A look at philanthropy; The seal of a Biblical king

(PICTURE: AFP/ Getty - The leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, speaking in the House of Commons in central London on during the debate on a motion to join air strikes on Islamic State (IS) group targets in Syria.)

British Police Chief Suspended Following Hillsborough Inquest20160427

South Yorkshire Police's chief constable, David Crompton, has been suspended -- a day after an inquest jury concluded that all 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster had been unlawfully killed, Trump reveals foreign policy goals, Campaign to save ancient trees from 'Macbeth woods'

(Photo: British chief constable David Crompton. Credit: Getty Images.)

Brussels Alert Extended To Fourth Day20151123

France bombs IS from aircraft carrier, merger could create world's biggest drug maker, financial boost for BBC World Service

(Photo: Troops in Brussels, credit: AFP)

Brussels Alert Extended To Monday20151122

Argentina votes in presidential run-off, Crimea state of emergency after power cuts, Church angry as Lord's Prayer ad dropped

(Photo: Brussels policemen, credit: Reuters)

Brussels Alert To Last Another Week20151124

US destroys IS tankers, Macri sets new course for Argentina, BBC World Service gets extra funding

US destroys IS tankers, Macri sets new course for Argentina

Brussels Cancels New Year Celebrations20151231

Bill Cosby in court on sex charge, British couple jailed for terror plot

Bill Cosby appears in court on sex charge, British couple jailed for terror plot, Poor weather hampers Europe-bound migrants

(Photo: A Belgian soldier patrols Brussels' Grand Place Credit: Rtr)

Brussels On Highest Level Of Alert20151121

Malian attack claimed by group linked to AQ, Miss Canada "rejected over views on China". (Photo: security forces on Brussels streets. Credit : AFP)

Brussels Remains At Highest State Of Alert20151123

Polls closed in Argentina's presidential run-off, Morocco becomes solar super power, new IS atrocity in Mosul reported

(Photo: Belgian police officers, credit: EPA)

Polls closed in Argentina's presidential run-off, Morocco becomes solar super power

Brussels Suspect Released20160328

Belgian police release suspect of Brussels bombing owing to lack of evidence; Islamist group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar vows to strike again after Lahore bombing; Seventeen young Angolans jailed for planning rebellion against president dos Santos

(Photo: Brussel centre, credit: AP)

Brussels: Three Charged With Terror Offences20160619

Details of Belgium raids; Turkish President revives controversial park plans;

Details of Belgium raids; the Turkish President revives controversial Gezi park plans; is Rome to get a female mayor?

(Picture: Belgium soldiers stand guard outside the prime minister's building during a security meeting in Brussels. Credit: Reuters)

Brussels-ankara Migrant Deal20160318

Unanimous agreement between EU and Turkey, Paris attack suspect held in Belgium.

(PHOTO: Press conference: Turkish PM Davutoglu, left, with European Council and Commision heads Tusk and Juncker. CREDIT: AP)

Bucharest Nightclub Fire20151031

New Syria diplomatic process, Aegean migrant deaths, Adele at Number One

(Photo: Scene outside a nightclub in Bucharest. Credit: Reuters)

Budapest Migrant Standoff Continues20150902

Obama secures Senate support for Iran deal, Congolese warlord trial begins, world tree count

(Photo: Hungarian police guard refugees at a makeshift camp in an underground station near the Keleti train station in Budapest, Credit: Reuters)

Bulgaria Urges Citizens Not To Mistreat Migrants20160413

Bulgarian Interior Minister speaks out after controversy over vigilantes' video, will Syria fighting undermine peace-talks?, how computer helped paralysed man regain use of his arm, Loch Ness Monster remains elusive

(Photo: Image from video of migrants being held by Bulgarian vigilantes. Credit: BTV)

Burkina Faso: General's Promise20150922

Hungary gives right to use force, Scott Walker abandons his campaign, Pope celebrates mass in Cuba

(PICTURE: General Gilbert Diendere at a desk after the coup - Gettyimages)

Hungary gives right to use force, Scott Walker abandons his campaign

Caesarean Birth "increases Obesity Risk"20160907

Harvard University says babies born by Caesarean section more likely to be obese, Syria transitional plan unveiled, New Apple smartphone revealed

(Photo: Five day old baby girl sleeping. Credit: BBC.)

Calais 'jungle': Belgium Tightens Border With France20160224

Migrants at camp await eviction ruling; Indian acid attack survivors; Chocolate recall

Migrants at camp await eviction ruling; helping acid attack survivors in India; Mars chocolate recall in 55 countries.

(Photo: Afghan migrant in front of a burnt dismantled shelter in the camp known as the 'Jungle' in Calais, France. Credit: Reuters)

California Couple 'radicalised Before Dating'20151209

Third Bataclan attacker identified, Syrian rebels leave Homs, DPRK girl band goes to China

(Photo: From U.S. Customs and Border Protection showing Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook as they passed through O"Hare International Airport in Chicago, in July 2014. Credit: AP)

California Killings Suspect 'swore Loyalty To Is'20151204

German non-combat military support against IS; US economy improving; China's US 60 billion dollar Africa investment

(Photo: Makeshift memorial on San Bernardino, California marking killing of fourteen people. Credit: AP)

Calls For 'fair Distribution' Of Refugees20150902

Migrants still stranded in Budapest, Yemen mosque bombing, Donald Duck's wartime efforts

(Photo: Migrants cross Greek territory. Credit: Getty Images)

Cameron Addresses Parliament On Brexit Fallout20160627

Merkel rules out informal Brexit talks, reports of hate crime following vote, strict Texas abortion law struck down

(Photo: British Prime Minister David Cameron giving a statement in Parliament in London following the EU referendum. Credit: AFP)

Campaigners For Assisted Dying Demonstrate Outside Parliament20150911

Parliament in Britain rejects a move to allow some terminally-ill people to end their lives under medical supervision. The proposal was rejected by three-hundred-and-thirty votes to one-hundred-and-eighteen.

(Photo: Campaigners for changing the law. Credit Stefan Wermuth/Reuters.)

Can Europe End The Migrant Crisis?20160307

At least 18 migrants drown as EU leaders prepare for summit, Nancy Reagan dies

At least 18 migrants drown as EU leaders prepare for summit, Former US First Lady Nancy Reagan dies, IS bomb carnage in Iraq

(PHOTO: Boat packed with migrants off Greece. CREDIT: AFP/Getty)

Canada Wildfire Could Double In Size20160507

Canadian authorities warn dangerous wildfire in the province of Alberta could double in size; Historic mosque, destroyed in Bosnian war, has reopened; French authorities make it easier for citizens to change their names

(Photo: Alberta wildfire, credit: EPA)

Canada Wildfire Spreads20160505

Huge wildfire still raging, Syria refugee camp tragedy, fantasy Island

(Photo: Canada wildfire. Credit BBC)

Canadian Attawapiskat First Nation Suicide Emergency20160411

Canadian PM calls indigenous suicide attempts "heartbreaking", China plans to be football super power by 2050, wild tiger population rises, Sesame Street's first Afghan Muppet

(Photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Credit: AFP)

Canadian Hostage Killed By Islamist Militants20160425

Abu Sayyaf group in the Philippines blamed for John Ridsdel's death, another gay rights activist hacked to death in Bangladesh, mass Egyptian protests, global warming leads to big rise in plant growth

(Photo of Canadian tourist John Ridsdel taken on September 22, 2015, on Samal island. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Canadian Police Say Suspect Had Extremist Links20160811

Canadian terror suspect's lawyer says questions need to be asked about his death; Russia warns Ukraine it is playing with fire in Crimea; Kenyan athletics team coach sent home from the Olympics after getting caught posing as an athlete to give a urine sample.

(Photo: Photos of Canadian terror suspect, Aaron Driver, projected on a screen during a news conference Credit: REUTERS)

Candlelight Vigil For Victims Of Baghdad Attacks20160704

Baghdad residents mourn the victims of Sunday's suicide attacks; Turkish aid for Gaza arrives in Israel; Poland marks the 70th anniversary of an anti-Semitic pogrom.

(Photo: People light candles at the scene of a massive car bomb attack in Karada, Baghdad. Credit: Associated Press)

Baghdad residents mourn the victims of Sunday's suicide attacks

Carson Faces Us Republican Debate Test20151029

Blatter says Russia 2018 was 'agreed before vote', Polish priest says Vatican makes gay lives hell, a 'gentle' beginning for solar system

(Photo: Ben Carson. Credit: AP.)

Blatter says Russia 2018 was 'agreed before vote', a 'gentle' beginning for solar system

Cashing In On El Chapo20160127

Commercial merchandise venture by drug lord's family, US eases Cuba trade barriers, global tax avoidance deal

(Photo: MP3 audio covers of "narco-corridos" on the escape and recapture of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, on display at a market in Monterrey, Mexico. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Castro's Life And Death20161127

Fidel Castro's death sparks mixed emotions, both love and loathing

Fidel Castro's death sparks mixed emotions, both love and loathing, and how will his passing change Cuba?

Casualties Confirmed In China Blast20150813

Croatian beheading fears in Egypt, Perseid meteor shower, music reduces pain

( Photo Tianjin blast Credit: AFP/Getty )

Catalan Leader Is Branded A Traitor By Allies20171026

Carles Puigdemont says he won't call elections while Madrid threatens to take back powers

Carles Puigdemont says he won't call snap elections while Madrid threatens to take back Catalan powers. His failure to mention declaring independence has triggered strong criticism from supporters.
Also, Kenyan election rerun is marred by violence, and will 3000 never-before-seen documents shed more light on JFK'S assassination?

(Photo: The Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont. Credit AFP)

Catalan Parliament To Meet20171023

Government to discuss response to Spain's bid to reassert control over the region

Government to discuss response to Spain's bid to reassert control over the region. Also: Japanese Prime Minister promises to handle North Korea threat, and scientists warn that sea life is being threatened by the increasing acidification of the world's oceans.

(Photo: Catalan pro-independence graffiti on a doorway in Barcelona, Credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Catalan:takeover Begins20171028

Ex-Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has called for "democratic opposition" to direct rule

Ex-Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has called for 'democratic opposition' to direct rule. He condemned the suspension of Catalonia's autonomy and promised to continue to 'work to build a free country'.

Also, the latest on the Somali blasts and Taiwan holds biggest Asian gay pride parade.

(Picture: Catalonian Flag, Credit: Getty Images)

Catalans Declare Independence20171027

In response, the Spanish parliament has approved direct rule over the region

In response, the Spanish parliament has approved direct rule over the region. The Spanish cabinet is meeting to decide its next move. Also: Kenyan authorities say that postponed presidential election voting in four western counties, scheduled on Saturday, has been cancelled, the UN warns of dire food shortages in a rebel-held area of Syria, and the teenager suing her school for repeatedly forcing her to dye her hair black.

(Photo: Catalan independence supporters gather outside the Catalan Government building to celebrate the vote on independence from Spain. Credit: Getty Images).

Catalonia- Officials Won't Follow Orders From Madrid20171023

A senior official says they will not follow orders if Madrid moves to reassert control

A senior official says they will not follow orders if Madrid moves to reassert control. Foreign affairs spokesman Raul Romeva told the BBC the central government was acting against the will of Catalans. Also: The chief prosecutor in Kenya says the sister of the main opposition leader, Raila Odinga, will be charged with incitement to violence and the story of the British diver who became separated from his boat off the coast of western Australia and was forced to swim several kilometres to shore- whilst being followed by a shark.

(Picture: Raul Romeva, Credit: Getty Images)

Catalonia- Spain's Pm Demands Puidgemont Out20171027

Mariano Rajoy wants to dismiss Carles Puigdemont and his ministers

Mariano Rajoy wants to dismiss Carles Puigdemont, his vice-president and all regional ministers. Mr Rajoy's speech was met with applause in the Spanish senate, where his Partido Popular has a majority.

Also, controversy over the so called 'comfort women', who were used as sexual slaves by the Japanese Army in occupied territories during World War Two, and the story of two US yachtswomen and their dogs who have been rescued by the US Navy after spending nearly five months adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

(Picture: Carles Puigdemont, Credit: Getty Images)

Chad Victims Awarded Reparation20160729

Former dictator ordered to pay millions for crimes against humanity, Zika in Florida, EU banks stress tests, pro-China computer hackers disrupt flights from Vietnam

(Photo: Hissène Habré during his trial by the Extraordinary African Chambers in Dakar, Senegal. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Chad's Ex-ruler Guilty Of War Crimes20160530

Hissene Habre gets life, Iraq troops in 'final assault' on Islamic State in Falluja, kidnapped Mexico footballer, Alan Pulido,freed

(Photo: Former Chad leader, Hissene Habre, in court in Dakar, Credit: Chambres Africaines Extraordinaires)

Chaos As Police Stop Migrant Train20150903

Syrian minister speaks to BBC, French tractor protest, mass extinction rethink.

(Photo: Police stop train carrying migrants at Bicske. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Chemical Threat To Europe's Dolphins20160214

PCBs could wipe out dolphins and whales: Turkey shells Syria: CAR: crunch elections; fatal car crash kills UK pop band

(Photo:Dolphin Credit: BBC)

Chicago Police Faces Investigation20151207

Report into funding of IS, CO2 emissions 'to stall', mosquito modification

(Photo: US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Credit: Getty Images)

Chilcot Report Says Blair 'overstated Threat Posed By Saddam Hussein'20160706

Former PM defends himself against criticisms over 2003 Iraq invasion, Wales make history by taking on Portugal in Euros semi-final, Lionel Messi jailed for tax fraud

(Photo: Tony Blair meeting schoolchildren in Iraq in 2003. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Chile: Death Squad General Dies20160309

Sergio Arellano Stark led the 'Caravan of Death'; IS weapons expert, Sleiman Daoud al-Afari, caught in Iraq? New clues about killer bat disease

(Photo: Gen Sergio Arellano Stark. Credit: P)

China Baby Milk Scandal Lawyer Jailed20160804

Zhou Shifeng is sentenced to seven years in prison for subversion, ANC set for 'worst result' in local elections, Nike to stop selling golf equipment, digital detox

(Photo: Zhou Shifeng in court. Credit: CCTV via AP Video)

China Co2 'exaggerated'20150819

Germany expects 800,000 migrants, Ashley Madison latest, secrets of sweetgrass

(Photo credit: AFP/Getty)

China Ends One-child Policy20151029

Jailed Saudi blogger honoured, Syria peace talks begin, anger at lengthy Chilcot inquiry

(Photo: Two newborn babies lie on a hospital bed in Beijing, Credit: AFP)

China Flexes Muscles Over Spratlys20151215

Obama: allies hit ISIS hard, Merkel pledges to reduce migrant numbers.

Obama: allies hit ISIS hard, Merkel pledges to reduce migrant numbers, Rwanda court delivers final judgements.

China Lays Out Plans To Dominate Football20160411

, but is it football fantasy?, North Korean officer defects, and Darfur votes on its future

(Photo: China's Gao Lin competes for the ball during 2018 World Cup qualifier

Credit: AFP)

China Makes President Xi More Powerful20171024

China's National Congress enshrines President Xi's name and philosophy in constitution

China Rights Campaigner Harry Wu Dies20160427

China anti-forced labour activist Harry Wu dies at 79, Rio Olympics 100 days countdown, and Salah Abdeslam - main suspect in Paris attacks - transferred to France from Belgium.

(Photo: Harry Wu with defaced picture of China's Chairman Mao on June 4, 2009 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

China Wins At Beer Challenge20161123

Everest Ale wins gold at Brussels Beer Challenge

Everest Ale wins gold at at the prestigious Brussels Beer Challenge / Trump U-turn on Clinton emails / Bolivian drought forces school closures

(Photo: Beers at the competition in Brussels, credit: Reuters)

China: Explosions Blast Tianjin Port20150812

IS claim Croatian hostage death, UN sack diplomat over conduct of peacekeepers, REM sleep secrets revealed.

(Photo: Tianjin blast. Credit: AFP/Getty)

China: Gay Couple Lose Marriage Case20160413

Chinese court refuses to recognise gay marriage, Syria fighting threatens peace talks, British playwright Arnold Wesker dies

(Photo: Sun Wenlin, right, and his partner Hu Mingliang leave court. Credit: AP)

China's Co2 Data 'skewed'20150820

EU's migrant worries, gold coins off Florida coast, Hamlet - when to ask a question?

(Photo credit: AFP/Getty)

China's Communist Party Congress Closes20171024

An ideology named after President Xi is expected to be enshrined in the constitution

An ideology named after President Xi Jinping is expected to be enshrined in the constitution, on the closing day of the five-yearly Communist Party Congress. Also, President Trump's response to the deaths of four American soldiers in Niger sparks controversy, Nicaragua signs the Paris climate agreement, and why there's bad news for fans of singing and Karaoke.

(Photo: Paramilitary police march past the closing session of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Credit: Reuters)

China's Football Revolution20160205

Chinese football clubs go on global shopping spree; thousands of Syrians mass at Turkish border; active Zika found in saliva and urine

(Photo: Alex Teixeira. Credit: BBC)

China's President Says Uk-china Ties 'lifted To New Height'20151020

Migrant arrivals to Greece top 500,000, Yemeni dying child appeals for peace, snake’s belly slides on fatty film

(Photo: Queen Elizabeth greets President Xi Jinping. Credit: AFP.)

Chinese And Tawainese Leaders To Meet20151103

Germany world cup bid investigated; Amazon book store opens, footballers' teeth

(Photo: Chinese President Xi Jinping. Credit: AP)

Chinese Disney Challenge20160528

China's Wanda City theme park opens in a battle with Disney, IS militants gain ground in Syria, Althletico Madrid face Real Madrid in European football final played in Milan

(Photo: "Wanda City theme park in south-eastern city Nanchang. EPA)

Chinese Legal Activist Convicted20160802

Zhai Yanmin has been given a suspended three-year prison sentence for subverting state power, Syrian town 'attacked with chlorine gas', Pope orders study into women deacons.

(Photo: Zhai Yanmin is escorted by policemen as he arrives at court. Credit: CCTV/AP Video)

Chinese President Consolidates Power20171024

Xi Jinping's philosophy is expected to be written into the Communist Party constitution

Xi Jinping's philosophy is expected to be written into the Communist Party constitution on the last day of the party's five-yearly congress in Beijing. Also, there's international focus on ending child marriage, a new film in Russia is testing artistic freedom, and the UK prepares to hand over historic shipwrecks to Canada.

(Photo: A tourist takes a picture of the souvenir plate with image of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Credit: Reuters)

Chinese President Praises Uk China Relations20151020

Drug resistant malaria spreading, Marine Le Pen on trial, storm names

(Photo: China's President, Xi Jinping addresses MPs and peers in Parliament

Credit: Getty Images)

Chinese President Warns Of Threats To Global Economy At G20 Summit20160904

China warns G20 about sluggish global economy, Merkel's disappointment in regional vote, polls close in Hong Kong, Israel row over Sabbath rail repairs

Chinese Tycoon Held By Police20151211

Climate talks 'in final hours', many rare species found in South Sudan, Yaya Toure is BBC African Footballer of the Year (Photo: Chinese billionaire Guo Guangchang. Credit: Reuters)

Chinese Villagers Call For Their Leader To Be Released20160621

Protestors in Wukan village in Guangdong Province call for Lin Zuluan to be freed after his arrest on corruption charges, IOC endorses Russia ban, Tim Peake speaks about his time on the International Space Station

(PHOTO: Villagers take part in a protest march in Wukan

CREDIT: Reuters/James Promfret)

Climate Change Deal Agreed20151212

Scores dead in Burundi clashes; Saudi Arabia election; Frank Sinatra centenary.

(Photo: Laurent Fabius, chair of Paris Climate Change Conference waves official gavel signalling adoption of deal to combat global warming. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Climate Talks 'could Be Turning Point'20151130

UK MPs to vote on Syria strikes, NI abortion law court ruling, Cairns cleared of perjury

(President Obama at Paris climate summit. Credit: AP)

Clinton And Trump At Iowa State Fair20150816

Tianjin poisonous chemical fear, Hamid Gul former Pakistan spy chief dies.

Tianjin poisonous chemical fear, Hamid Gul former Pakistan spy chief dies, World piping championships.

(Photo: The 'Buttered Cow' at Iowa State Fair. Credit: Anthony Zurcher)

Clinton Diagnosed With Pneumonia20160912

Hillary Clinton's early exit from 9/11 ceremony raised health fears, Syria prepares for ceasefire, Three women killed after Kenya police station attack

(Photo: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attending the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 New York attacks. Credit: Reuters)

Hillary Clinton treated after feeling unwell at 9/11 ceremony

Clinton Emails Declared Top Secret20160130

Intelligence officials withold Clinton emails, Syrian opposition joins peace talks

Intelligence officials withold Clinton emails days before Iowa caucuses begin, Syrian opposition joins peace talks, a data highway launches in space (PHOTO: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign event at South Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. CREDIT: AP)

Clinton 'felt Unwell' At 9/11 Ceremony20160911

Hillary Clinton's early exit from a 9/11 ceremony raised health fears, Syrian rebel groups still considering whether to join the ceasefire, South Korea's leaked plans to obliterate North Korean capital Pyongyang.

(Photo: US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton getting in her car while leaving her daughter"s apartment in New York. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Clinton To Be Nominated As Us Presidential Candidate20160725

US Democrats due to officially nominate Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate; Germany bomber pledged allegiance to IS; Heard but not seen in many films - Marni Nixon dies aged 86

(Photo: Hillary Clinton speaking, credit: Reuters)

Clinton Victory In Nevada20160221

Democratic caucus goes former First Lady's way; Donald Trump triumphs in South Carolina; Fiji cyclone; Berlin Film Festival

(Photo: US Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with husband former US President Bill Clinton celebrates her win in the Nevada caucus at Caesar"s Palace Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Credit: European Photopress Agency)

Democratic caucus goes former First Lady's way; Donald Trump triumphs in South Carolina

Clinton: 'i Took Responsibility For Benghazi'20151023

US Kurdish raid on IS prison, Putin defends Syria campaign, China bans golf membership

(Photo: Hillary Clinton testifies in Congress, Credit: AFP/Getty)

'coal Error' Over China's Co220150819

Pistorius release on hold, Slovakia Muslim refugees, sweetgrass and mosquitoes.

(Photo: Credit Reuters)

College Killings In Oregon, Usa20151001

Second day of Russia airstrikes in Syria; Taliban pushed back in Kunduz

(Photo: Medical staff help an injured person after shooting incident at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, US. Credit: Reuters)

Cologne Attacks: City's Police Chief Suspended20160108

Did IS militant publicly execute his mother?, Paris suspect's 'bomb factory' found in Brussels, giant golden Mao statue is dismantled (Photo: Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Cologne Police Chief Suspended20160108

'El Chapo' recaptured, reports of attack in Hurghada, Paris suspect's 'bomb factory'

(Photo: police at Cologne main station. Credit: EPA)

Colombia And Farc Agree To Ceasefire20160622

The Colombian government and Farc rebels say they have agreed to lay down arms as they approach the end of historic peace talks in Havana; Final push in UK for votes in EU referendum; Trump attacks Hillary Clinton's integrity.

(Photo: Farc rebels. Credit: AP)

Colombia Approves Peace Deal Amnesty20161229

Colombia Approves Peace Deal Amnesty20161229

Colombia approves law offering amnesty to some accused of minor crimes in the conflict

Colombia Approves Peace Deal Amnesty20161229

Colombia approves law offering amnesty to some accused of minor crimes in the conflict, US criticises Israel over Middle East peace, German authorities detain Tunisian on suspicion of involvement in the Christmas market attack.

(Photo: FARC rebel fighters in Colombia in 1999. Credit: Reuters)

Colombia Hours Away From Truce20160829

Ceasefire at midnight local time, FARC leader declares war against the state over; German vice-chancellor says EU free trade talks with US have in effect failed; Deadlock after presidential election in Gabon

(Photo: Colombian negotiators in Havana, credit: AFP/Getty)

Ceasefire at midnight local time, FARC leader declares war against the state over

Colombia: Government And Farc Sign Deal20151215

LA schools closed over threat, EU border force proposal, Dutch gallery accused of "cultural Marxism"

(Photo: Colombian government and FARC reps shake hands, credit: AP)

Colombian Government And Rebels Sign Deal20151216

Republicans set for presidential debate, Chinese poachers 'destroy' endangered reefs, rich takings at Thatcher auction

(Photo: Colombian government and FARC negotiators shake hands in Havana. Credit: AP)

Republicans set for presidential debate, Chinese poachers 'destroy' endangered reefs

Commonwealth Celebrates The Queen's 90th Birthday20160421

A look back at Queen Elizabeth's reign, VW reaches deal with US over emissions scandal, a new title for China's president, "James Bond" director Guy Hamilton is dead

(Photo: Queen Elizabeth the Second. Credit: BBC)

Concerns About Pokemon Go20160714

Worries over the security of Pokemon Go; reports of Trump's running mate; Emmy award nominations announced

(Picture: A man holds up his phone as he plays the Pokemon Go game in Melbourne, Australia. Credit: Getty Images)

Conflicting Appeals Ahead Of Kenya's Election Re-run20171025

Country's president urges citizens to vote, while opposition calls for boycott

Country's president urges citizens to vote, while opposition calls for boycott. Also: rock and roll legend Fats Domino has died aged 89, and Honolulu bans texting while crossing the road.

(Photo: An IEBC agent sorts ballot papers and boxes at a polling station in Nairobi, Credit: SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Conjoined Twins In Syria20160812

Conjoined twins rescued from rebel stronghold; Thailand boosts security after bombs; France bans 'burkini' swimwear

(Photo: Conjoined twins Nawras and Moaz. Credit: Syrian Red Crescent on Twitter)

Corbyn Expected To Face Challenge20160629

Brexit political fallout, Indian police probe couple's Everest claim, world's biggest uncut diamond to go on sale

(Photo: British opposition Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn address MPs in the House of Commons in London. Credit: AFP)

Could Burning Buses Halt Aleppo Evacuation?20161218

Could Burning Buses Halt Aleppo Evacuation?20161218

Syrian rebels accused of breaking deal by burning buses; Russia says it will veto UN access to east Aleppo; deadly attacks in Jordan

(Photo: Burning buses in Idlib province, Syria - 18/12/16. Credit: AP)

Countdown To Rio Olympics20160801

Olympics preview, Russian helicopter shot down in Syria, bioelectronics medicine

(Photo: The Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Credit: Getty Images)

Croatia Abandons Its Open Door Policy20150918

US and Russia discuss Syria, Japan military vote, Carnegie row

(Photo: migrants in Tovarnik, Croatia/ Gavin Lee)

Croatia Fears For Egypt Hostage20150812

Boko Haram 'has new leader', Australia blocks gay marriage law, recording eye movements during dreams.

(Photo: Croatian hostage, Tomislav Salopek)

Croatia Opens Serbia Border To Migrants20151019

UK visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping, thousands flee Aleppo offensive, Australia row over pregnant migrant

(Photo: Migrants wait in the rain. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Croatia 'overwhelmed' By Migrant Influx20150918

UK scientists apply to modify embryos, Egypt 'building fish farm', Rugby World Cup

(Photo: Migrants wave banners as they protest at Tovarnik railway station on Croatian Serbian border, Credit: Reuters)

Crucial Us Primary In Indiana20160503

Voting under way in Indiana in a Presidential primary that could prove a turning point for the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, UN envoy to Syria in Moscow seeking Russia's help to salvage the battered ceasefire, One of the greatest underdog stories in sporting history.

(PHOTO: Indiana voters go to the polls for the crucial winner takes all State primary election. CREDIT: EPA)

Crucial Us Primary Underway20160405

Wisconsin chooses its US presidential candidates, Icelandic PM quits over offshore firm, ICC throws out case against Kenya's vice-president

(Photo: Voters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Credit: Getty)

Cuba Mourns Death Of Fidel Castro20161126

As Cubans begin nine days of official mourning, world leaders past and present react to the news that the former Communist president and revolutionary leader has died in Havana at the age of 90

(Photo: Fidel Castro gestures during a speech at the Revolution Palace in Havana, Cuba in 1998. Credit: Canadian Press)

Cyprus Airport Hostage Drama Ends20160329

The hijack of a domestic Egyptian flight that caused it to be diverted to Cyprus has ended with all hostages released and the hijacker surrendering, Trump aide charged with assault, Scores held after Lahore bombing, Mother Mary Angelica -- an American nun who founded a television ministry watched by hundreds of millions of people around the world has died at the age of ninety two.

(Photo: A man leaving the hijacked plane. Credit: AFP.)

Dakar Street Kids App Launched20160510

Arcade-style gaming app launched to raise awareness of Senegal's child beggars, Obama to visit Hiroshima, Kepler space telescope reveals 1,284 more planets outside our solar system

(Photo: Senegalese software programmer Ousseynou Khadim Beye, with tablet computer displaying his Cross Dakar City application.

Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Dallas Gunman 'wanted To Kill Whites'20160708

Dallas police chief says the gunman killed in a stand-off with his officers had said he wanted to kill white people, especially police, NATO says the alliance does not want a repeat of the Cold War, Former supermodel wins $69m divorce settlement

(Photo: Flowers outside Dallas police headquarters Credit: AP)

Dallas Police Increasingly Worried About Safety20160711

Dallas police chief tells journalists he and his family had received death threats; Theresa May to become British prime minister on Wednesday; Japan prepares meteor shower for Olympics

(Photo: Dallas police chief, credit: Getty Images)

Dallas Remembers Five Killed Policemen20160712

President Obama attends memorial service for 5 policemen killed by a sniper in Dallas; Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton in her bid for the US presidency; Venezuelan government struggles with a chronic food shortage

(Photo: Dallas policemen laying flowers, credit: AFP/Getty)

Dallas Shooting: Five Police Officers Killed20160708

Obama condemns attack as 'vicious, calculated and despicable', NATO summit in Warsaw to agree further troop deployment, new Scotch whisky made possible by crowdfunding

(Photo: Dallas police fire guns during police operation, Credit: AP)

Dallas Shootings: Us Attorney-general Calls For Unity20160708

Loretta Lynch tells Americans to 'stand together' after 5 police officers are killed, Tanzania bans child-marriage, how Indonesians suffered 'the world's worst traffic jam'

(Photo: US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch speaking in Washington DC. Credit: AP/Carolyn Kastner)

Danish Asylum Bill Passed20160126

Refugees in Denmark may lose possessions to pay for upkeep, No nudes for Iranian President in Rome

(Photo: Refugee walking through the refugee tent camp in Naestved, 60 km south of Copenhagen. Credit: EPA)

Danish Parliament Approves Radical Asylum Legislation20160126

Danish parliament votes to confiscate migrant assets; Sri Lanka burns ivory in warning to smugglers; Cleared of corruption despite millions in personal bank account.

(Photo: Danish lawmakers debate controversial legislation to seize the assets of asylum seekers. Credit: European Photopress Agency)

Daraya Evacuation Begins20160826

Syrian Arab Red Crescent starts evacuating civilians after government deal with rebels, Bolivia minister killed by miners, Italy quake: state of emergency declared

(Photo: A Syrian Arab Red Crescent convoy waits at the entrance of Daraya, before rebels and residents start being evacuated. Credit: Reuters)

David Cameron Bows Out As Pm20160713

MPs applaud Cameron at his last Prime Minister's Questions, Turkey seeks to mend its relationship with Syria, Van Gogh's ear, Aniston: "I'm not pregnant. I'm fed up"

(Photo: Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledges applause at the House of Commons, Credit: AP)

David Vs Goliath Quater-final20160703

Iceland faces France in Euro 2016 quarter-finals; Iraq bomb attacks kill 119 people; NASA's Juno spacecraft prepares to descend into Jupiter's atmosphere.

(Photo: French and Icelandic fans ahead of the match at the Stade de France, Paris. Credit: EPA)

Deadly Attack In Turkish Capital20160314

Car bomb kills dozens in Ankara, militants attack Ivory Coast resort, Merkel setback

Car bomb kills dozens in Ankara, militants attack Ivory Coast beach resort, Merkel setback in German regional elections

(Photo: Members of emergency services work at the scene of an explosion in Ankara. Credit: Hurriyet Daily via AP)

Deadly Attacks Hit Central Baghdad20160703

At least 119 people were killed in bomb attacks carried out by IS militants; Torrential rain and flash floods kill 50 people in Pakistan and India; China has competed the installation of the world's largest radio telescope.

(Photo: An Iraqi woman grieves after a car bomb hit a busy shopping district in the centre of Baghdad. Credit: Associated Press)

Deadly Blast Rocks Bangkok20150817

Many killed in Bangkok blast; Sri Lanka awaits election result; US drones monitor bears.

(Photo: Bangkok temple. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Deadly Bombing In Turkish Capital Ankara20160217

At least twenty eight dead in bombing in Ankara, Aid reaches besieged towns in Syria, China defends deploying missiles on disputed islands.

(PHOTO: Aftermath of deadly bombing in Turkish capital CREDIT: AP)

Deadly Earthquake In Central Italy20160824

Scores dead, as rescuers search for survivors an earthquake in the Umbria region of Italy. Also, Turkish tanks roll into northern Syria, France 'burkini ban' controversy continues, and the 'world's worst' zoo closes.

(Photo: Rescuers stand by a collapsed house in Amatrice, central Italy. Credit: ANSA/AP)

Deadly Lightning Strikes In Europe20160529

Lightning strikes kill one person and injure many others in Poland, France and Germany, Rio Mayor rejects calls from health experts for Olympics to be postponed because of Zika virus, Fighting for Fallujah continues

(Photo: Lightning striking over the German Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, 23 May 2016. Credit: EPA)

Lightning strikes kill one and injure many, Rio Mayor rejects Olympics delay call,

Deadly Protests After Ukraine Vote20150831

Migrant crisis on Austrian-Hungarian border, Palmyra temple 'still standing'

(Photo: Protests in Kiev. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.

Deadly Train Crash In Germany20160209

Life under siege in Aleppo, corrupt tennis umpires, Hong Kong unrest, man throws croc into restaurant

(Photo: Rescue workers near the wreckage of two trains that collided head-on in Bavaria, Germany. Credit: Getty Images)

Death Sentence Reprieve For Nigeria Mutiny Soldiers20151219

Brazil dam collapse firms' assets blocked; India's Gandhi mother and son in court; Turkey attacks PKK

(Photo: Nigeria Army soldiers retake Gwoza, Boko Haram HQ. March 2015. Credit: BBC)

Death Toll Mounts In Kolkata Flyover Collapse20160331

Rescue workers in the Indian city of Kolkata fighting to save dozens of people feared trapped under a collapsed flyover, Renowned Iraqi-born British architect, Zaha Hadid, has died aged sixty-five, Pressure growing on South African President, Jacob Zuma, to resign after humiliating court ruling.

(PHOTO: Indian rescue workers try to free people trapped under the wreckage of a collapsed flyover in Kolkata CREDIT: AFP/Getty Images.)

Deaths Reported In Munich Shooting20160722

Major police operation in Munich to find attackers who opened fire at a shopping centre, at least six people are reported to have been killed and many others injured.

(Photo: Police officers at Munich shopping centre Credit: Getty Images)

Debris Found From Missing Egyptair Plane20160520

Egyptian officials say debris from the missing EgyptAir plane found floating in the Mediterranean, Strain of the Zika virus linked to birth defects in the Americas detected in Africa, World record price for Latin American art

(Photo: Naval vessel searches for debris in Mediterranean. Credit: AP)

Defeat For Far-right In Austria Poll20161204

The Freedom Party candidate, Norbert Hofer, concedes defeat in presidential poll, Pence plays down Trump's phone call with Taiwanese president, Boris Johnson gives up his bike

(Picture: The far-right Freedom Party candidate, Norbert Hofer. Credit: Reuters)

Defiant Rousseff Condemns Impeachment20160512

Suspended Brazilian President calls move to impeach her a "farce", Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan commit to party unity, Disrupted sleep can affect memory

(Photo: Suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Credit: Getty Images.)

Demonstrators Withdraw From Baghdad's Green Zone - But Their Protest Goes On20160501

Iraqi protestors threaten to topple the government if their demands aren't met, Calls from Germany to ban Muslim minarets and the burqa, Paris May Day trouble

(Photo: Protestors leave Baghdad's Green Zone. Credit: RTR)

Denmark Approves Migrant Law20160126

Denmark backs a controversial law to confiscate migrants' assets, Brazil struggles to contain the spread of the Zika virus, New Beatrix Potter story is to be published.

(Photo: Refugees entering Europe. Credit: AP)

Desperate Scenes At Hungary Train Station20150903

Aylan Kurdi's father talks to BBC, Guatemala crisis, Taylor Swift's Africa video criticised

(Photo: Migrants get back on a train in Bicske, Credit: AP)

Details Of Orlando Gun Battle Emerge20160613

Nightclub victims identified, Pistorius has 'major depression', stopping cats hunting

(Photo: Police forensic investigators work at the crime scene of mass shooting at Pulse night club in Orlando. Credit: Reuters)

Details On Paris Raid20151119

Syrians arrested in Honduras; A post-antibiotic era; Word of the year

(PICTURE: Reuters: Members of French special police forces of the Research and Intervention Brigade work at the scene of the raid in Saint Denis)

Syrians arrested in Honduras; A post-antibiotic era

Dilma Rousseff Lights Olympic Torch20160503

Olympic torch on its journey around Brazil after , Verbal abuse in Indiana primary, Why Leicester's football success matters

(Photo: Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff holds Olympic torch as Brazilian volleyball player Fabiana Claudino applauds after torch was ignited at Brasilia presidential palace. Credit: AP)

Diplomats Gather For Crucial Syria Talks20151029

China one child policy scrapped, Pakistan quake appeal, Iraq inquiry delay

(Photo: Foreign ministers in Vienna for Syria talks. Credit: AP)

Disabled And Elderly Evacuated From Eastern Aleppo20161208

The Red Cross evacuates 150 people from the front line in Aleppo, new research suggests malfunctioning immune system could be causing mental disorder, Wikipedia teams up with the BBC to increase the number of female biographies.

(Photo: Members of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent carrying a patient on a stretcher in the Old City of Aleppo, Syria. Credit AP)

Disruption At Us Republican Convention As Trump Critics Revolt20160718

Some Republican delegates prevented from registering their opposition to Donald Trump, Call for Russia Olympic ban, French PM booed at Nice commemoration

(Photo: Republican delegate at the National Convention in Ohio, Credit: Getty)

Divisions On Syria At Un20150928

Taliban overrun Kunduz, liquid water on Mars? Surfing could become Olympic sport

(Photo: Presidents Obama and Putin meet at the UN. Credit:Reuters)

Does Queen Back Eu Exit?20160309

Palace denies claim of Monarch's 'eurosceptic' remarks, Macedonia shuts Greek border to migrants, IS weapons expert captured

(Photo: Queen Elizabeth drives to 2015 State Opening of Parliament. Credit: REU)

Donald Trump Responds To Pope's Criticisms20160218

Pope questions Trump's Chrisitianity, Obama to visit Cuba, Cameron 'battles' for EU deal

(Photo: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reads from a statement about Pope Francis during a campaign rally in South Carolina. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Doping Testers "obstructed" In Russia20160615

World Anti-Doping Agency says Russia has continued to obstruct its efforts to test athletes; Donald Trump to meet NRA to discuss ways to stop terror suspects from buying guns; FBI gets reports of threat to Muslims after Orlando murders

(Photo: WADA president, credit: AFP/Getty)

Dozens Dead In Paris Attacks20151114

Dozens of people have been killed in a series of gun attacks and bombings in Paris. Hostages are being held at one location. President Hollande has declared a state of emergency and closed France's borders

(Photo: scene at one of Paris attacks. Photo: EPA)

Dozens of people have been killed in a series of gun attacks and bombings in Paris

Dozens Drown As Boat Sinks Off Greece20160122

Tunisia curfew clampdown, US snow storm, Switzerland 'made secret PLO deal'

(Photo: Survivors change clothes on Greek island after being rescued by the coast guard. Credit:AP)

Dozens Killed By Turkish Military In Northern Syria20160828

More than thirty civilians reportedly killed in northern Syria by Turkish jets and artillery. Ankara says most were Kurdish militants; German economy minister says EU - US trade talks have effectively ended without agreement; Italian earthquake victims remembered in Sunday church services.

(Photo: File picture of missile-loaded Turkish Air Force F16 (F-16) warplane taking off. Credit: AP)

Dozens Killed In Beirut Blasts20151112

UN opens chance of peacekeeping in Burundi, criticism of EU migrant deal for Africa, Kurds on the offensive against IS in Sinjar

(Photo: scene of blasts in southern Beirut. Credit: EPA)

Dozens Killed In Damascus Bomb Blasts20160201

Multiple bomb blasts near Syria's holiest Shia shrine south of Damascus kill more than 50 people; Scores dead after Boko Haram attack on Nigerian village; US presidential hopefuls to face first test in Iowa.

(Photo: Syrian bomb aftermath. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

More than 50 people killed in bomb blasts near Syria's holiest Shia shrine

Dozens Killed In Italian Earthquake20160824

Many people are still believed to be buried under the rubble following a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in central Italy, Turkish tanks roll into northern Syria, New planet discovered four light years away from Earth may contain life

(Photo: People stand next to collapsed buildings in Amatrice. Credit: Reuters.)

Dozens Killed In Lahore Bomb20160328

A suicide bombing in a park in the Pakistani city of Lahore kills at least sixty people; Syrian army takes back Palmyra from IS, backed by Russian air power; Right-wing protesters in Brussels disrupt a vigil for the victim's of Tuesday's bombings

(Photo: Lahore aftermath, credit: AP)

Dozens Killed In South Sudan Clashes20160709

More than a hundred soldiers reportedly killed in gun battle between rival army factions in South Sudan; Motherhood comments spark row in Tory leadership battle; The naked and the blue - 3000 people in Hull arts project

(Photo: South Sudanese president and vice-president, credit: AFP/Getty)

Dozens Killed In Syrian Hospital And School Attacks20160216

UN condemns Syrian attacks; Columbine killer's mother reflects on son; EU break-up?

(Photo: MSF hospital in Syria. Credit: MSF. Robin Meldrum

Dozens Killed Near Syrian Shia Shrine20160131

Multiple bomb blasts kill at least 50 people on the outskirts of Damascus near Syria's holiest Shia shrine, Dozens killed in Nigerian village raided by Boko Haram; A Finnish approach to integration of migrants

(Photo: Damascus bomb aftermath, credit: RTR)

Dozens Still Believed Trapped Following Italian Earthquake20160825

Rescuers continue efforts to find survivors in Amatrice, French court to rule on 'burkini bans', The earth's changing map of water

(Photo: Rescuers searching for earthquake survivors. Credit: AP.)

Dr Congo Warlord Jailed For War Crimes20160621

Russian Olympics ban remains, China bank staff spanking video, Northern Ireland abortion drone

(Photo: Jean-Pierre Bemba of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the courtroom of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Credit: Reuters)

Dreaming Of Memories20160512

Is REM sleep critical for memory? Brazil acting president names cabinet, Kenya in breach of anti-doping rules

(Photo: Computer artwork of brainwaves superimposed over a sleeping woman, Credit: Science Photo Library)

Drogba Defends Charity After Criticism20160414

British Charity Commission concerned about footballer Didier Drogba's charity foundation; Microsoft is suing US government over data snooping; European ambassadors return to Libya

(Photo: Drogba, credit: PA)

Duke Ellington Auction20160518

Duke Ellington's treasures auctioned in New York; protests in Venezuela; LinkedIn logins 'for sale'

(Photo: Duke Ellington's Baby Grand Piano. Credit: Getty Images)

Dutch Confirm Russian-made Missile Downed Mh1720151013

Violence in Israel, beer merger, plea for British man facing 360 lashes in Saudi Arabia.

(Photo: the reconstructed wreckage of the MH17 plane. Credit: Reuters)

Dutch Football Hero Dies20160324

Football world pays tribute to Johan Cruyff; ex Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadžić, sentenced; Iranian cyber attack charges; Former Beatle house auctioned

(Photo: Johan Cruyff dies aged 68. His death was announced on his website The World of Johan Cruyff. Credit: PA/PA Wire)

Dutch Vote On Eu-ukraine Trade Pact20160406

Dutch referendum seen as public opinion test on EU, deadly diabetes on the rise, Pfizer abandons $160 billion Allergan deal

(Photo: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte casts his vote in referendum, Credit: Reuters)

Dying For Gold20160513

South Africa allows silicosis suit against gold firms, On board a boat to rescue migrants, World's oldest woman dies at 116

(Photo: South Africa gold mine. Credit: BBC)

Eagles Co-founder Glenn Frey Dies20160119

Son of executed Shia cleric criticizes support for Saudis, Trump ban debate in UK, cautious welcome for new MS treatment

(Photo: Glenn Frey playing guitar. Credit: Reuters)

Son of executed Shia cleric criticizes support for Saudis, Trump ban debate in UK

Easter Rising Centenary20160327

Uprising against British rule marked; Man charged over Brussels bombings; Cat-in-the box

Relatives mark 100 years since uprising against British rule; Man charged over Brussels bombings; Death of key Hungarian democracy figure; Cat-in-the box survives eight days in the post

(Photo: View from Nelson's Column showing ruins in the city of Dublin after the Sinn Fein "Easter Rising" of 1916. Much of the damage was caused by British artillery fire. Credit: Press Association)

'eating Fat Doesn't Make You Fat'20160523

Study says UK dietary guidelines are wrong, World Humanitarian Summit, LEGO arms race

( Photo:Obese woman in London, file.

Credit:Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire)

Economic Turbulence In Wake Of Uk Vote20160624

Stock markets in Asia, Europe and on Wall Street fall sharply in the wake of the British decision to leave the EU; the pound drops to its lowest level in thirty years -- before regaining some ground; European Union political leaders express deep regret at British decision.

(Photo: Stock markets around the world fall sharply in reaction to British vote to leave European Union. Credit: Getty Images)

Ecuador Earthquake20160418

Deaths rise to more than 230, many still trapped; Brazil impeachment vote; No oil production freeze deal; Drone 'hits' BA plane

(Photo: View of rubble after the 7.8-magnitude quake in Portoviejo, Ecuador on April 17, 2016. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Deaths rise to more than 230, Brazil impeachment vote, Drone 'hits' BA plane

Ecuador Earthquake Aftermath20160418

Rescuers search remote areas to help victims of Ecuador tremor, Hundreds of Chinese pupils become ill after their new school opened next to a former industrial site

(Photo: Manta, Ecuador after earthquake. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Ecuador Quake Death Toll Rises20160418

Search for Ecuador survivors continues, Somali migrant sea tragedy, hundreds of Chinese children ill after school opens next to an industrial site

(Photo: People look through debris as rescue efforts continue in Pedernales, after an earthquake struck off Ecuador's Pacific coast. Credit: Reuters.)

Egypt Flights Stopped By Russia20151106

Final rallies ahead of Myanmar election, Brazilians missing after dam burst, Bush Senior book causes stir

(Photo: Russians at Sharm el Sheikh airport. Credit: Reuters)

Egyptair Crash: Search Continues20160520

Egyptian officials say they've found plane debris floating in the Mediterranean, India records 51C heat, Turkish MPs back bill lifting immunity

(Photo: An Egyptian plane searches the Mediterranean Sea for debris from Flight MS804, Credit: AP/ Egyptian Defence Ministry)

Egyptair Flight Missing20160519

Search is underway for EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo, with 66 passengers on board. Superbugs will 'kill every three seconds', and Nato foreign ministers' meeting.

(Photo: The actual EgyptAir Airbus A320, registration SU-GCC, that has gone missing. Credit: AirTeamImages)

Egyptair Hijack Ends20160329

The hijacker of the Egyptian airliner that landed in Cyprus has been arrested. All passengers and crew have been released. The plane travelling from Alexandria to Cairo was taken over by a man claiming to have a suicide belt and diverted to Cyprus. Also on the programme, Pakistan launches a big anti-terrorist operation and in Brussels airport staff take part in trials of a makeshift check-in area. (Photo: Hijacked EgyptAir plane at Larnaca airport. Credit: European Photopress Agency)

'el Chapo' Seeks Extradition To Us20160303

Drug lord, Joaquin Guzman, prefers prison in the US to Mexico; UN North Korea sanctions

Drug lord, Joaquin Guzman, prefers prison in the US to Mexico, UN North Korea sanctions, Last day of Russia murder trial for Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko.

(Photo: Joaquin Guzman Loera aka "El Chapo". Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Emergency Un Meeting On North Korea Nuclear Test20160106

Iranian diplomats leave Saudi Arabia, German police criticised over Cologne attacks, Coca Cola apologises to Russia and Ukraine.

(Photo: North Koreans applaud announcement of nuclear test. Credit: AP)

End Of 1000-year Schism?20160212

Pope arrives in Cuba for first-ever meeting with the Russian Patriarch, Syrian President Assad says he will regain control over the entire country, Van Gogh's bedroom.

(Photo: Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill credit: AFP)

Enemies Beware Of Juncker's Black Book20160801

The EU's Jean-Claude Juncker says he keeps notes on those who've wronged him, Five dead after Russian helicopter shot down over Syria, Rio Olympics' dirty water problems

(Photo: Diary Credit: BBC)

Eng14g Chimes And Full Strike Of Big Ben 120151231
England's Cricketers Post Highest Ever Odi Total20160830

World record 444 for 3 against Pakistan at Trent Bridge; EU tax penalty for Apple over illegal Irish state aid; Gabon election result; Music censorship in UK prisons

(Photo: Cricket ball hitting stumps. Credit: BBC)

Erdogan Defiant On Anti-terror Laws20160506

President tells EU he will not change Turkey's laws, Kim Jong-un opens N Korea's Worlers' Congress, UK polar research ship to be named after the naturalist and broadcaster, Ship named Sir David Attenborough and not Boaty McBoatface

(PHOTO: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaking at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, on May 4, 2016. Credit AFP/Getty Images)

Erdogan Party Majority Likely In Turkey Elections.20151101

Russian plane 'broke up in mid-air'; Syria rebels accused of using human shields; Watergate Building at fifty

(Photo: Supporters of Justice and Development Party (AKP) celebrate after hearing early results of general elections in front of party's Ankara HQ. Credit: EPA)

Eritrea Independence Celebrations20160524

25 years of independence from Ethiopia, Damage to Syria airbase, Thousands moved from Greek migrant camp, Malaria drug questioned

( Picture: Eritrea independence celebrations in Asmara, Credit: BBC)

Eu Agrees Migrant Quotas20150922

VW apology for emissions scandal, Burkina Faso stand off continues, Pope ends Cuba trip

(PHOTO: Migrants queue to register after crossing Greek-Macedonian border. CREDIT: AFP/Getty Images)

Eu And African Leaders Hold Special Summit20151112

Putin pledges anti-doping co-operation; 'Made in Israel' controversy

Putin pledges anti-doping co-operation, 'Made in Israel' controversy, A Beatles drummer dies.

(Photo: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) talks with Ghana"s President John Dramani Mahama during the Valletta Summit on Migration in Malta. Credit: Reuters)

Eu And Turkey Hold Migrant Crisis Summit20160307

Europe struggles with biggest refugee crisis since WW2, should Swedish men be able to opt out of paternity during pregnancy? Volvo looking for commuters for driverless cars, 81 year old woman sues El Al for sex discrimination

(Photo: Refugees and migrants leave a dinghy on a beach on Lesbos, Greece.

Credit: Associated Press)

Eu And Turkey Strike Migrants Deal20151130

Hundreds of thousands demand climate change action, Pope calls for peace in CAR, Saudi women campaign for public office

(Photo: Tusk and Davutoglu, credit: Reuters)

Hundreds of thousands demand climate change action, Pope calls for peace in CAR

Eu Debates Compulsory Asylum Quotas20150907

UK drone hit kills Britons in Syria, New Stonehenge finds, BBC to broadcast to N Korea

(Refugees wait at Lesbos harbor to get on ferries to Greece. CREDIT: Getty Images.)

Eu Disagreement Over Migrants20150908

Russia denies military build-up in Syria, Pope issues new rules on marriage annulment, Guatemala actor on top after election first round

(PHOTO: Refugees rest around Lesbos harbor waiting to get on ferries to Greece. CREDIT: Getty Images.)

Russia denies military build-up in Syria, Pope issues new rules on marriage annulment

Eu Draft Reform Deal For Uk20160202

Pentagon proposes huge military spending increase in Europe, Hamlet performance in Calais refugee camp, China snow travel chaos.

(Photo: British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks to factory staff at the Siemens manufacturing plant in Chippenham, west England. Credit: AFP)

Eu Leaders Attend Emergency Summit20150923

Volkswagen boss resigns, Pope US visit

(PHOTO: German Chancellor Angela Merkel answers questions before the EU emergency summit on migration. CREDIT: Getty Images)

Eu Reform Talks Hit By Delays20160219

Talks in Brussels on UK's EU membership continue, US planes attack 'IS training-camp' in Libya, renowned American author Harper Lee is dead, clashes in Uganda after presidential election

(Photo: UK Prime Minister David Cameron in Brussels. Credit: Reuters)

Eu Summit Agreements20151218

Mother Teresa's second miracle; British coal decline; Diana returns to Poland

(PICTURE: AFP / Getty images: British Prime Minister David Cameron gestures as part of the final

European Union (EU) summit of the year at the European Council in Brussels.)

Eu: Europe "obliged To Offer Asylum" To Refugees20150907

EU says Europe is "Obliged to Offer Asylum" to Refugees, BBC issues statement on its future, Has "bankrupt" US rapper 50 Cent bought a mansion in Africa ?

Eu: In Or Out?20160220

Cameron announces June referendum; Will Donald trump other Republican candidates in latest primary? Mass wedding in South Korea

(PHOTO: CREDIT - AFP/Getty Images: British PM, David Cameron, makes statement to media outside 10 Downing Street - 20 Feb 2016)

Eu-balkan Migrant Talks20151025

Poland conservatives set to win election; Confusion over Turkey time; Pope warns bishops

(Photo: EU leaders with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel (centre), Brussels. Credit: Getty Images)

Euro 2016 Semi-final: Wales V Portugal20160706

Wales never been in major semi-final before, Chilcot rejects Blair's case for war, Venezuelan women cross border for food

Euro 2016: Russia Given Suspended Disqualification20160614

Uefa says Russia will be thrown out of Euro 2016 if their fans cause further trouble, French police killer 'obeyed IS order', and Led Zeppelin in court over plagiarism claim.

(Photo: Russian supporters during clashes at stadium in Marseille. Credit: AP)

'europe And Africa Must Co-operate' On Migrant Crisis20151111

New rocky exoplanet could be like earth; Singles day in China; Beatle hit drummer dies

( Photo: Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande at Valetta summit. Credit: EPA )

Europe Divided Over Migrants20160224

Greece criticise Austria and Balkan nations over migrant crisis, UN drops aid to Syria, Six people are convicted over the "horrific" abuse of teenage girls in northern England:

European & African Leaders Discuss Migrant Crisis20151111

Slovenia builds fence along border with Croatia, EU's ruling on products made in settlements, lost Shelley poem goes on display (Photo: European and African leaders attend summit in Malta. Credit: AP)

European Commission President Says 'eu Not At Risk From Brexit'20160914

Jean-Claude Juncker speaks out on British withdrawal from EU, report heavily criticises UK intervention in Libya, space-telescope Gaia maps the one billion stars of our galaxy (Photo: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker addresss European Parliament. Credit: Reuters/Vincent Kessler)

Europe's Biggest Biomedical Superlab Opens In London20160901

The Francis Crick Institute in King's Cross cost more than $850m to build, Venezuela: opposition floods Caracas in vast anti-Maduro protest, Back to school in France amid heightened security

(Photo: The vast scale of the Crick can be seen from the air Credit: Crick)

Europe's Migrant Crisis Deepens20160229

Migrants break Greece/Macedonia border barrier and clashes at Calais 'Jungle' camp, Hungary pupils strike to support teachers, Super Tuesday eve

(Photo: Refugees try to break the Greek police blockade at Idomeni towards the border fence of Macedonia. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.)

Europe's Olympic Chief Arrested Over Alleged Illegal Ticket Sales20160817

Patrick Hickey held in Rio over alleged illegal sales of Olympic tickets, Donald Trump revamps his campaign team for second time in 2 months, Egyptian TV orders female presenters to go on diet (Photo: Patrick Hickey, President of the Olympic Council of Ireland. Credit: Julien Behal/PA Wire)

Eu's Tusk Warns Migrants 'don't Come To Europe'20160303

European Council President tells illegal economic migrants not to head for Europe, Romney attacks Trump as 'a con man', airliner makes longest ever non-stop flight, could 'cheating watch' help you pass exams?

(Photo: European Council President Donald Tusk. Credit: AP)

Evacuations In Aleppo Discussed By Us And Russia20161208

Russia's foreign minister says the Syrian army has suspended fighting in eastern Aleppo to allow for the evacuation of thousands of civilians; How safe are electronic cigarettes? Frozen embryos sue TV star

( Picture: Civilians fleeing Aleppo 8.12.16. Credit: EPA)

'exit Corridors' To Open For Aleppo20160728

Syria's key ally, Russia, says corridors are to open to allow unarmed rebels and civilians to leave besieged areas of Aleppo. Plus, Indian writer Mahasweta Devi dies.

(Photo: Residents inspect a damaged site in Aleppo. Credit: Reuters)

Experimental Pill Reduces Severity Of Asthma20160806

Trials of a new pill reveal success over asthma, Local election results in South Africa, A Chinese lawyer rejects US award for human rights work

(Picture: An asthma sufferer using an inhaler. Credit: PA)

Explosion In Central Ankara20160217

Deadly blast near military building in Turkish capital, aid-convoys reach besieged towns in Syria, Apple company refuses to help FBI access killer's mobile, will Kenyan teacher win one million dollar prize ?

(Photo: Firefighters at scene of blast in Ankara. Credit: AP)

'external Influence' Caused Russian Plane Crash20151102

Election monitors criticise Turkey vote, Yemen cyclone, cash for space engine firm

(Photo: Russian emergency experts work at the crash site of the Russian plane in Egypt, Credit: AP)

F1 Championship Decider20161127

Mercedes' team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg race for F1 driver world championship, Aleppo exodus continues, Boy soldier may get top Australian award

(PHOTO: Lewis Hamilton after qualifying session of Abu Dhabi F1 grand prix. CREDIT: AFP/Getty Images)

Facebook U-turn On Naked Photo20160909

Social media giant agrees not to remove iconic Vietnam War picture; US Congress passes Saudi 9/11 lawsuits bill; First robot operation inside human eye; Sleep memory priorities

(Photo: The front cover of Norway's largest newspaper by circulation, Aftenposten, at a news stand in Oslo on September 9th, 2016. Credit: Reuters)

Fallout From Paris Raid20151118

Fleeing Raqqa; FIFA's lost appeals; A Paris letter

(Photo - AFP Getty: Paris prosecutor gives more details on the raid in St Denis)

Falluja Refugee Situation 'desperate'20160619

Aid workers say reception camps are overwhelmed; EU referendum debate resumes in UK after MP's murder; New York buskers

(Picture: Displaced people wait for security checks at a refugee camp in Ameriyat, Falluja. Credit: Reuters)

Far Right Leads French Polls20151206

Obama to address nation, floods in Britain, Venezuela baseball

(Photo: Marine Le Pen. Credit: Reuters)

Fbi Investigates California Killings As Terrorism20151204

US economy improving; China to invest billions in Africa; Real Madrid banned from Spanish football cup

(Photo:California State University Fullerton student identification of Syed Farook Credit: Getty Images.)

Fbi Questions Clinton20160703

Hillary Clinton interviewed over 'emailgate'; Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel dies; Senegal's drive to ban child beggars

(Photo: Hillary Clinton campaigns in Kentucky 02/05/16 Credit: Reuters)

Hillary Clinton interviewed over 'emailgate'; Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel dies

Fbi Says Clinton 'careless' With Emails20160705

Calls for French intelligence shake-up, UN concern over missing Fallujah citizens, election ad angers Mandela family

(Photo: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gestures as she speaks during a rally. Credit: AP)

Fears About High Pollution Levels At Olympics20160801

Research suggests excessive pollution in Rio, US targets IS in Libya, Slow motion could influence trial outcomes

(Picture: A boy reaches for a ball along a polluted canal in Rio de Janeiro, Credit: Getty Images)

Federal Investigation Into Chicago Police20151207

Venezuela elections latest, Bangladesh symbols row, Grammy nominations announced

(Photo: US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Credit: Getty Images)

Feeling The Bite20160426

First ever decline in Apple Iphone sales, US primaries, Cape Verde mass shooting, Pop star Prince left no will

(Photo: Apple Iphone user. Credit: Getty Images)

Fidel Castro Dies Aged 9020161126

Cuba declares nine days of national mourning for its revolutionary leader. We hear tributes from Havana, Miami and around the world and reflect on the legacy of the man who outlasted ten US presidents

(Photo: Fidel Castro, left, lights his cigar while Argentine revolutionary, Che Guevara, looks on in the early days of their guerrilla campaign in Cuba's Sierra Maestra Mountains, mid-1950s. Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Fifa Apponts First Female Chief20160513

Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura of Senegal named as new FIFA Secretary General, Funeral of Hezbollah commander, Donald Trump denies posing as own spokesman, The US reporter who literally ate his words

(Photo: 66th FIFA Congress. Credit: Mike Hewitt/FIFA)

Fifa Chasing Compensation20160316

in US courts; Obama nominates moderate to Surpreme Court; Lady Penelope in Hindi

(Photo: FIFA logo at its headquarters. Credit: AFP)

Fifa Confirms Blatter And Platini Suspended20151008

More NATO criticism of Russia's Syrian intervention; Pluto's water and blue skies

(PHOTO: FIFA President Sepp Blatter and EUFA Head Michel Platini. Credit: Reuters)

Fifa Proposes Major Reforms20151203

All US military combat posts to be open to women, 2000 people rescued from Chennai floods, the deadly art of Shakespeare (Photo: Issa Hayatou, FIFA's Acting Vice-President. Credit: AP)

Fifa Recommends Blatter Suspension20151007

Russia expands Syria military operations, Israel's space ambitions, Hong Kong post box controversy

(Photo: Fifa President Sepp Blatter at a press conference in July 2015. Credit: Getty Images)

Fifa Suspends Blatter, Platini And Valcke20151008

NATO urges Russia to play "constructive role" in Syria, Belarusian author wins Nobel Prize for Literature, British Muslim's TV baking triumph (Photo: FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Credit: Philipp Schmidl/GETTY IMAGES)

Fighting Between Azerbaijan And Armenia20160402

Fighting escalated in the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh threatening 1994 ceasefire, Syrian troops recapture Palymyra, Is the pace of life too fast?

(Photo: A car destroyed during heavy fighting erupted in Terter, Azerbaijan. Photo: Kanal S TV via AP)

Fiji: Aid Efforts Intensify After Cyclone20160225

Aerial pictures show many Fijian communities devastated; UN aid reaches Deir al-Zour; Migration crisis to dominate Brussels talks.

(Photo: Damage to the Ra province after the most powerful cyclone in Fiji"s history battered the Pacific island nation. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Aerial pictures show many Fijian communities devastated

Fillon Knocks Sarkozy Out Of French Presidential Race20161121

Francois Fillon faces Alain Juppé in next week's centre-right run-off

The surprise winner, Francois Fillon, faces Alain Juppé in next week's centre-right run-off; Merkel seeks fourth term as German Chancellor; Trump cabinet speculation.

(Photo: Francois Fillon, member of the conservative Les Republicains party, at a public meeting in Paris' Palais des Congres, 2016. Credit: Getty Images)

Final Rally For Fidel20161204

Thousands gather in Santiago de Cuba to pay respects to Fidel Castro; fatal California fire; pavement traffic lights

(Fidel Castro at a rally in 1999. Credit: AP)

Findings On Iaaf 'tip Of The Iceberg'20160114

Dan Roan speaks to IAAF President Seb Coe, Oscar nomination rant, Mammoth find in Siberia signals earlier humans

(Picture: IAAF logo on IAAF HQ in Monaco. Credit:Getty Images )

Fire At Dubai Skyscraper20151231

New Year celebrations scaled back in Europe, Merkel calls for unity in New Year address, BBC website back up and running

(Photo: hotel burning, credit: Reuters)

Fireworks In Dubai Despite Skyscraper Fire20151231

Heightened security at New Year events in US and Europe, BBC targeted in web attack. (PHOTO: Smoke billows from the Address Downtown Hotel. Credit: AFP)

First Dengue Vaccine Approved In Mexico20151210

US offers help in Iraq IS fight, crunch time in Paris climate talks and Ceres bright spot explained.

(Photo: Mosquitoes infected with the Wolbachia bacterium - which reduces mosquito transmitted diseases such as dengue. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

US offers help in Iraq IS fight, and crunch time in Paris climate talks

First Deported Migrants Arrive In Turkey20160404

Greece expels migrants to Turkey, leaked documents show how the rich use tax havens and how do DJs chose their music?

(Photo: Migrant arriving in Dikili harbour in Turkey. Credit: European Photopress Agency.)

First Jamaican To Win Booker20151014

MH17 missile claims, Democrat presidential hopefuls in debate, Panda joy at Toronto zoo

(Photo: Marlon James, Credit AP)

MH17 missile claims, Democrat presidential hopefuls in debate

First Locally Contracted Zika Case In Us20160203

Texas authorities say first case of locally acquired Zika virus registered

Authorities in US state of Texas say first locally contracted Zika case likely through sexual contact; Syrian peace talks in trouble; Hamlet performance in 'Jungle' migrant camp.

(Photo: Dallas skyline)

First Public Crash For Self-driving Car20160229

Google admits responsibility for hitting bus in California; Argentina debt deal; Oscar winning Pakistani documentary maker

(Photo: Google's new self-driving car during a demonstration at the Google campus in Mountain View, California, May 2015. Credit: Associated Press)

First Resignation In Wake Of Panama Papers Leaks20160405

Prime Minister of Iceland, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, resigns after leaked papers suggest he concealed investments in an offshore company, South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, survives opposition attempt to impeach him, International Criminal Court throws out charges against Kenya's deputy president William Ruto - but stops short of acquitting him.

(PHOTO: Protesters gather outside the Parliament building in Reykjavik for a second day of demonstrations against the Icelandic Prime Minister, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, who has now resigned. CREDIT: Getty Images.)

First Thoughts On Britain's Eu Referendum20160623

Polling stations have closed and the counting begins.

Image: Vote counting staff wait for ballot papers, Credit: Niklas Halle'n/AFP/Getty Images

First Women For Trump Administration20161123

Donald Trump names two women for his administration, Nikki Haley as UN ambassador and Betsy DeVos as education secretary; Dutch politician Geert Wilders speaks at his hate speech trial; Lost city from thousands of years ago found in Egypt

(Photo: Trump and DeVos, credit: AFP/Getty)

Floods In North West Pakistan20160404

At least sixty dead in pre-monsoon floods in Pakistan, Global impact of 'Panama papers', Rolling Stones major exhibition

(Photo: Pakistani villagers wade across a flooded road after heavy rain on the outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan. Credit: AP)

Florida Confirms Local Zika Carrying Mosquitoes20160729

Health officials says four people suffering from the Zika virus in Florida are probably the first cases contracted within the US, Pope offers silent prayer at Auschwitz, Sweden to investigate sex lives

(Photo: Mosquito capable of carrying Zika virus. Credit: AP)

Florida Shooting Victims Remembered20160613

Vigils held for 50 people killed in a gay nightclub attack in Florida. Lone gunman is himself shot dead by police. President Obama calls it an act of terror and hate.

(Photo: A member of Metropolitan Community Church carries a cross with a sign in memory of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting. Credit: Getty Images)

Vigils held across America for 50 people killed in gay nightclub attack in Florida

Footage Of Thai Bomb 'suspect'20150818

Putin in Crimea, Scottish Catholic apology, Iran pop concert

(Photo credit: AP)

Former Argentine Junta Leader Jailed20160527

Operation Condor: military officers guilty, Scientists say move Olympics because of Zika, Researchers invent a DNA 'tape recorder'

(Photo: Survivor Sara Mendez. Credit: Nico Mu)

Former Auschwitz Guard Apologises To Victims20160429

Reinhold Hanning speaks out during his trial in Germany, Fresh fighting in Syria's Aleppo, British astronaut guides rover from space

(Photo: Former Nazi SS guard, Reinhold Hanning arrives for his trial in Detmold, Germany. Credit: EPA)

Former Auschwitz Guard Convicted20160617

SS guard sentenced to five years in jail, Iraqi forces 'retake' Fallujah government buildings, MSF rejects EU funds over migrant deal, tributes to murdered British politician

(Photo: Defendant Reinhold Hanning sits in a courtroom before his verdict in Detmold, Credit: Reuters)

Former Brazilian President Lula Charged20160914

Prosecutors say Lula was 'kingpin' in corruption scandal; Syrian truce extended; Britain and Argentina to 'co-operate more closely' over Falkland Islands

(Photo: Former Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in June 2016. Credit: AP)

Former Fifa Officials Accused Of Awarding Themselves $80m20160603

FIFA says its former high-ranking officials Sepp Blatter, Jerome Valcke and Markus Kattner awarded themselves pay rises and bonuses worth $80m, Hundreds rescued as migrant boat sinks off Crete, Balthazar the rooster banned from Euro 2016

(Photo: Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter at news conference as fake dollar notes fly around him. Credit: AFP.)

Former Putin Aide Died Of Head Wound20160311

Russia waits for official information after autopsy concludes that a former Putin aide Lesin died of head injuries in a Washington hotel; Brazilian president defends her predecessor; "Fierce lizard" roamed the earth 250 million years ago

(Photo: Hotel where Lesin died, credit: AP)

Four Killed In Tel Aviv Shooting20160608

Israeli police say two Palestinian gunmen opened fire in a Tel Aviv shopping area, UN says ninety-thousand Iraqi civilians trapped by fighting in Fallujah, Indonesian scientists discover ancestor of the tiny human species known as the Hobbit.

(Photo: Israeli forces at the scene of the Tel Aviv shooting, Credit: EPA)

France And Russia Agree Cooperation Against Is20151126

African Union: ban child marriage, Pope celebrates Kenya mass, tardy Tanzania bureaucrats locked up

(Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin meets French President Francois Hollande at the Kremlin in Moscow. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

France And Russia Agree To Work Together On Is20151126

Rhino horn domestic trade ban lifted in South Africa, French Minister says Britain needed in Syria, Lord Coe steps down from Nike role

(Photo: French President Francois Hollande welcomes Russian President Vladimir Putin a meeting in October. Credit: Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images)

France And Russia Bombard Is20151118

France investigation latest, Germany stadium evacuated, playwright prizewinner

(Photo: Russian Tu-22 bombers escorted by the Su-27s fighter jets drop bombs on a target in Syria. Credit: AP/ Russian Defence Ministry Press Service)

France 'at War'20151116

Belgium links, Raqqa attacks, social media response to Paris events.

(Photo: French President Francois Hollande addresses parliament to outline his government's response to the Paris attacks. Credit: AP)

France Church Attack Security Concerns20160727

French faith leaders call for more security at places of worship, deadly IS blast in Syria, Hillary Clinton 'makes history'

(Photo: two women light a candle at a makeshift memorial in front of the city hall in Rouen, Credit: EPA)

France Drops Plan To Strip Convicted Militants Of Nationality20160330

The French President, Francois Hollande, has dropped plans to change the constitution to strip militants convicted of terror attacks of their French nationality, Iran leader says missiles part of future, The cyborg beetles that could replace drones

(Photo: French president, Francois Hollande Credit: EPA)

France Increases Its Military Effort Against Is Following Attack In Nice20160722

President Hollande says France sending military equipment to help Iraqi forces fight IS, sister of pilot of Malaysian airliner MH370 speaks to BBC, Christine Lagarde to stand trial over payout

(Photo: French President Francois Hollande. Credit: Reuters)

France Launches Anti-is Strikes20151123

Belgium lockdown continues, BBC World Service gets extra funding, Kenya athletes occupy sports HQ

(Photo: French jetfighter prepares to leave for IS attack. Credit: AP)

France Remembers Victims Of Paris Attacks20151127

What role for Assad forces in anti-IS coalition?, Canada's Miss World entrant accuses China of censorship, Pope Francis bids for rock star status (Photo: French president Francois Hollande and ministers at memorial service in Paris. Credit: Reuters)

France Suspect's Radical Links20150826

Tukey to join attack on IS, US reacts to China market falls, Hamlet: Alas, poor Benedict?

(Photo: French prosecutor, credit: EPA)

France Train Attack "well Prepared"20150825

Turkish planes to hit IS, South Sudan president to sign peace deal, Beirut rubbish riots

(Photo: French prosecutor, credit: EPA)

France 'will Destroy Is'20151116

French PM gives defiant speech, suspected mastermind named, G20 leaders react

(Photo: The Eiffel Tower is lit with the blue, white and red colours of the French flag. Credit: Reuters)

France: Burkini Ban Suspended20160826

French court rules against a ban on full-body swimsuits worn by some female Muslims; evacuations take place in besieged Damascus suburb of Daraya, a former rebel stronghold; Marathon dog and runner reunited.

(Photo: Burkinis for sale in London designed by Modestly Active. Credit: AP)

France: Terror Attack In Nice20160715

French media name a 31 year-old French Tunisian man, who killed at least 84 people by driving a truck into crowds of revellers celebrating Bastille Day.

(Photo: An aerial view of the site of the deadly attack on the Promenade des Anglais seafront in Nice, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

France's Republicans Hold Key Presidential Primary20161120

French centre-right choose presidential candidate, India train crash, South Korea indictment.

(Photo: Presidential primary debate of the Republican Party candidates in France. Credit: European Photopress Agency)

French Begin Demolition Of Calais 'jungle' Camp20160229

Migrants breakdown Macedonian fence, Aids rumours empty Sri Lankan school, life for Yazidi women in Iraq, Chinese polluted future: nose tache

(Photo: Migrants try to extinguish a fire during the dismantling of half of the "Jungle" migrant camp in the French northern port city of Calais. Credit: AFP)

French Drug-trials Leave One Man 'brain-dead', Five Hospitalised20160115

Al-Shabab attack AU base in Somalia, Bowie songs back in the charts, Welby speaks on 'sanctions' over gay marriage issue.

(Photo: French Health Minister Marisol Touraine at news conference. Credit: AFP/Getty)

French Ex Minister In Tax Fraud Trial20160208

Jerome Cahuzac goes on trial for alleged tax fraud; UN accuses Syria of exterminating detainees, Turkey says its border will remain closed to thousands of Syrians escaping Aleppo.

(Photo: Former French government minister Jerome Cahuzac leaves the courtroom on the first day of his trial for tax fraud in Paris. Credit: Reuters)

French Jets Bomb Raqqa20151116

Police hunt suspected attacker, Paris memorial held at Notre Dame.

(Photo: French warplanes taking off to bomb IS stronghold of Raqqa. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

French Pm: Paris 'ringleader' Killed In Raid20151119

US House votes to restrict refugees, GM salmon legal in US, Songbirds' tap dance

(Photo: French Prime minister Manuel Valls at the French National Assembly. Credit: Alain Jocard/AFP/Getty Images)

French Police Clash With Football Fans20160611

Police fire tear gas at Euro 2016; deadly attacks in Damascus; light pollution study

(Photo: Police in Marseille. Credit: AP)

French Police Hunt Attacks Suspect20151115

Police in France and Belgium are hunting for one of three brothers suspected of involvement in the Paris attacks. The victims have been remembered at a special service at Notre Dame Cathedral

(Photo: wanted poster for suspect. Credit: Police Nationale )

French Priest Funeral20160802

Rouen Cathedral service for Father Jacques Hamel who was killed in Islamist attack; Syria gas attack claim; help for Indian workers stranded in Saudi Arabia

(Photo: Coffin of French priest Father Jacques Hamel at funeral ceremony in Rouen Cathedral, France. Credit: Reuters)

French Suspects 'planning Paris Attack'20161125

Paris prosecutor, Francois Molins, says arrested men intended to attack next week; Wisconsin vote recount request; noodles swapped for driving licences

(Photo: Paris prosecutor, Francois Molins. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

French Terror Suspects 'planned Attack'20161125

Prosecutors say five men arrested in Strasbourg and Marseille planned to attack Paris next week, Japan's elderly drivers swap licences for noodle discount, Iceland - country or grocery shop?

(Photo: French army paratroopers patrol near Eiffel tower. Credit: Reuters.)

Frenchman 'planned Attacks During Euro 2016'20160606

Growing human organs in pigs, looted Lapis Lazuli fuels instability in Afghanistan, Briton Richard Huckle jailed for Malaysia sex abuse, Banksy mural appears in school playground

(Photo: boxes with explosives and weapons seized by Security Service of Ukraine after detaining a Frenchman. Credit: EPA)

Front National 'routed' In French Regional Elections20151213

First Saudi women elected to public office, Western powers call for immediate ceasefire in Libya, iconic photographer raising funds for refugees

(Photo: France Front National logo)

Ftse 100 Closes Above Pre Brexit Level20160629

Stock markets around the world have seen share prices recover for a second day, in the wake of Brexit vote, Corbyn putting Labour 'in peril', Turkey mourns after airport attack

(Photo: Trading floor in London. Credit: Reuters.)

Funerals Held In Turkey For Bombing Victims20151012

South Korea to control school history textbooks, Nobel Prize for Economics, Ladybird books for grownups

(Photo: Female relatives hold up the coffin during the funeral in Istanbul. Credit:


Funerals In Ankara20151012

Why Syrian refugees leave Jordan, Freedom Party gains in Vienna, Alaska climate change

(Picture: mourners in Ankara. Credit: AP)

Further Jerusalem Attacks Despite Tight Security20151014

Turkey blames IS and PKK for bomb attacks, Pope apologises for Vatican scandals, Chinese firm urges employees to honour parents

(Photo: Medics attend stabbing victim, credit: AFP/Getty)

Future Jobs20160809

Jobs of the future to include virtual habitat designers, and space tour guides, Moscow and Ankara talk of closer ties, Mountains under the sea

(Picture: Virtual reality headset Credit: AP)

G20 Leaders Pledge Unity To Defeat Is20151117

Mastermind suspect named, dozens held in police raids, actor Saeed Jaffrey dies

(Photo: G20 leaders attend a meeting during the G20 Summit in Antalya. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

G20 Summit Ends With Commitment To Boost Global Economy20160905

Pledges by G20 delegates to revitalise global trade, rival ANC factions in standoff at party's Johannesburg HQ, lost Philae comet lander has been found (Photo: Closeup of Philae lander on surface of Comet 67P. Credit: AP Archive/European Space Agency)

Gabon Helicopter 'bombed Opposition Hq'20160901

Opposition headquarters in Gabon bombed after parliament set on fire over election rigging protests, Opposition gather for mass protest in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, SpaceX rocket explodes on launch pad

(Photo: Gabonese police forces on patrol in Libreville Credit: AFP/Getty Images.)

Geert Wilders: 'i Am Not A Racist'20161123

Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders says his trial for alleged hate speech is a "charade"; Trump appoints former critic, Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley as UN ambassador; Tunisian president Beji Caid Essibsi confirms that US surveillance drones are operating over the country.

(Photo: Dutch politician Geert Wilders in 2011. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Gene Wilder Dies20160829

Willy Wonka star dies at 83; Brazilian president urges senators not to remove her; Clinton aide splits from husband over sexting allegations

(Photo: Gene Wilder. Credit: AP)

George Clooney Says South Sudan's Leaders Profit From Civil War20160912

South Sudan's government requests details of claims; Is the Syrian truce holding? Zimbabweans liken Mugabe statue to cartoon character

(Photo: George Clooney discusses claims about South Sudan's leaders at Washington news conference. Credit: Reuters)

German Mps Vote For Military Action In Syria20151204

IS releases video showing its tactics, China pledges $60 Billion for Africa, Paris cafe reopens after November terror attack (Photo: German Chancellor Merkel and Defence Minister Von der Leyen in Parliament. Credit: Reuters)

German Police Kill Gunman Who Attacked Cinema20160623

Baltimore policeman found 'not guilty' of killing Freddie Gray, honouring the Catholic doctors who saved Jews in WW2, will ceasefire end Colombia's civil war?

(Photo: German police outside cinema in Viernheim which had been attacked by gunman. Credit: Boris Roessler/AP)

Germans Protest Against Ttip Trade Deal20160424

Thousands march in Hanover against US-EU trade deal, EU-Turkey migrant deal is 'working'

Thousands march in Hanover against proposed US-EU trade deal, EU-Turkey migrant deal is 'working', Shakespeare anniversary celebrations

(Photo: Protesters in Hanover rally against the TTIP and CETA free trade agreements march, Credit: Getty Images)

Germany "can Take 500,000 Refugees A Year"20150908

German Vice-Chancellor's pledge to take in refugees, Turkish forces attack Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq, Singer of next James Bond theme song is announced (Photo: Refugees at German train station. Credit: AP)

Germany 'can Cope With Record Numbers Of Refugees'20150908

Kenyans caught with suspected mall bomb, El Salvador baby swap family reunited, Snake anti-venom supplies 'running out'

(Photo: Erfurt exhibition centre transformed into an accommodation centre for refugees and migrants. Credit: AP)

Germany Imposes Refugee Border Controls20150913

Libya's rival governments sign peace deal, S African teacher beatified, Moldova protests

Germany, France Debate Migrant Crisis20150824

Black Monday stock market fallout, Blatter talks to BBC, One Direction split

(Photo: Merkel, Hollande credit: Reuters)

Germany: Islamic State Documents 'probably Genuine'20160310

S. African woman guilty of baby abduction, airline passenger hides child in hand-luggage, ECB cuts interest-rates, who is 'secret author' nominated for prize ?

(Photo: Documents allegedly showing IS recruits' details. Credit: AFP/SKY NEWS)

Germany: 'return Bears To The Wild'20160317

Calls for a wild animal ban from circuses; Brazil's mushrooming political crisis; A monk who stole a diamond

(Photo: Bear cubs. Credit: BBC)

Germany-denmark Trains Cancelled Over Migrants20150909

NATO worried about Russian presence in Syria, Trump and Cruz speak against Iran muclear deal, Jordanian prince enters FIFA leadership race

(Photo: Refugees at Denmark train, credit: AP)

Gianni Infantino Is New Fifa President20160226

World football's governing body chooses Infantino to replace Sepp Blatter, nationwide elections in Iran, Russian airstrikes on Syrian rebels, new home-grown platform for African music

(Photo: Gianni Infantino accepts his election at FIFA conference in Zurich. Credit: AFP)

Giant Ivory Burn In Kenya20160501

Kenyan president sets fire to huge ivory stockpile in fight against poaching; Shia protesters set up camp outside Iraqi parliament after storming Green Zone; US Secretary of State heads to Geneva to discuss Syria truce

(Photo: Burning ivory, credit: AFP/Getty)

Kenyan president sets fire to huge ivory stockpile in fight against poaching

Global Rallies Demand Climate Action20151129

Turkey and EU seek migrant deal, Pope in CAR, GB wins Davis Cup

(Photo: Thousands of pairs of shoes are left in the Place de la Republique in Paris on the eve of the UN Climate Change Summit. Credit: EPA)

Google Charged Over Android 'abuse'20160420

EU accuses Google of breaching competition law, Mitsubishi admits falsifying fuel tests, Obama in Saudi Arabia, Scotland trial of diabetes in children

(Photo: A woman uses an Android smartphone, Credit: AP)

Gove: 'boris Johnson Not Up To Job Of Being Leader'20160630

Who will be the UK's next Prime Minister ?, 60 year-old woman wins legal battle over use of her daughter's eggs, Rosetta spacecraft to end mission in spectacular style

Greece Recalls Austria Ambassador Over Migrant Crisis20160225

Tensions rise as EU discusses migration policy, Kenyan president accuses own citizens of crime and corruption, report says BBC failed to protect victims from sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile, FBI's chief speaks out in Apple row

Greek Measures To Tackle Migrant Crisis20150902

Obama has enough support for Iran deal, Burundi refugees, Commonwealth Games in Durban

(Photo: Migrants arrive in Greece. Credit: AFP)

Greek Mps Debate Bailout20150813

Second night for Tianjin blast survivors, Pakistan school killers to be executed, Comet 67P moves away from sun.

(Photo: Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (R) addresses parliament in bailout debate. Credit: EPA)

Greek Parliament Debates Bailout Deal20150813

Death sentences for Peshawar school attackers, China explosion, tennis players in spat.

(Photo: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addresses the Greek Parliament. Credit: AFP)

Greek Police Nearly Caught Paris 'ringleader'20151208

Iraq claims progress against IS, Delhi pollution, farmers urged to cut antibiotic use

(Photo: An image taken from a militant website, showing Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Credit: AP)

Grim Find In Austria Migrant Lorry20150827

Car bomb kills two Iraqi generals, Usain Bolt beats Gaitlin to win 200m gold, Knut polar bear death riddle solved

(Photo: Forensic officers examine migrant truck. Credit: AFP)

Growing Russian Anger At Treatment Of Its Football Fans20160615

Russia protests about treatment of its football supporters in France, Oscar Pistorius awaits sentencing for the murder of his girlfriend, and Orlando police continue search for two-year-old boy snatched by an alligator.

(Photo: Fans at the Russia v Slovakia match in France. Credit: EPA)

Gun Attack At Colorado Clinic20151127

Turkey Russia row continues; Black Friday shopping; Rock star Pope

(Photo: Two women evacuated from building where shooter suspected still holed up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Credit: Reuters)

Gun Control Sit-in At Us Congress20160623

Democrats stage a sit-in to demand a vote on gun control legislation, Boko Haram refugees 'starved to death', funeral for Pakistan singer, Tibet dark skies

(Photo: Democrat members of Congress, as they participate in sit-down protest seeking a vote on gun control measures. Credit: AP)

Gunman Arrested At Disneyland Paris20160128

Man with two handguns seized at Disneyland Paris hotel, WHO warns of four million Zika cases this year, Challenger spaceshuttle disaster commemoration

(Photo: Disneyland Paris entrance. AP/Getty Images)

Gunmen Storm Burkina Faso Hotel20160116

One person brain-dead in French drugs trial, Global markets take another beating, Anglican Church suspends Episcopalians

(Photo: Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou, credit: Reuters)

One person brain-dead in French drugs trial, Global markets take another beating

Haiti Presidential Palace Seeks Occupant20160208

Haiti's President Martelly makes way for interim government; UN vows new sanctions after N Korea's rocket launch; Super Bowl Brands gear up for their marketing showdown.

(Photo: Haiti Port Au Prince presidential palace. Credit)

Haitian leader departs, UN condemns North Korea rocket launch, Super Bowl 50 underway

Hajj Death Toll Confusion20150929

Battle for Kunduz; Women to Captain Indian Naval Ships; French Radio Songs Row

(Photo: Saudi emergency personnel near bodies of Hajj pilgrims. Credit: Getty Images)

Hawking's Dream To Travel To The Stars20160412

Tiny spacecraft 'to go to another solar system within generation', IMF cuts global growth outlook, Turkmenistan's 'month of health and happiness'.

(Photo: Professor Stephen Hawking)

Hebron Sealed Off After Deadly Attacks On Settlers20160701

Israeli soldiers deployed in West Bank city; hostages in Bangladesh cafe held by militants; reality tv role for Chechnyan leader

(Photo: Israeli settlers guarded by soldiers in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. Credit AFP/Getty Images

Heightened Security Across Europe For New Year Celebrations20151231

Security is stepped up across Europe ahead of new years eve celebrations. A fire breaks out at The Address Hotel in Dubai and Angela Merkel gives her new years speech.

Helmand Almost Under Taliban Control20151223

Iraq offensive in Ramadi slowed by IS resistance, France wants to enshrine new terror laws, Drones banned after crash at ski race.

(Photo: Afghan soldiers at a checkpoint in Helmand province Credit: AP)

Hillary Clinton Back On Campaign Trail20160915

The Democratic presidential candidate delivers first speech after stumbling at weekend, Former Brazilian president says he's a victim of a sustained campaign against him, Skepta wins Mercury music prize

(Picture: Hillary Clinton at a rally in North Carolina, Credit: AP)

Hillary Clinton 'broke Government Rules'20160525

Clinton criticised for using private emails for work, Ukraine 'hero' pilot freed, The woman wanting to give birth to her grandchild

(Photo: Hillary Clinton campaigning in Kentucky 02/05/16. Credit: RTR)

Hillary Clinton On The Brink Of Historic Nomination Win20160607

Six presidential primaries underway, Istanbul car bomb kills at least eleven, rape prevention classes for male migrants ( Picture: Hillary Clinton during the "Hillary Clinton: She"s With Us" concert in Los Angleles June 6, 2016. Credit: Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton Questioned About Benghazi20151022

US-Kurdish raid against IS, Sweden school attack, Schweinsteiger may sue over Nazi doll

(Photo: Hillary Clinton testifies before a Congressional Committee on Benghazi, Credit: AP)

Hillary Clinton: A Day Of Highs And Lows20160705

Hillary Clinton: Criticised by FBI for carelessness over e-mail security but enthusiastically endorsed by Barack Obama as Democratic Party Presidential nominee, UK Tory leadership candidates down to three, Colombia's FARC lift revolutionary tax

(Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama with Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina. Credit: REUTERS.)

Hillary Clinton's Pick For Vice-president20160723

Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine, named as Clinton running mate, Munich gunman a German Iranian obsessed with mass killings, Kabul bomb blast kills 80

(Photo: Democratic US vice presidential candidate, Senator Tim Kaine, and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, wave to supporters during a campaign rally in Miami, Florida. Credit: Reuters)

Hillary Makes History20160608

UN condemns Eritrea for "widespread human rights abuses", Do fish recognise us?

(Mrs Clinton speaks in Brooklyn after reaching the delegate threshold to become the presumptive nominee for the Democrats. Credit: EPA)

Hillary On Verge Of Nomination20160726

Clinton to become first female presidential nominee; Hollande warns of Islamist threat; the world's tallest people

(Photo: Hillary Clinton campaigning, June 2016. Credit: Reuters)

'historic Day' In Cuba As Us Embassy Opens20150814

China orders chemical inspections after Tianjin, cruise ship aids refugees in Kos, Prince George photo plea

(Photo: US embassy in Cuba. Credit: Getty Images)

Historic Peace Agreement To End Colombian Civil War20160622

Colombian government and FARC rebels reach historic ceasefire agreement to end five decades of fighting ; British politicians make their final pitches ahead of Thursday's EU referendum : Underdogs Iceland qualify for knockout stages of Euro 2016 football tournament

Photo: Peace talks in Havana to end Colombian civil war. Credit: Reuters)

Hollande Putin Syria Talks20151002

Oregon killer named; UK boy sentenced for terrorism; OO7 song tops UK charts

(Photo: Presidents Hollande and Putin at Paris summit. AFP/Getty Images.)

Hollande: Convicted Terrorists Will Keep French Nationality20160330

French President has dropped plans to strip militants convicted of terror attacks of their French nationality, UN says rich nations should take in more Syrian refugees, drone beetles, the 'Not Face'

(Photo: Inside pages of a passport. Credit: BBC)

Hollande: Is Has Declared War20160726

French President Hollande says men who killed a priest at a church in Rouen claimed allegiance to IS; Bill Clinton to speak at Democratic Convention in Philadelphia; Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law kidnapped in Brazil

(Photo: Hollande at scene in Rouen, credit: Reuters)

Hong Kong Protest Over Missing Booksellers20160110

Sean Penn criticised for El Chapo interview, France remembers victims of Islamist attacks, row over holy island in Russia

(Photo: Hong Kong protesters. Credit: Getty)

Hong Kong's Young Leaders20160905

New generation of activists wins seats on Legislative Council; Calais protests; online 3D 16th century skulls

Photo: Pro-democracy activists celebrate in Hong Kong. Credit: AP)

Hope For Peace In Syria?20160227

Agreement to halt the fighting in Syria after five years of civil war appears to be holding; Early results from Iran's elections suggest reformers have made substantial gains; Thousands march in Moscow to remember the murdered opposition politician, Boris Nemtsov

(Photo: Children in Damascus. Credit: AP)

Hope Of Early Alzheimers Diagnosis20160511

Brain scan may spot Alzheimers disease 15 years before symptoms show, Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff suspension vote, Baghdad bombs kill dozens

(Photo: Scans of brain of normal patient (left) and Alzheimer's disease patient. Scan on right shows reduction of both function and blood flow in both sides of brain, a feature often seen in Alzheimer's. Credit: Science Library Photo)

Hospital Deliberately Targeted Says Msf20160215

Medecins Sans Frontieres says its clinic in Idlib province was struck three times, Imelda Marcos's jewellery up for auction, Poland to make it a crime ro refer to Nazi death camps as Polish.

(Photo: People carry a stretcher after a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders was hit by suspected Russian air strikes in Syria"s northern province of Idlib)

Hostage Crisis In Bangladeshi Capital20160701

Gunmen seize hostages in IS attack; Israel seals off Hebron; Somme Battle 100 years on

(Photo: Bangladeshi soldiers near Gulshan restaurant, Dhaka. Credit: Reuters)

Hostages Freed After Mali Siege20151120

EU tightens external borders, US frees Israeli spy after 30 years, Amazon trees at risk. (Photo: Special forces inside Mali siege hotel. CREDIT: AFP )

Hottest Summer Ever Recorded20160916

The UN says July and August were the hottest months on record, EU leaders agree post-Brexit plan, Nigerian President plagiarises President Obama's speech.

Hubble Spots 'monster' Stars20160317

Stars 30 million times brighter than Sun seen by space telescope, IS genocide says US, Appointment of ex-president Lula to Brazilian cabinet suspended.

(Photo: Tarantula Nebula within the Large Magellanic Cloud. Credit: NASA/ESA/P.Crowther(University of Sheffield) )

Huge Cyber Attack In Us20151110

Assad forces regain ground from IS in Syria; Portugal government falls; Betamax tapes are no more

( Photo: Computer and keyboard 1998 EyeWire, Inc.)

Huge Hole Found In Milky Way20160803

Scientists reassess knowledge of galaxy; Obama commutes jail sentences; Republicans split over Trump?

(Photo: Computer artwork of the Milky Way galaxy. Credit: Science Photo Library)

Huge Pro-spain Rally In Barcelona20171029

Protestors call for Spanish unity, and for jailing of sacked Catalan leader Puigdemont

A major rally calling for Spanish unity is taking place in Barcelona - a day after Catalonia was stripped of its autonomy for declaring independence. Many protestors are demanding the sacked Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont be jailed.
Also, Heathrow Airport probe over 'security memory stick find', and Thai King's 5-day funeral ends.

(Photo: Barcelona pro-Spain rally. Credit: Reuters)

Huge Rally In Istanbul20160808

President Erdogan said he would approve the death penalty if it was backed by parliament and the public; Russian athletes are banned from Paralympic Games; Nice residents remember last month's lorry attack victims.

(Photo: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a rally in Istanbul. Credit: AFP Photo/Getty Images.)

President Erdogan said he would approve the death penalty if it was backed by parliament

'human Error' Behind Kunduz Msf Bombing20151125

Tunisia shuts Libyan border, Brussels schools and metro reopen, Einstein anniversary

(Photo: An MSF employee walks inside the charred remains of their hospital after it was hit by a U.S. airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Credit: AP)

Hundreds Dead In South Asia Quake20151026

Processed meat cancer warning from WHO; FIFA head nomination deadline; James Bond Spectre premiere

(Photo: Pakistani boy stands on the rubble of houses after 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Kohat. Credit: AFP)

Hundreds Killed In Saudi Hajj Stampede20150924

Pope addresses US Congress, Merkel: 'migrant solution far off', supersonic car unveiled

(Photo: Pilgrims on Hajj in Mecca, Credit: BBC)

Hundreds Of Migrants Arrive In Vienna By Train20150831

Violent clashes in Ukraine, Indian economy on the up, porn star travel cards in Tawain, is your cat hot or not?

( Picture: Migrants arriving at Vienna train station. Credit: Reuters/Leonhard Foeger)

Hungarian Police Clash With Migrants20150916

Refugees in Brazil, Tax-free marijuana day, US clock boy arrested

(PHOTO: After clashes with police, migrants settle down for the night in Horgos, Serbia. CREDIT: Getty Images.)

Hungary Announces Border Closure20151016

US condemns Iranian missile-test, UN Security Council discusses Israeli-Palestinian tensions, could mobile-phones soon count our calories ? (Photo: Refugees at a Hungarian border-crossing. Credit: Reuters)

Hungary Closes Crossing As Ministers Meet20150914

Australian PM ousted, US on FIFA latest, Sierra Leone ebola death

(Photo: Migrants at border between Serbia and Hungary, Credit: Gettyimages)

Hungary Migrants Clashes20150916

Burkina Faso soldiers seize politicians, Millions saved by anti-malaria campaign

(PHOTO: Hungarian riot police fire tear gas and water cannon onto Serbian side of border in clashes with migrants. CREDIT: Reuters)

Hungary Migrants Head West On Foot20150904

UK 'about-turn' on refugees, Kentucky gay marriage latest, One Direction star corrects fan's bad grammar

(Photo: Hundreds of migrants walk out of Budapest, Credit: AP)

Hungary Provides Buses For Migrants20150905

Saudi king and Obama debate Iran, IS destroys Palmyra tombs, Harry Styles grammar lesson

(Photo: Migrants on Hungarian railway track, credit: EPA)

Hungary Seals Croatia Border20151016

Germany football world cup bribes claims; Iran ballistic missile launch criticised; Europe/Russia moon mission

(Photo: Hungarian border near Croatian town of Beli Manastir. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Hungary Seals Serbian Border Over Migrants20150914

Australia PM Abbott sacked, Tourists killed by Egyptian troops, Too fat to fly?

(Photo: Hungarian forces at Serbian border. Credit: Getty Images)

Hungary To Bus Migrants To Border20150904

Saudi king meets Obama, Kentucky gay marriage licences issued, Styles and grammar

(Photo: migrants in Budapest with Merkel picture, credit: EPA)

Hungary To Seal Border With Croatia20151016

Turkey criticises EU over refugees; UN meeting on Mideast violence; Robot for the dark side of the moon

(PICTURE: Barbed wire and a wall on the Hungarian-Croatian border - AFP/ Gerry Images)

Hungary-serbia Border Sealed20150916

US concern over Russia's Syria support, Facebook 'dislike' button, Artificial Intelligence

(PHOTO: Hungary Serbia border. CREDIT: Getty Images)

US concern over Russia's Syria support, Facebook 'dislike' button

Hunt For Bangkok Suspect20150818

Putin in Crimea, Scottish Catholic apology, scientists grow human brain

(Photo credit:EPA)

Hunt For Mh370 Intensifies20160131

China sonar ship joins search for missing plane, Syrian oppostion in Geneva for peace talks says massacres must stop before negotations begin, Sharp rise in pregnant Colombian women with Zika virus

( Photo: File, flight officer Gharazeddine during search for missing MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean Credit: Reuters)

China sonar ship joins search for missing plane, Syrian oppostion in Geneva for talks

Hurricane Newton Hits Mexico20160906

The US National Hurricane Center says Newton has hit Mexico's west coast near the resort of Cabo San Lucas, a popular tourist destination. It recorded winds of 145 km/hour

(Photo: Hurricane Newton when it was a tropical storm off the west coast of Mexico on 5/9/16


Hurricane Patricia Nears Mexico20151023

South Africa students win fees battle; France coach crash; Moth name auction

(Photo: Residents prepare for arrival of Hurricane Patricia in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Credit: AP)

Iaaf's Nick Davies Steps Down Pending Investigation20151223

Iraqi army advances in battle for IS-held Ramadi, Terror plot foiled in France, Colombia legalises medical marijuana

(Photo: IAAF's Nick Davies in Beijing Credit:Getty)

Iraqi army advances in battle for IS-held Ramadi, Terror plot foiled in France

Iceland: Protests Over Pm's Links To Tax Haven20160404

Demonstrators in Reykjavik call for the prime minister's resignation, BBC team expelled from Djibouti, Air France reach a compromise over headscarf row

(Photo:Protesters in front of Reykjavik parliament call for the prime minister's resignation. Credit: EPA)

Iceland's Prime Minister Resigns Following Leaks Over Panama Tax Haven20160405

The prime minister of Iceland resigns after coming under increasing pressure over his use of an offshore company featured in the Panama papers leaks, ICC throws out case against Kenya's Ruto, A spiky grass from Australia's outback is being developed for use in condoms.

(Photo: Iceland's prime minister, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson Credit: AP.)

Imf Chief Lagarde To Stand Trial In France For Alleged Negligence20151217

Pharma boss arrested on fraud charges, Chelsea sack Mourinho, Turkey vows to wipe out PKK (Photo: IMF Chief Christine Legarde Credit: Getty Images)

Imf Cuts Global Growth Outlook20160412

Rise in Boko Haram child suicide bombers, 'lost Caravaggio' found in French loft, sex pills for votes

(Photo: Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund. Credit: Getty Images)

Impeachment Trial For Brazil President20160512

Brazilian senate votes to suspend and impeach President Dilma Rousseff, US missile shield in Romania, and trees given faces in anti-litter drive.

(Photo: Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, Credit: Reuters)

India Flyover Collapse: At Least 18 Dead20160331

Dozens feared trapped under the rubble of collapsed flyover in Kolkata, Serb politician is cleared of war crime charges, South African president is ordered to pay back public money.

India Pm's Surprise Pakistan Visit20151225

Top Syrian rebel killed, Queen Elizabeth's Christmas speech, Spacecall mishap

(Photo: India's Prime Minister Narenda Modi, and Pakistan's counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Lahore, Pakistan. Credit: AP)

Indians Mourn Jayalalitha20161205

Tamil Nadu politician and former film actress dies from heart failure; Italian PM submits formal resignation; Ben Carson picked as new US housing minister; latest electronic travel aid

(Photo: Jayalalitha takes part in a swearing-in ceremony as chief minister of Tamil Nadu state in Chennai in May 2016. Credit: Arun Sankar/AFP/Getty Images)

Influential Indian Politican Dies20161206

J Jayalalitha has died at the age of 68; French PM Valls to run for president; new system to curb the spread of extremist content

(Picture: Indian Muslims holding a portrait of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayaram Jayalalitha. Credit: AFP)

Influential Indian Politician Dies20161206

J Jayalalitha has died at the age of 68

Inquest Rules Hillsborough Fans Unlawfully Killed20160426

Relatives of the ninety-six football fans who died in Britain's worst sporting disaster say justice has finally been done, after an inquest concluded the victims were unlawfully killed, Ukraine marks 30 years since Chernobyl, 'Dentist of horror' jailed in France, Big Ben to fall silent for repair work

(Photo: Relatives of Hillsborough victims. Credit: Reuters.)

Inquiry Says Putin 'probably' Approved Ex-spy's Murder20160121

China holds live weapons-tests near Taiwan, renowned 'Vogue' editor steps down, why Tajikistan's police are forcibly shaving men (Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: AP)

Investigative Journalist Murdered In Ukraine20160720

Pavel Sheremet, who was born in Belarus, was killed by a car bomb, latest suspensions in Turkey purge, Uber in British tribunal over drivers' terms and conditions

(Photo: Forensic experts examine the wreckage of a burned car in Kiev, Ukraine,

Credit: AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Ioc Endorses Iaaf Ban On Russian Athletes20160621

The IOC has backed a decision by the governing body of world athletics to ban Russian track and field athletes from Rio, A US military commander in Baghdad has acknowledged that Iraqi forces have only managed to clear Islamic State militants out of a third of the city of Fallujah, Women's rights groups have used a drone to fly abortion pills from the Irish Republic into Northern Ireland

(Photo: Olympic and Russian flags Credit: Reuters.)

Ioc Supports Doping Ban On Russian Athletes20160618

International Olympic Committee backs 'strong' IAAF stance on Russia, anti-terror operation in Belgium, British astronaut Tim Peake returns to Earth

(Photo: Russian and Olympic flags Credit: Getty)

Iran And Saudi Arabia Haj Dispute20160905

Iran attacks Saudi Arabian Haj management, Project to save French Glacier ice, Egyptian statue causes controversy

Iran Arrests For Not Wearing Headscarves20160516

Models targeted for posting on Instagram without headscarves, Angelina Jolie on migrants, China cultural revolution 50 years on

(Photo: Iranian woman at football match 2008. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Iran Calls For Hajj Probe20150926

Poland angry about Russia's WW2 claim, Mexicans to protest at students' disappearance, one-fingered climber attempts Everest

( Photo: President Rouhani at UN. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Iran Could Join Syria Talks20151027

US budget deal, new drug could also 'tackle malaria', India's beef wars

(Photo: US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) with Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister. Credit: Reuters)

Iran On Verge Of Sanction Ending Deal20160116

Islamist siege ends in Burkina Faso, Taiwanese nationalist wins power, Religious intolerance in Indonesia.

(PHOTO: Iranian women look at goods in a shop window. Credit: AFP)

Iran Sanctions Lifted After Nuclear Deal20160117

29 killed at Burkina Faso Islamist assault, France's pro-baby policies

(Photo: Kerry and Zarif, credit: Reuters)

Iran To Attend Syria Peace Talks20151028

Priest attacks Church 'homophobia', Blatter: Russia 2018 World Cup 'agreed before vote', Panda diplomacy

(Photo: Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Credit: AP)

Iran To Be Invited To Syria Talks20151027

US Congress reaches budget deal, Bikini islanders seek relocation, Hendrix London flat to open to public

(Photo: Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. Credit: AP)

Iran: Reformers Make Gains In Election20160228

Moderate and reformist candidates in Iran appear to be dominating after Friday's election to parliament and Experts' Assembly; Syria ceasefire holding despite minor violations; Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders facing off in the South Carolina primary.

(Photo: Rafsanjani. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Moderate and reformist candidates in Iran appear to be dominating after Friday's election

Iran: Victory For Moderates20160228

Is it a new era for Iran as Conservatives lose seats? Infantino Fifa interview, Oscars Warm-up

( Photo: Iranian journalists follow the results of parliamentary and Experts Assembly elections in Tehran, as reformists were on course to win all of Tehran"s 30 seats in parliament. Credit: EPA)

Iranian Navy Harasses Us Ships20160825

The Pentagon says Iranian ships acted in 'unsafe and unprofessional' manner; thousands of rescue workers search for earthquake survivors in Italy; why do some people drink more coffee than others?

(Photo: The guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze which was intercepted by Iranian vessels in the Strait of Hormuz. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Iranian Paralympic Cyclist Dies In Rio20160918

Bahman Golbarnezhad suffered broken neck in road race accident; US air strikes 'kill dozens of Syrian government troops'; First child dies under Belgian euthanasia law; Famous Five go back to original language

(Photo: Bahman Golbarnezhad of Iran competing in the men's individual C4-5 1km Cycling Time Trial final at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Credit: Getty Images)

Bahman Golbarnezhad suffered broken neck in road race accident

Iraq Forces And Is Militants Fight For Fallujah20160531

Catastrophe for trapped Fallujah residents, Lionel Messi tax fraud trial, France and Belgium strikes, and MP calls for crocodile culling in Australia.

(Photo: Iraqi security forces gather near Falluja. Credit: Reuters)

Iraq Hangs Is Jihadists Over Camp Speicher Massacre20160822

Men convicted over the killing of Iraqi army recruits in 2014, Closing ceremony at Rio Games, Turkey mourns following Gaziantep wedding bombing

(Photo: Iraqi praying at the site of a mass grave of soldiers killed by IS militants. Credit: AP)

Men convicted over the killing of Iraqi army recruits in 2014

Iraq Inquiry's Damning Conclusions20160706

The chairman of a long-awaited British inquiry into the Iraq war, Sir John Chilcot, delivers damning verdict on Britain's role in the US-led invasion, Messi convicted of tax fraud

(Photo: Handwritten letter written by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair to the former US President George W Bush;

Credit: Reuters/Jeff J Mitchell/ Pool)

Iraq: Air Strikes On Is-held Border Town 'kill Dozens'20161207

Witnesses said unidentified jets had targeted al-Qaem killing more than 60 people, Aleppo rebels seek truce for evacuations, Mexican party invitation , attracting 1.2 million

(Photo: An IS-affiliated news agency published a video purportedly showing the aftermath of the attack. Credit: AMAQ)

Iraqi Army Celebrates Ramadi Victory20151228

Japan and South Korea reach deal on WWII sex slaves / France opens Vichy regime archives / Canine "teacher" in English school

(Photo: Iraqi soldiers raise flag, credit: AFP/Getty)

Iraqi Army Prepares To Retake Fallujah From Is20160522

Fallujah residents told to escape before army assault, Austria election too close to call, Venezuela economy meltdown

(Picture: Iraqi security foreces pose for picture on outskirts of Fallujah. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Iraqi Forces 'retake' Falluja20160617

The Iraqi prime minister says Falluja has been returned to the nation, President Putin criticises extended doping ban on Russian athletes, Mexican comic actor, Ruben Aguirre, has died

(Photo: Iraqi army vehicles near the centre of Falluja, Iraq. Credit: Reuter)

Iraqi Forces 'retake Key Ramadi District'20151208

Paris ringleader evaded capture, Trump defends muslim plan, famous lions poisoned

(Photo: Iraqi troops advance on Ramadi, where government forces have been closing in on Islamic State group militants. Credit: AFP / Getty)

Iraqi Military 'in Control' Of Ramadi20151227

Texas tornadoes, Archipelago Islam, Australia's first international pop star dies.

(Photo: Members of Iraq's elite counter-terrorism service securing the Hoz neighbourhood in central Ramadi. Credit:AFP)

Iraqi Soldiers Tighten Grip On Ramadi20151222

A million migrants enter Europe in 2015, New French terror plot foiled

Paris Madam dies

(picture: Damaged houses in Ramadi with Iraqi flags

Credit: AFP)

'irrefutable Proof Of Russian Doping' Says World Anti-doping Agency20161209

The IOC will re-test Russian samples from the London Olympics and Sochi Winter Olympics. Moscow says there is no proof; Compulsory psychological assessments for pilots in Europe after Germanwings disaster; Destroying space debris

(Picture: Russian Olympic champion pole-vaulter and Russia"s representative in WADA Yelena Isinbayeva. Credit: EPA)

Is Accused Of Chemical Attacks In Syria20150910

US to take 10,000 Syrian refugees, New humanoid species found in South Africa, Northern Ireland first minister resigns

(Photo: Isis fighters in Syria, credit: AP)

Is Afghan Army Winning Battle For Sangin?20151224

UN deal may enable Syrian rebels to leave Damascus camp, new attacks by Palestinians on Israelis, Very warm Xmas for many nations (Photo: Afghan National Army soldier in Helmand. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Is Attack On Ramadi Army Base20160102

2 killed in Tel Aviv bar attack, Munich police reveal terror alert details, Natalie Cole dies

(Photo: Ramadi ruins, credit:AP)

2 killed in Tel Aviv bar attack, Munich police reveal terror alert details

Is Attacks After Russian Syria Strikes20151009

Indian woman's arm amputated in Saudi Arabia; Tunisians win Nobel Peace Prize; Coca Cola diet

(Photo: Islamic State militants preparing to fire mortar towards Syrian government forces in Aleppo province. Credit: AP)

Is Claims Beirut Bombs20151112

UN troops for Burundi possible, India and UK to sign multi-billion dollar deals, 5 candidates for FIFA presidency

(Photo: Rescuers at bomb site, credit: AFP/Getty)

Is Claims Deadly Bomb Attacks In Syria20160523

IS say they carried out attacks on Syrian government strongholds with more than 100 people killed; Austria narrowly averts becoming first EU country with far-right president; Indian climber becomes third Everest fatality

(Photo:Bomb attack aftermath, credit: AFP/Getty)

Is Claims Killing Of French Priest20160726

Priest attacked in Rouen church, Indian ends 16 year hunger strike, Harry Potter play preview, favourite BBC voices

(Photo: Father Jacques Hamel celebrating a mass on June 11, 2016 in the church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Rouen, Normandy. Credit: AFP)

Is Russia Taking a Gamble By Not Expelling US Diplomats?20161230

Is Russia Taking a Gamble By Not Expelling US Diplomats?20161230

President Putin hopes he'll have warmer relations with President-elect Trump, Syria ceasefire appears to be holding, the story of the homeless man invited to spend News Years eve with strangers.

(Photo: Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Credit: Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

Is Switzerland A Model For Post Brexit Uk?20160606

Report says Switzerland 'may not be the Holy Grail', Jordanian officers killed in refugee camp 'terror attack', and US scientists bid to grow human organs for transplant inside pigs.

(Photo: Flags of the Union Jack, EU and Switzerland. Credit: Reuters)

Is Video Claims Killing Of 'uk Spies'20160103

Iran denounces Saudi executing Shia cleric; N Korean ski-ing tourism; Body organs music

(Photo: So-called IS militant. Credit IS video.)

Israel Steps Up Checkpoints After Palestinian Attacks20151014

New tally for Hajj stampede victims, media reports link Ankara bombings to IS, Chinese company imposes ‘filial piety tax’ on employees

(Photo: Israeli security officer at checkpoint. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Israel Tightens Security In Jerusalem20151014

Reports in Turkey name Ankara bombing suspects, Toyota aims for 'nearly zero' carbon-emissions, new film tackles Ebola crisis.

(Photo: Israeli border-guards question a Palestinian in East Jerusalem. Credit: AFP)

Israeli Pm Criticizes Un Chief20160127

Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizes Ban Ki Moon for saying Palestinas had to react to occupation; US officials issue Zika virus guidelines; No pyjamas at school gates, says English headmistress

Israeli PM Netanyahu accuses UN secretary general of encouraging terrorism

Israel's Shimon Peres Has Major Stroke20160913

Former president in intensive care; UN sees 'significant reduction' in fighting in Syria; World Anti-Doping Agency says Russian hackers have broken into its computers.

(Photo: Shimon Peres in July 2014. Credit: AP)

Istanbul Suicide Attack Kills Ten20160112

UN seeks access for medical teams into Madaya; China buys into Hollywood; El Chapo's hideout

(Photo: People laying flowers at site of suicide attack in Istanbul's Sultanahmet area. Credit: Getty Images)

Italian Referendum To Decide Renzi Fate20161204

Italians vote on a batch of contested reforms Cubans say final goodbye to Fidel Castro, Uzbekistan votes for new president

(Photo: Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi. Credit: AP.)

Italy Pm Resigns20161205

Matteo Renzi quits after losing a constitutional referendum; Austria's far-right candidate loses presidential election; UK minister banned from cycling in London speaks out

(Photo: Matteo Renzi announcing his resignation at a news conference at the Palazzo Chigi in Rome. Credit: APTN)

Matteo Renzi quits after losing a constitutional referendum

Italy Train Crash20160712

Many dead in head-on train collision in southern Italy, South China Sea ruling, benefits of thumb sucking for children in later life

(Photo: Scene of train crash in southern Italy;

Credit: EPA/Italian Fire Brigade)

Jazz Great Toots Thielemans Dies20160822

The Belgian jazz musician Toots Thielemans has died in Brussels at 94. The guitarist and harmonica player spent more than six decades playing alongside other jazz greats such as Charlie Parker, Benny Goodman, and Ella Fitzgerald

(PHOTO: Toots Thielemans;


Jean-pierre Bemba, Former Congolese Vice-president, Guilty Of War Crimes20160321

Change will happen in Cuba - Obama, China's football world cup ambition, judge rules on Madonna custody battle. ( Photo: Jean-Pierre Bemba enters the court room of the ICC. Credit: Reuters/Jerry Lampen)

Judge Blocks Lula's New Appointment20160317

Cabinet job for Brazil's former President is halted, EU leaders discuss migrant crisis, SeaWorld to stop breeding orcas in captivity, Kerry accuses IS of 'genocide', why London theatre might use lasers on audience

(Photo: Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Juno Spacecraft Begins Orbiting Jupiter20160705

Probe begins capturing data, French terror probe, Dolly the Sheep 20 years on, Economic cost of Brexit

(Photo: Jupiter and the Juno probe, Credit: EPA/NASA HANDOUT)

Jupiter - Far Hotter Than Predicted20160727

Astronomers say Jupiter's Great Red Spot is blasting the planet's upper atmosphere with heat; Democratic Party accuses Donald Trump of endangering national security; prosecutors in Baltimore say officers won't face trial over death of black man in police custody.

(Photo: The huge storm, seen here by Voyager 1 in 1979, apparently creates a high-altitude hotspot Credit: NASA Photo Library)

Kabul Mosque Suicide-bombing Kills Dozens20161121

Up to 30 worshippers die as suicide-bomber targets Shi'a mosque, Pope says all Roman Catholic priests will be able to forgive abortion, India calls off search for survivors of Uttar Pradesh rail disaster, UK's Prime Minister tries to reassure business leaders about Brexit impact. (Photo: People remove injured victim from scene of Kabul bombing. Credit: EPA/Hedayatullah Amid)

Kanye West Taken To Hospital In La20161122

US rapper Kanye West has been taken to hospital, Donald Trump backs Nigel Farage to become British ambassador to the US, the American opera singer who performed in a New York prison.

(Photo: Kanye West. Credit: Reuters)

Karadzic Genocide Guilty Verdict20160324

Former Bosnian Serb leader Razvan Karadzic given 40 year sentence for crimes against humanity and genocide, Iraq forces launch Mosul offensive against Islamic State fighters.

(Photo: Bida Smajlovic, a survivor of July 1995 massacre in Srebrenica, prays by her husband's grave at a memorial center in Potocari. Credit AFP/Getty Images.)

Karadzic Jailed For Bosnian Genocide20160324

Ex-Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic has been convicted of genocide and war crimes and sentenced to 40 years in jail., Brussels attack latest, Dutch footballing great Johan Cruyff dies of cancer

(Photo: Radovan Karadzic listens to the verdict at the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia in The Hague. Credit: AP)

Ken Loach Wins Palme D'or At Cannes20160523

British director's victory with film about poverty; Austria election too close to call

British director's victory with film about poverty, Austria election too close to call, and Iraq 'launches' military offensive to retake Fallujah.

(Photo: Ken Loach wins Palme d'Or. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Kenya Election: Court Challenge Abandoned20171025

A lack of judges meant the case calling for the cancellation of the election wasn't heard

A lack of judges meant the case calling for the cancellation of the election wasn't heard. The re-run of the election is scheduled to go ahead on Thursday.
Also: The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has broken with tradition and not included a clear successor in the Politburo standing committee. And the chair of Amnesty International in Turkey and 10 other activists are on trial for allegedly aiding terrorist groups.

(Picture: Kenyan Chief Justice, David Maranga, Credit: Getty Images)

Kenya Prepares For Election Re-run20171026

August's presidential poll was annulled by the Supreme Court because of irregularities

August's presidential poll was annulled by the Supreme Court because of irregularities. The opposition leader, Raila Odinga, is boycotting the vote which follows dozens of deaths during post-election clashes. Also, Brazil's lower house of congress rejects corruption charges levelled against President Michel Temer, and the BBC lodges an urgent complaint at the United Nations against Iran over its treatment of BBC Persian staff.

(Photo: Supporters of opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga arrives in a bus to a political rally in Kenya"s capital Nairobi. Credit: AFP)

Kenyan Police Clash With Opposition Protesters20171026

Demonstrators are trying to disrupt a re-run of the presidential election

Demonstrators are trying to disrupt a re-run of the presidential election. The opposition leader, Raila Odinga, is boycotting the poll, calling it a sham. Also: Iraq's Prime Minister calls for the Kurdish independence referendum to be annulled, Chinese universities begin preparations to study the philosophy of President Xi Jinping, and a British-built supersonic car is to have its first public test runs.

(Photo: Riot police attempt to disperse Odinga supporters in the Kibera slums in Nairobi. Credit: Reuters)

Kepler's Big Discovery20160510

NASA discovers record number of new exoplanets, Fifth Islamist leader executed in Bangladesh, President Obama to make historic Hiroshima visit, New threat to Australian marine life

(Photo: NASA's Kepler spacecraft is seen in an undated artist's rendering. Credit: Reuters)

Kerry Hopes To Salvage Truce As New Raids Hit Aleppo20160502

US Secretary of State John Kerry says envoys meeting in Geneva are getting closer to an understanding on salvaging the cessation of hostilities in Syria, Breast cancer genetic discovery hailed, Entrepreneur says he created Bitcoin, French Euro 2016 team's English anthem criticised.

(Photo: Injured man rescued amid the rubble in Aleppo. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.)

Kerry Says 'Two-State Solution in Jeopardy'20161228

Kerry Says 'Two-State Solution in Jeopardy'20161228

US Secretary of State says expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem is leading to an `irreversible one-state reality', Man held over Berlin market attack, Wild birds impaired by traffic noise

(Photo: US Secretary of State John Kerry. Credit: EPA.)

Kerry Warns Israel Over Peace Deal20161228

Kerry Warns Israel Over Peace Deal20161228

John Kerry says an Israeli-Palestinian deal based on a two-state solution is in serious jeopardy; German police question Tunisian man suspected of involvement in the Christmas market attack; Bradley Wiggins announces retirement

(Photo: John Kerry speaking on December 28, 2016 in Washington DC. Photo: Getty Images)

Key Ministerial Post For Boris Johnson20160713

Former London Mayor who led Brexit campaign made Foreign Secretary by new PM. Other appointments include Philip Hammond as Finance Minister and David Davis as minister in charge of exiting the EU; Top IS military commander killed

(Photo: Newly appointed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street in central London. Credit: AFP)

Key Republicans Slam Trump20160303

Mitt Romney and John McCain harshly criticize the US Republican frontrunner Donald Trump; Time could have come to turn back migrants, says Donald Tusk; Refugee team to compete at Rio Olympics

(Photo: Trump holding up opinion polls, credit Reuters)

Key Syria Opposition Group Pulls Out Of Riyadh Talks20151210

Climate talks near conclusion, Bergdahl focus of new Serial podcast, Adele takes on ticket touts

(Photo: Riyadh summit venue. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Khodorkovsky: Kremlin Arrest Warrant 'politically Motivated'20151224

Taliban surround Afghan military base in Sangin, Beatles music joins streaming services, France unveils tough anti-terror plans

(Photo: Mikhail Khodorkovsky Credit:AFP/Getty)

Taliban surround Afghan military base in Sangin, Beatles music joins streaming services

Kidnapped Spanish Journalists Freed In Syria20160508

Three Spanish journalists who were kidnapped in Syria ten months ago have been released; Huge Canada wildfire still burning out of control; France to make it easier for citizens wanting to change their names

(photo: freed Spanish hostages, credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Three Spanish journalists who were kidnapped in Syria ten months ago have been released

Killer Of Cecil The Lion Won't Be Prosecuted20151012

US air drop for Syria anti-IS forces, Turkish PM blames Ankara bombing on IS, South Korea to rewrite history books

(Photo: Cecil the lion. Credit: AP)

King Of Bohemia's 700th Anniversary20160513

Pfizer to stop products for lethal injections, FIFA appoints a woman as secretary general, Journalist eats his words

(Photo: A poster advertising the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV at the Prague Castle, in Prague, in the Czech Republic: Credit: EPA)

Korea Talks Success20150824

Germany France migrant talks, Last Sierra Leone Ebola victim released, World markets fall

Kunduz Outcome Unclear20150930

US targets IS funds; South Dakota marijuana resort

(Photo: Afghan police prepare to launch counter-offensive to regain control of Kunduz from Taleban. Credit EPA)

Kurds 'liberate' Sinjar From Is20151113

Has US drone killed Jihadi John ?, crisis talks over doping in athletics, British Airways in row over Sachin Tendulkar (Photo: Kurdish Peshmerga fighters enter Sinjar. Credit: Reuters)

Kurds Recapture Sinjar From Is20151113

Athletics chiefs on future of Russian athletes, Indian PM draws 60 thousand to Wembley, driverless car feels the long arm of the law.( Photo: Kurdish fighters enter SInjar.Credit : AFP)

La Police Test Knife 'found At Oj Simpson Home'20160305

Blade given to an off-duty officer years ago

Blade given to an off-duty officer a number of years ago by a construction worker; Brazil's Lula hits out over detention;

Scientists discover how Zika can infect brains cells; Japan Olympic flame embarrassment.

(Photo: File picture of OJ Simpson. Credit: AP)

La Schools Close Over Email Threat20151215

Shia demo in Nigeria after army clash, Saudi announces Islamic alliance against IS, new EU border force and coastguard

(Photo: Scene outside a high school in Los Angeles. Credit: Reuters)

La Schools Shut After Security Threat20151215

New EU border force, Dutch museum accused of 'cultural marxism', Chairman Mao letter auction

(Photo: A police officer puts up yellow tape to close a school in Los Angeles. Credit: AP)

Labour Suspends Ex-london Mayor In Anti-semitism Row20160428

Ken Livingstone suspended for bringing Labour 'into disrepute', Syria ceasefire in tatters, 3 more arrests by police investigating December's mass shooting in San Bernardino

(Photo: Labour MP John Mann (right) shouts at Ken Livingstone in anti-Semitism row. Credit: PA)

Latest Attempt To Restore Peace in Syria20161229

Latest Attempt To Restore Peace in Syria20161229

Latest attempt to restore peace in Syria is endorsed by Russia, Turkey and Iran, German authorities release Tunisian man who is not a contact of Anis Amri, Google Doodle pays homage to Charles Macintosh, inventor of "mac" coats

(Photo: Syrian government soldier surrounded by rubble

Photo credit: AFP Photo/ Getty Images)

Latest on Aleppo Evacuation20161218

Latest on Aleppo Evacuation20161218

Syrian state media say buses have entered eastern Aleppo; protests in Poland; oath to British values

(Photo: buses wait to be boarded on the outskirts of Aleppo on Friday. Credit: Getty Images)

Lavrov Says Fighting In East Aleppo Suspended20161208

Russia's foreign minister says the Syrian army has suspended fighting in eastern Aleppo to allow for the evacuation of thousands of civilians; Britain's top spy warns of IS attacks; What Robert the Bruce really looked like

(Photo: Lavrov, credit: EPA)

Leaders Of Italy, Germany And France Discuss Eu20160822

Talks held in aftermath of Brexit vote, Islamist militant's 'deep regret' over destruction of tombs in Timbuktu, Malaysian rapper in custody over video which 'insults Islam' (Photo: Italian premier Renzi and German Chancellor Merkel with soldier at Naples airport before talks. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Leading Women Denounce Sexism In French Politics20160515

French female ministers decry harassment; Major security alert at Manchester United; Former CIA agent confesses tip-off led to Mandela's arrest

(Photo: Christine Lagarde, credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Legal Fears Over Eu-turkey Migrant Plan20160308

UK's Bank of England head Mark Carney joins Brexit debate, kidnapped son of murdered Pakistan Governor rescued, Sharapova's sponsors cut ties

(Photo: Migrant children play in water, following overnight storm at Idomeni refugee camp, near the Greek border with Macedonia. Credit: EPA)

Leicester Fans Celebrate Premier League Title20160503

Leicester's South Asian community celebrates title; fresh push for ceasefire in Syria and cheetah population declines by half.

(Photo: Leicester City fans celebrate winning Premier League title. Credit : Reuters)

Leicester Win Premier League Title20160502

Leicester City have won the Premier League title in one of the greatest sporting stories of all time, Breast cancer genetic discovery hailed, Brazil judge blocks access to WhatsApp messenging service, A Frenchman bored at work

(Photo: Leicester City fans celebrate in a pub in Leiccester. Credit: AP.)

Libya Boats Search For More Bodies20150828

Four held over Austria truck deaths, Katrina anniversary commemorations, Brazil in recession, Madagascar temples destroyed

(Photo: A sunken boat carrying migrants is pulled in to the Libyan port of Zuwara, Credit: AP)

Life On Mars?20160315

The search for life on Mars; Russia pulls out of Syria; Turkey hits back at Kurds

The continuing search for life on Mars; Putin's surprise withdrawal from Syria; Turkey hits back at Kurds following Sunday's bombing in Ankara. (PHOTO: The Proton-M rocket booster blasts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. CREDIT: AP)

Lobsters Under Threat From Human Noise?20160206

Effect of man-made sounds on marine invertebrates, Taiwan earthquake, Twitter crackdown on extremists

(Photo: Lobster; credit: BBC)

Effect of man-made sounds on marine invertebrates, Taiwan earthquake

Local Elections Setback For Anc20160807

Worst result since party came to power in South Africa at the end of apartheid

Party suffers worst showing since it came to power in South Africa at the end of apartheid; Syrian rebels claim siege of Aleppo broken; Iranian nuclear scientist executed

(Photo: South African President Jacob Zuma speaking at official announcement of local election results in Pretoria. Credit: Reuters)

London Conference Pledges $10 Billion For Syria20160204

Recrimination over Russian role in Syria conflict while donor-countries meet in London, heavy security at Cologne carnival, Matt Le Blanc to co-present "Top Gear"

(Photo: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British PM David Cameron, and UN Secretary-general Ban ki-Moon at London talks. Credit: Getty)

London Pays Tribute To Orlando Victims20160613

London's vigil for the Orlando shooting victims, Researchers predict carbon dioxide spike, A robot that can choose whom it can harm

(Picture: People in London during a vigil for the victims of Sunday's Orlando shootings at a Gay nightclub in Florida. Credit: AP)

London Police Stop Guarding Assange Embassy20151013

US air drop for Syrian rebels fighting IS, Nobel Economics Prize for British professor, art authentication via DNA

US air drop for Syrian rebels fighting IS, Nobel Economics Prize for British professor

Longest Serving Us Supreme Court Judge Dies20160214

Republicans mourn loss of Antonin Scalia, Pope condemns Mexico drugs cancer

Republicans mourn loss of Antonin Scalia at 79, Pope condemns Mexico drugs cancer, rare earth minerals catalogue published

(Photo: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia testifying during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in October 2011 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Credit: Getty Images)

Lra Commander Pleads Not Guilty20161206

Dominic Ongwen tells International Criminal Court judges he was a victim too, South Korean lawmakers question leaders of biggest companies in corruption inquiry and, are scientific advances interfering with human evolution?

(Photo: Dominic Ongwen, a senior commander in the Lord's Resistance Army. Credit: Reuters)

Lula Defiant Over Detention20160304

Former Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, slams prosecutors for questioning him over corruption allegations; Tests on knife from OJ Simpson home; Zika can damage brain cells, say scientists

(Photo: Police at Lula's house, credit: EPA)

Macedonia Defends Stance On Migrants20150822

Senior IS leader 'killed', Guatamala's President investigated in corruption scandal, Big falls on world markets

Senior IS leader 'killed', Guatamala's President investigated in corruption scandal

Macedonia Police Clash With Migrants20150821

Germany demands EU shares migrant burden, Mid East pollution falls, Scores dead in Yemen

(Photo: Macedonia security forces clash with migrants. Credit: Getty Images.)

Macedonia Police Fire Tear Gas At Migrants20150821

New Syriza breakaway party, Turkey snap election, Hidden Nazi gold train, Mao's bodyguard dies

(Photo: Macedonian police force block a group of migrants trying to cross Greek/Macedonian Border, Credit: Getty Images)

Macedonia Shuts Greek Border To Migrants20160309

Queen Brexit row, new cataract treatment, Beatles' producer Sir George Martin dies, monk arrested for having pet elephant

(Photo: A shoeless migrant girl at the makeshift refugee camp at the Greek Macedonian border near the Greek village of Idomeni.

Credit: AFP)

Macedonia Will Allow Migrants To Cross Border20150821

Senior IS leader reported killed, 110 year message in a bottle found, stock markets fall

Malaysia Sacks Immigration Officials Accused Of Sabotage20160531

Paris to create camp for migrants, Messi tax fraud trial in Spain, and Kraftwerk lose German copyright case.

(Photo: Planes on the tarmac at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Credit: Getty Images)

Malware Is Making Atms 'spit Cash'20161122

A Russian cyber security company warns of a spate of remotely coordinated attacks on cash machines, Trump won't pursue Clinton email inquiry, Turkey withdraws child rape bill

(Photo: Cashpoint machine. Credit: PA.)

Mammoth Us Snowfall20160123

10 American states declare emergencies as a blizzard engulfs much of the country's east coast, Google tax deal criticised as 'derisory', a woman says her winning lottery ticket has been washed in a pair of jeans

(Photo: snow clearing in Washington DC. Credit: AFP / Getty)

Man Shot Dead By Paris Police On Charlie Hebdo Anniversary20160107

Aid to be allowed into besieged Syrian town, massive truck-bomb kills dozens in Libya, China reports success with breeding pandas (Photo: Police patrolling central Paris. Credit: AP)

Manhunt In Munich20160722

Several people dead after shooting at a shopping mall in Munich, southern Germany

(Photo: armed police escort people from the shopping centre. Credit: Getty Images)

Many Dead In Nigeria Suicide Blast20160211

At least 56 people have been killed in suicide attacks in a camp in Borno, Nigeria

At least 56 people have been killed in multiple suicide attacks in a refugee camp in Borno state in north-east Nigeria. International athletics lose Nestle sponsorship. More evidence from US that Zika virus causes brain damage.

(Photo: People injured in Nigeira blast in hospital. Credit: AP)

Many Killed In Paris Shootings20151113

IAAF suspends Russia, Kurds recapture Sinjar from IS, Jihadi John targeted by US drone

(Photo: Paris shooting scene. Credit: AP)

Many Killed In Thai Shrine Blast20150817

Rare BBC access to Iran, Indian airline buys Airbus planes, tussle over Rachmaninoff.

(Photo: Bangkok blast site. Credit: Reuters)

Many Still Missing In Guatemala Mudslide20151004

Latest on Kunduz hospital bombing, two Israelis killed in Jerusalem, Portugal election

Mapping The Milky Way20160914

Gaia space telescope plots a billion stars, EU President says post-Brexit EU not at risk, the dance show by the over fifties

(Photo: The Milky Way lights up the Pacific Northwest sky during the Perseid Meteor Shower, Credit: AP)

Maria Sharapova Banned For 2 Years20160608

Tennis star punished for failing drugs-test, Eritrea accused of 'crimes against humanity', could artificial intelligence generate anti-cancer drugs ? (Photo: Maria Sharapova. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Mary Rose: Revealed After Museum Revamp20160719

A full view of the Mary Rose unveiled after multi-million dollar overhaul, Turkey PM warns against revenge after coup attempt, IOC vows toughest sanctions against Russia

(Photo: The warship is visible from all nine galleries of the Mary Rose Museum. Credit Stephen Foote, Mary Rose Trust)

Mass Exodus Threat From Extreme Heat20160503

Climate change could force exodus from North Africa and Middle East, Crucial US primary, Bolero copyright free

(Photo: Satellite images showing Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Credit: NOAA weather satellites.)

Mass Protests In Brazil20150817

Iraq ex-PM blamed for Mosul fall, Thai Crown Prince bike ride, tributes to Julian Bond

(Photo: protestors in Sao Paulo. Credit: Reuters)

Massive Explosion In Tianjin City, China20150812

Croatia fears for Egypt hostage, Syria accused of war crimes, Kursk sinking anniversary.

(Photo: Tianjin industrial landscape. Credit: AP)

Merkel Backs A Partial Ban On The Burka20161206

Germany's Chancellor says full-face veil should be prohibited 'wherever it is legally possible', former LRA commander pleads 'not guilty' to war crimes charges, 9 nominations for Beyonce in 2017 Grammys (Photo: German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Merkel Critical Of Aleppo Strikes20160209

German Chancellor hits out at Moscow over Aleppo, Assad government accused by UN panel of "state policy of extermination", French minister in court over alleged tax fraud.

(Photo: Bomb damaged street in Aleppo. Credit: Reuters)

German Chancellor hits out at Moscow over air strikes, French minister in tax trial

Merkel In Turkish Refugee Camp20160423

German chancellor visits Syrian refugees in south-eastern Turkey; Tens of thousands protest in Germany against a proposed transatlantic trade deal; Bangladeshi professor hacked to death by Islamists

(Photo: Merkel arriving at refugee camp, credit: Reuters)

Merkel Plays For Time Over Brexit20160625

German Chancellor Merkel says the EU has "no need to be nasty" in negotiations, Russian air strikes target Aleppo rebels

(Photo: The British flag hangs next EU flag. Credit: Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Merkel Refuses To Abandon Refugee Policy20160728

Angela Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal after attacks; respite plan for Aleppo civilians; Indian novelist and activist remembered.

(Photo: Mrs Merkel at G7 summit 8 June 2016. Credit: Getty)

Merkel Says Eu In 'critical Situation'20160916

The German chancellor's comments come as EU leaders meet in Slovakia, Author of report into doping in Russian sports has sharply criticised the IOC, 'Saris not skirts' dispute in Sri Lanka

(Photo: The German chancellor, Angela Merkel. Credit: AFP.)

Merkel To Seek 4th Term20161120

German Chancellor confirms she'll run in next year's election, Voters in France choose presidential candidate, Race to find survivors from India's train crash

(Picture: Merkel confirming that she'll run for a 4th term. Credit: Getty)

Merkel: 'no Need To Be Nasty!'20160626

German Chancellor's stance on UK's exit; other EU ministers say UK must hurry up; Brexit camp wants to take its time

(Photo: Angela Merkel at news conference in Potsdam, Germany. Credit: AFP/Getty)

German Chancellor's stance on UK's exit; other EU ministers say UK must hurry up

Mexican Footballer Freed20160530

Alan Pulido rescued hours after kidnapping, Chad ex-president guilty, Elton John performs in Moscow

( Picture: Footballer Alan Pulido with Tamaulipas State Governor Egidio Torre Cantu after his rescue in Ciudad Victoria. Credit: REU)

Mexico Prepares For 'strongest Ever Storm'20151023

Forty-three killed in French road accident, South African students' angry protest over fees, naming a species by auction

(Photo: Hurricane Patricia approaches SW Mexico. Credit: AP)

Mexico To Extradite 'el Chapo'20160110

Clashes at Cologne protest, French mosques hold open day, Russian doctor investigated over fatal punch

(Photo: 'El Chapo' arrested. Credit: Reuters)

Clashes at Cologne protest, French mosques hold open day

Mexico: Hurricane Alert20151023

US: Carter on Iraq raid; S Africa: Zuma on uni. fees; Moth name auction

(Picture: Reuters - The city"s historic boardwalk, as Hurricane Patricia approaches the resort of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Mice Respond To Anti-ageing Treatment20160205

Experiments on mice show an increased lifespan of 35%, Colombia peace plan, Mexican actress to testify over her links with the imprisoned drug baron El Chapo.

(Photo:The mouse on the left is damaged by accelerated ageing, and the healthy mouse on right has benefitted from anti-ageing treatment. Credit: Mayo/Clinic PA Wire)

Experiments on mice show an increased lifespan of 35 percent, Mexican actress to testify

Migrant Chaos At Croatia-serbia Border20150917

Coup in Burkina Faso, US interest rate decision, USSR was "worried" about women in space

(Photo: Migrants at Croatia-Serbia border / Lyse Doucet)

Migrant Chaos At Serbian/croatian Border20150917

FIFA suspension, Fed keeps interest rate on hold, General Motors settlement

(Photo: Refugees near Croatian/Serbian border / Lyse Doucet)

Migrant Crisis: Hungary And Croatia Squabble20150919

Burkina Faso violence, Nepal bans surrogacy, Meccano world record

(Photo: Migrants at Croatia Hungary border / BBC's Ron Brown)

Migrant Truck: Between 20 And 50 Feared Dead20150827

Obama in New Orleans for Katrina anniversary, More die of Mers in Saudi Arabia, UEFA Champions League draw

(Photo: The truck containing bodies is towed and escorted by police, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Migrants Blocked At Hungary-serbia Border20150915

Saudi crane collapse company banned, Turkey media under attack, Bridge cheat claims

(PHOTO: Helicopter over sealed Hungary-Serbia border. CREDIT: EPA)

Migrants Break Croatian Police Lines20150917

Chile earthquake aftermath, Burkina Faso coup, USSR 'worried' about women in space

(Photo: Migrants force their way through police lines at Tovarnik station to board a train bound for Zagreb, Credit: Getty Images)

Migrants Break Through Macedonia Border20160314

Migrants evade Greek border controls crossing river, Turkey bombs Kurdish targets in N Iraq, hiker finds Roman coin in Israel, composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies dies.

(Photo: Migrants cross a river after leaving the Idomeni refugee camp in Greece. Credit: Getty)

Migrants Camp Outside Budapest Station20150902

Hundreds die in street violence in El Salvador, US clerk defies gay marriage order, polar bears beseige Arctic meteorologists

(Photo: Migrants spend night in the transit zone near Keleti station, Credit: Getty Images)

El Salvador street violence, US clerk defies gay marriage order, Arctic polar bear seige

Migrants Held At Balkan Border Crossings20151019

Chinese leader's UK state visit, Canadians choosing new prime minister, bad air in Indonesia

(Photo: Migrants at Croatia/Slovenia border, credit: AP)

Migrants In Hungary Begin Long Walk20150904

US President and Saudi King meet, Nigeria's leader Muhammadu Buhari reveals assets, the Alps as ashtray

(PHOTO: Hundreds of migrants in Hungary march to Austrian border after railway authorities blocked them from boarding trains to Austria and Germany. CREDIT: Getty Images)

Migrants Moved On As Nations Squabble20150918

Japanese military can fight abroad, US eases Cuba restrictions, Pope takes in refugees

(Photo: Migrants cross Croatia-Slovenia border, credit: Reuters)

Migrants On Hungary Train Remain Defiant20150904

US gay marriage clerk jailed, Trump pledge to Republicans, Egypt belly dancers sentenced

(Photo:Migrants stuck in Hungary, credit: EPA)

Migrants Refuse To Leave Hungary Train20150903

Kentucky gay marriage clerk jailed, Trump pledge to Republicans, 19 killed in Cameroon

(Photo: Migrants in camp near Budapest, credit: EPA)

Migrants Rush Macedonian Border20150822

Italians search for 3000 migrants at sea, France train gunman detained, UK plane crash

(PHOTO: Migrant trying to avoid Macedonian policeman on the Greek border. Credit: Getty Images.)

Migrants Stranded At Balkan Borders20151019

Arm mole count 'predicts skin cancer risk', Typhoon Koppu, anger over KFC shark attack ad

(Photo: A child is lifted over a fence by Slovenian policemen as migrants attempt to cross the border near Trnovec)

(Credit: Reuters)

Migrants Stranded In Budapest20150901

Police seal off Budapest station, Pope ruling on abortion, oldest Beverley sister dies

Photo: Keleti station, Budapest; credit: Reuters

Migrants Tear-gassed By Hungarian Authorities20150917

Education in Syria, Elton Putin hoax, Caffeine body clock effect

(PHOTO: After clashes with Hungarian police, an injured migrant talks to a Serbian policeman in Horgos, Serbia. CREDIT: Getty Images.)

Migrants Tear-gassed By Hungarian Police20150916

Hungarian police use tear-gas on migrants at border with Serbia, UN issues report on Sri Lanka war crimes, Will the world's two largest breweries merge ? (Photo: Migrants at Hungary-Serbia border. Credit: Getty)

Migrants To Start Returning To Turkey20160404

Migrants whose EU asylum claims are refused may have to return to Turkey from today.

Migrants whose EU asylum claims are refused may have to return to Turkey from today, Fresh corruption claims against FIFA in Panama, Ten Years wins best picture at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

(Photo: Refugees and migrants wait to disembark a Greek Coast Guard vessel at the port of Mytilene on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Photo: REUTERS/Giorgos Moutafis)

Migrants Turned Away At Hungary-serbia Border20150915

Migrants stranded at Hungary-Serbia border, Mugabe reads 'wrong speech' in parliament, Elton John speaks to Putin about gay rights in Russia.

(Photo: Migrant on Serbian side of border. Credit: Getty Images)

Migration In The Spotlight20160119

Supreme Court to rule on Obama migration policies, stillbirths in Africa, Chinese inflence in Middle East

(Photo: Migrants waiting for US entry documents. Credit: AP)

Military Coup Attempt In Turkey20160715

An army group in Turkey says it has taken over the country, with soldiers at strategic points in Istanbul and jets flying low in the capital, Ankara. President Erdogan says he is still in charge and the group will not succeed.

(Photo: Turkish soldiers secure Istanbul"s Taksim square. Credit: Associated Press)

Military Officers Charged In Turkey20160720

99 generals and admirals charged after thwarted coup, Russia goes ahead with Olympics preparation, Vietnamese art exhibition cancelled after all works proved to be fake

(Photo: Turkish soldiers on parade. Credit: AP/Petros Karadjiias)

Millions Of Linkedin Ids 'for Sale'20160518

A hacker is advertising what he says is more than one hundred million LinkedIn logins for sale, Thousands march in Venezuela in a protest against President Nicolas Maduro, What A.I. can learn from subway train passengers.

(Photo: LinkedIn logo Credit:Reuters.)

Mines In Space20160203

Luxembourg's ambitious plans to mine asteroids, Siege broken near Aleppo, British Prime Minister attempts to sell EU deal to his party (PHOTO: 2011 image of the Asteroid Vesta, released by NASA/JPL, was captured by the Dawn spacecraft at a distance of 3,200 miles. CREDIT: AP)

Missile Confirmed To Have Downed Mh1720151013

Middle East violence, Jamaican wins Booker prize, panda joy in Toronto

(Photo: wreckage of MH17 plane. Credit:EPA)

Missing Egyptair Plane: 'wreckage Found'20160519

Egyptian officials say wreckage of an EgyptAir flight has been found near a Greek island; freed Chibok girl meets Nigerian leader; Miro auction

(Photo: Still of a video of EgyptAir Airbus A320 SU-GCC. Credit: Reuters )

Missing Egyptian Plane: Terrorism Suspected20160519

Terrorism more likely than 'technical failure', says Egypt, Freed Chibok girl meets Nigerian leader, Evidence of ancient mega tsunamis on Mars

(Photo: Actual photo of EgyptAir Airbus A320 that has gone missing while flying from Paris to Cairo. Credit: AP/Kevin Cleynhens)

Missing Japanese Boy Found Alive20160603

7-year old Yamato Tanooka found in military training base, Paris river 'to peak at six metres', migrant boat rescue underway off Crete

(Photo: Yamato Tanooka, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Mission To Europa20160419

European scientists set their eyes on Europa; Airstrikes in Syria kill 40 at market; NY Primaries: Will the city deliver for Clinton and Trump?

(Photo: Jupiter's moon, Europa Credit: AP Photo/NASA/JPL/CALTECH)

Mistrial In Freddie Gray Case20151217

US Fed raises interest rates, Italian Masonic leader dies, Brazilian football chief denies corruption

(Photo: Officer William Porter, standing trial over Freddie Gray's death, arrives in court in Baltimore. Credit: AP)

US Fed raises interest rates, Italian Masonic leader dies

Mixed Race Cadet Graduates With Highest Honours20160415

Kidane Cousland gains Sandhurst's top honours, Belgium's transport minister resigns, and 30,000 flee advancing Islamic State militants in northern Syria.

'monster' Found In Loch Ness20160413

Prop found as survey throws doubt on real monster, Bulgarian call not to mistreat migrants, Indian court bans premier league cricket matches in state hit by drought

(Photo: 1934 image which some claim is the Loch Ness Monster. Credit: AP)

Moon On The Move20160323

Study shows moon used to spin on different axis; Turkey confirms one of Belgian bomber brothers deported last year; Claims of state-sponsored doping among Russian swimmers

(Photo: A closer, brighter full moon dubbed a "supermoon" pictured over London. Credit: Emma Lynch)

More Fifa Indictments20151203

Full combat roles for US women soldiers; Syria government response to UK intervention; Seychelles voting across 115 islands

(Photo: FIFA employee walks past headquarters in Zurich. Credit: AFP/Gettty )

More Migrant Deaths In Mediterranean20160526

Dozens of migrants feared drowned off Libyan coast, US media says Trump has secured Republican nomination, 7 people found guilty of deadly Kampala bombings

(Photo: Migrants aboard ship "Aquarius" after being rescued off Libya. Credit: AFP)

Moscow Refuses To Accept Litvinenko Judgement20160121

Iranian President criticises moves to bar reformists from elections, a new look for the French computer keyboard, and why the actor Leslie Nielsen is making headlines - five years after his death.

(Photo: Alexander Litvinenko. Credit: Getty Images)

Most Accurate Reconstruction Of A Dinosaur Ever Created20160915

Scientists reveal Psittacosaurus with parrot-like beak, Philippine leader 'killed man with Uzi', Ruffled feathers in Sierra Leone?

(Photo: Illustration of Psittacosaurus. Credit: Reuters.)

Most Russian Olympians To Compete Despite State Sponsored Doping Scandal.20160804

Majority of Russian Olympians cleared for Rio Games, despite drugs scandal. Trump's wife denies visa violation. Could archaeological find be legendary King Arthur's Palace?

(Pictures: Russian and Olympic flags at Sochi Closing Ceremony 2014. Credit: David Davis/Press Association)

Mother Fights Kangaroo To Save Daughter20160826

Mother wrestles kangaroo after attack; Syrians evacuate Daraya after four-year siege; three die in Canadian crossbow shooting

(Photo: Australian kangaroo. Credit: BBC)

Mourinho Sacked As Chelsea Manager20151217

IMF chief Lagarde to stand trial in France, Libya rivals sign peace deal, US pharma boss Shkreli arrested

(Photo: Former Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho. Credit: Afp/Getty)

Muhammad Ali Buried In Louisville20160610

Thousands of people took part in interfaith memorial service for Muhammad Ali in Louisville, Kentucky; Keiko Fujimori admits defeat in Peruvian presidential election; the hidden secret of Petra unearthed

(Photo: Ali coffin being carried. Credit: Reuters)

Murdered For Their Bones20160607

Attacks on albinos surge in Malawi; Hillary Clinton's nomination closer than ever; Doctor settles Chelsea dismissal case

(Photo: Edna Cedrick with her surviving albino son after his twin brother was snatched in Malawi. Credit: AP)

Myanmar Election Count Underway20151109

Counting votes in Myanmar, Taking on IS in Syria, airport security 'could be tightened', Croatia election.

(Photo: Supporters of Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party cheer outside the party headquarters in Yangon, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Counting votes in Myanmar, Taking on IS in Syria, airport security 'could be tightened'

Myanmar General Election20151108

Latest on Sinai plane crash, Burundi weapons deadline, JFK car plates sold for $100,000

(Photo: police guard a polling station in Yangon. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Nancy Reagan Dies At 9420160306

The former US First Lady, Nancy Reagan, whose husband Ronald served from 1981-89, has died at the age of ninety-four; Iran's richest businessman has been sentenced to death for corruption; African nation of Benin chooses a new new president

(Photo: Nancy Reagan, credit: Reuters)

Nasa Evidence Suggests Liquid Water On Mars20150928

President Obama calls for compromise to end Syria conflict, VW fallout continues, the search for Queen Nefertiti's tomb

(Photo: Streaks showing liquid water on Mars. Credit: NASA)

Nato Condemns Russia's Incursions Into Turkish Airspace20151005

US says Afghans 'called in' clinic strike, Snowden says GCHQ can control smartphones, violence in Rio de Janeiro

(Photo: Russian jet taxiing at Syrian air base. Credit: Reuters.)

Nato Warning For Russia Over Syria Raids20151005

US says Kunduz raid requested by Afghans, Chile and US create marine sanctuaries, journey of a plastic bag.

(Photo: Russian air raid in Syria. Credit: EPA)

Nepal Government Accused Of Sitting On Earthquake Aid Money20160425

Aid agencies say hardly any reconstruction has taken place; Obama calls Europe complacent about defence; Cairo anti-government protest

(CREDIT: A woman tries to rebuild a house a year after the 2015 earthquakes in Bhaktapur

PHOTO: Reuters/Navesh Chitrakar)

Netanyahu says Kerry's Speech 'Skewed Against Israel'20161228

Netanyahu says Kerry's Speech 'Skewed Against Israel'20161228

Israeli PM accuses Kerry of paying only 'lip service' to Palestinian violence; German police detain Tunisian suspect over Berlin lorry attack; murder detectives sought Amazon Echo data

(Photo: Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu in New York. Credit: Reuters)

New Arrest In Brussels Over Attacks20160325

Police shoot suspect in Schaerbeek district of Brussels, UK-made bomb 'hit Yemen factory', Rolling Stones prepare to play concert in Cuba

(Photo:Police forces stand next to bomb squad unit robot in Brussels. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

New Attacks In Jerusalem Despite Tightened Security20151015

Turkey names Ankara bombers, Pope apology for Vatican scandals, remarkable fossil find in Spain

(Photo: Soldiers at attack point in Jerusalem, credit: AFP/Getty)

Turkey names Ankara bombers, Pope apology for Vatican scandals

New British Prime Minister20160711

Theresa May 'honoured' to be Conservative leader; latest on South Sudan violence; Cristiano Ronaldo shows off Euro 2016 trophy in Lisbon

(Photo: Theresa May outside Houses of Parliament. Credit: Getty Images)

New Claims From Blatter20151028

Republican debate, BBC gay priest interview, new Rosetta discovery

(Photo: Sepp Blatter. Credit: PA)

New Dawn For World Climate?20151213

Global reaction to landmark deal in Paris, new push to end Libya civil war

Global reaction to landmark deal in Paris, big push to end Libya civil war, will far-right triumph in French regional polls? (Photo: Sunrise over Gulf Islands. Credit: 1999 Eyewire Inc)

New Doping Allegations In Sport20160403

The Sunday Times claims doctor supplies athletes with performance enhancing drugs

A Sunday Times newspaper investigation claims doctor supplies athletes with performing enhancing drugs which he denies, Fighting continues in Nagorno-Karabakh, Alawite leaders in Syria distance themselves from President Bashar al-Assad's government.

(Photo: A urine sample being tested for drugs at Drug Control Centre at King's College London. Photo: Press Association)

New Draft Climate Deal Published20151209

Details emerge about San Bernadino couple, Assad regains control of Homs, first US penis transplant

(Photo: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius meets US Secretary of State John Kerry at the COP 21 United Nations conference on climate change at Le Bourget, on the outskirts of Paris. Credit: AFP / Getty)

New Earthquake Rocks Southern Japan20160415

Much damage after Kumamoto city struck by a more powerful earthquake, Impeachment debate in Brazil, Two ship wrecks lying in an English naval base are First World War German destroyers.

(Photo: Evacuated Japanese residents at a park in Kumamoto city. Credit: AFP/Getty)

New Fighting Rocks Syria's Second City20160429

Deadly fighting has resumed in Syria's second city of Aleppo after a brief lull overnight, South Africa corruption case blow for Zuma, Secret of youth gene

(Photo: Syrians rescue an injured man in Aleppo. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.)

New Libyan Pm Arrives In Tripoli20160330

Libya's UN-backed Prime Minister has arrived in the country in defiance of a blockade; Colombian government to open peace talks with second-largest rebel group ELN; The Nazi officer who worked for the Israeli secret service

(Photo: Libyan PM greeted at arrival, credit: AFP/Getty)

New Look For French Keyboard?20160122

Key suspect in murder of Alexander Litvinenko denies involvement, Afghan leader says Islamic State is not a threat in his country, Mosul dam risks collapse

Key suspect in Litvinenko murder denies involvement, Mosul dam risks collapse

'new Phase' In Russia Turkey Relations20160809

Moscow and Ankara talk of closer ties, Pakistani lawyers strike to mourn Quetta bomb victims, Saudi coalition launches airstrikes on Yemen, private unmanned mission to moon

(Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin greets Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during their meeting in Konstantin Palace, St Petersburg. Credit: Getty)

New Powers To Prevent Volkswagen Scandal20160127

EU berates Greece for neglecting borders, European countries take on multinationals over tax; largest solar system discovery

(Photo: Logo of Volkswagen at car Show in Frankfurt, Germany. Credit: AP )

New President Say's He'll Restore Fifa's Reputation20160226

Fifa's new president, Gianni Infantino outlines a way forward for world football's governing body, upsurge in fighting ahead of Syrian cessation of hostilities, Iranians go to the polls for the first time since nuclear deal.

(Photo: Gianni Infantino Credit: EPA)

New Role For Aung San Suu Kyi20160405

, Iceland's Prime Minister faces calls to resign, and the English village for sale.

(Photo: Aung San Suu Kyi in Parliament. Credit: Associated Press)

New Tensions In Burkina Faso20150921

Burkina Faso army moves on capital to disarm presidential guard, Report on IS defectors, Can happiness be taught ? (Photo: Demonstrators in Ouagadougou. Credit: Getty Images)

New Test In Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance20160121

Key suspect in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko denies any involvement, an assessment of the threat posed by Islamic State in Afghanistan, one of fashion's most influential figures throws in the towel (Photo: blood tests at Duke University. Credit: Duke University, North Carolina)

New Theories On Russian Plane Crash20151102

Turkey's leaders reject election criticism ; Iran says it is implementing nuclear deal

(Photo: Wreckage of Russian MetroJet Airbus A321 at site of the crash in Sinai, Egypt. Credit: EPA)

New Therapy Could Revolutionise Cancer Treatment20160216

T-cells could be the vital ingredient in cancer treatment; Ukrainian government faces vote of no confidence; German investigators say human failure caused fatal train crash.

(Credit: AP Photo/Jayanta Saha)

New Video Of Brussels Airport Suspect20160407

Belgian prosecutors release new footage of the key surviving Brussels airport attack suspect, Human Rights Watch says residents trapped in the besieged Iraqi city of Fallujah are starving, A team of scientists from Oxford University has set up a network of penguin-monitoring cameras in Antarctica called PenguinWatch to study their behaviour and habits

( Brussels airport attack suspect Credit: Brussels police.)

New Wave Of Russian Airstrikes In Syria20151009

Did Saudi employers cut off Indian maid's arm ?, Scottish Ebola victim readmitted to hospital, Tunisian groups win Nobel Peace Prize (Photo: Russian Air Force photo of airstrike on target in Syria. Credit: REUTERS)

New Winnie-the-pooh Character Unveiled20160919

New book, The Best Bear In All The World, featuring Penguin marks Pooh's 90th anniversary

New book, The Best Bear In All The World, featuring Penguin is published to mark Pooh's 90th anniversary; Putin-backed party heading for victory in Russia election; Close of the Rio Paralympic Games.

(Photo: Undated photograph issued by Egmont Publishing of A.A. Milne (right) and Christopher Robin Milne playing with a toy penguin as a new Winnie-the-Pooh character, inspired by the picture, is unveiled. Credit: Press Association)

New Year Travel Chaos In China20160202

Fifty thousand people trying to get home for Chinese New Year stranded in Guangzhou, EU referendum in Britain could be within months, Pentagon steps up spending in Europe (PHOTO: Stranded passengers wait outside the Guangzhou Railway Station after trains were delayed as they prepare going back to their hometown ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year, in Guangzhou. Credit: AP)

New York Bomb Suspect Held After Shooting20160919

Ahmed Khan Rahami arrested after shootout with police, Syrian Army says truce is over, is marriage no longer fashionable in China ? (Photo: Police outside the home of Ahmed Khan Rahami in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Credit: AFP/Getty/Jewel Samad)

New Yorkers Vote In Presidential Primaries20160419

New York buzzes with state primary elections, whose results are being seen as key to the selection of nominees for the White House in November - candidates are playing up their New York Connections, Civilians targeted in Kabul blast, Divers discover historic dress in shipwreck.

(PHOTO: man prepares polling station in Chappaqua New York;

CREDIT: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AFP/Getty Images.)

Nice Attack Suspect 'had Accomplices'20160721

French police say the Nice lorry attacker Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel received logistical support from five suspects, 10 people arrested in Brazil suspected of discussing possible acts of terrorism, new map doubles number of brain areas

(Photo: French municipal police patrol in Nice. Credit: Reuters.)

Nigel Farage Resigns20160704

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, resigns, saying he has achieved his political ambition. Iraq begins three days of national mourning after the deady bomb attack. Israeli PM in Entebbe for hostage-rescue anniversary.

(Photo: Nigel Farage announces his resignation, Credit: AFP)

Nigeria: Kidnapped Chibok Schoolgirl Found20160518

One of the girls taken by Boko Haram saved, Protests in Venezuela as crisis deepens, World's largest cruise ship

(Photo: Some of the 219 Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram. Credit: AP)

Nigeria's Buhari: No Apology Needed20160511

President Buhari tells UK to return 'stolen money', Baghdad bomb dozens dead, Brazil Senate impeachment vote

(Photo: President Buhari Credit: Bertrand Guay AFP/Getty

Ninth Planet 'discovered'20160120

Interview with Konstantin Batygin one of the scientists from Caltech who discovered the giant planet. Hottest year ever. What constitutes a bad password?

( Photo: Artists impression of a new planet. Credit PPARC/PA )

No Full Eu Deal On Migrants20150915

Australia's fourth PM in two years, Dutch megawave, Traffic jam music

(Photo: Protesters seeking better treatment of migrants outside Brussels EU Council building. Credit: AP)

No Rio Olympics Blanket Ban For Russia20160724

The International Olympic Committee sets strict conditions on Russian participation at Rio, German authorities say Munich gunman had planned his attack for a year, Turkish opposition and government supporters join pro-democracy rally

(Photo: View of Olympic and Paralympic Village for 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Credit: Getty Images)

'no Sign' Prince's Death Was Suicide20160422

Sheriff says no indication of trauma on singer's body, Stay in EU says Obama, Nations sign historic Paris climate deal

(Photo: Prince fan attaches flowers to a memorial wall outside Paisley Park in Minneapolis. Credit: AFP/ Getty)

North Korea Claims Fifth Nuclear Test20160909

World leaders condemn North Korea's 'biggest' nuclear test; French Alps cable cars tourists rescued, statins benefits 'underestimated'

(Photo: North Koreans in Pyongyang walk past a huge screen broadcasting the announcement of the nuclear test. Credit: Reuters)

North Korea Holds First Party Congress In Decades20160506

Kim Jong-un cements his status as leader, thousands airlifted from Canada wildfires, Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli, to sing for Leicester City fans.

(Photo: Delegates applaud during the congress in Pyongyang, North Korea, Credit: KRT via AP)

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Into Sea20160318

A medium-range missile launched; female animals look drab for a reason

A medium-range missile launched; EU migrant proposal agreed; female animals look drab to stop harrassment

(Photo: A multiple launch rocket system is test fired in this undated photo released by KCNA on 4th March. Credit REU)

North Korean Vice Premier "executed"20160831

South Korea says the North Korean vice premier Kim Yong-jin has been executed after he was apparently slouching in his chair during a meeting of parliament. Officials in Seoul said he was shot by firing squad.

(PHOTO: A man in Seoul watches a TV screen showing library footage of Kim Yong Jin encircled sitting next to the leader Kim Jong Un,

CREDIT: AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Norwegian Court Upholds Claim Of Inhuman Treatment By Breivik20160420

who killed seventy seven people. He'd claimed that his being held in solitary confinement was a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, The Indian government says as much as a quarter of the country's population is affected by water shortages, British Comedian Victoria Wood dies

(PHOTO: A cell at Skien Prison near Oslo where Breivik is held

CREDIT: Reuters/Cornelius Poppw/NTB Scampix)

Oas To Discuss Venezuela's Political Crisis20160531

OAS head Luis Almagro accuses Venezuela's President Maduro of undermining democracy, US warns of Europe terror threat, ex-Miss Turkey guilty of insulting President Erdogan

(Photo: File picture of the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro Credit: AFP/Getty)

Obama and Abe Pay Tribute at Pearl Harbor20161228

Obama and Abe Pay Tribute at Pearl Harbor20161228

President Obama and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe honoured victims of the 1941 attack; Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher dies; former Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner faces corruption charges

(Photo: Obama and Abe at the USS Arizona Memorial, built over the remains of the sunken battleship USS Arizona. Credit: Reuters).

Obama Condemned By Leave Campaign20160422

Obama urges Britons to stay in EU, German carmakers recall 630,000 vehicles across Europe, It 'could be weeks' before cause of Prince's death is known.

(Photo: President Obama visits London. Credit: Getty Images)

Obama Condemns Latest Killing Of Police Officers20160718

President Obama appeals for unity after 3 police officers are killed in Baton Rouge

President Obama appeals for unity after 3 police officers are killed by a gunman in Baton Rouge; Killer driver sent picture of himself on Nice promenade on fatal day, says brother; Thousands attend funerals in Turkey for those killed in the attempted coup

(Photo: President Obama after Baton Rouge killings, credit: Reuters)

Obama Hails Iran Deal As Triumph20160117

Missing Hong Kong bookseller seen in China, Lord Coe admits IAAF has lost public trust, Pope Francis visits synagogue

(Photo: Obama at lectern, credit: EPA

Obama Havana Visit20160320

First sitting US president visit to Cuba in 90 years, Tourists killed in Istanbul bomb attack

(PHOTO: Tourist poses with poster of Cuban and US Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama in Havana. CREDIT: AFP/Getty Images)

First sitting US president visit to Cuba in 90 years, Istanbul bomb attack

Obama Lands In Cuba20160321

Barack Obama becomes the first US president to make an official trip to Cuba in eighty-eight years; main Paris suspect planned further attacks, says Belgian foreign minister; could Boaty Mcboatface become the name of Britain's new polar research ship?

(Photo: Obama greeted by Cuban FM, credit: AP)

Barack Obama becomes the first US president since 1928 to make an official trip to Cuba

Obama Makes Controversial Nomination To Supreme Court20160316

Liberal judge is nominated by President, FIFA alleges corruption by its own officials, Mumbai's dance-bars to reopen after 11 years, how Islamic art inspired scientific breakthrough

(Photo: President Obama and Judge Merrick Garland. Credit: Getty Images)

Obama Mourns Oregon Shooting Victims20151002

Russia justifies more Syria airstrikes; Taliban retreat in Kunduz

(Photo: Bullet casing at scene of shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, USA. Creidt AP)

Obama Orders Review Of Cyber Attacks20161209

President Obama orders US intelligence agencies to probe all alleged foreign intervention in the presidential election, More than 1000 Russian athletes accused of cheating at doping tests; Japan tests magnetic space junk remover

(Photo: Polling station at US election, credit: AP)

Obama Outlines New Guns Controls20160105

Venezuela swears in new parliament; British PM allows free vote on EU; Mystery surrounds missing HK bookseller

Photo: Barack Obama outlines the steps his administration is taking to reduce gun violence; Photo credit: Associated Press

Obama Praise For Iran Nuclear Deal20160118

US Democrats' last debate before Iowa vote, Missing HK book seller seen in China, Pope Francis visits synagogue

(Photo:Obama speaking, credit: AFP)

US Democrats' last debate before Iowa vote, Missing HK book seller seen in China

Obama Prepares For Historic Hiroshima Visit20160526

Trump wins nomination backing, refugees from Boko Haram seek shelter in Niger, Roald Dahl dictionary

(Picture: The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe greet US President Barack Obama as he prepares for his visit to Hiroshima. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Obama Rejects Keystone Oil Pipeline20151106

Russia suspends Egypt flights, Myanmar prepares for election, Batmobile designer dies

(Photo: Keystone Steele City pumping station, Nebraska. Credit: AP)

Obama Says Americans Will Not Be Terrorised20151205

Paris climate change draft presented, Azeri oil platform fire, Two million year-old peaches

(Photo: Makeshift memorial to 14 killed in San Bernardino, California. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Obama Says Trump Is Unfit To Be President20160802

Obama attacks Trump's criticism of Muslim veteran's family; UN warning on South Sudan; 3000 migrants have died this year trying to reach Europe

(Photo: President Obama speaks to Disabled Veterans' Convention in Atlanta - 01/08/16. Credit: Reuters)

Obama Says Us Hitting Is Harder Than Ever20151214

Rwanda tribunal delivers final judgements, Merkel defends refugee policy, Star Wars - the force is coming

(President Obama at the Pentagon. Credit: EPA.)

Obama To Address Nation20151207

Far right gains in French polls, Venezuela vote extended, flooding in northern England

(Photo: FBI photo of Tashfeen Malik and husband Syed Farook who both died in a shootout with police in San Bernardino, California in which 14 people died. Credit: AP)

Obama To Nominate Supreme Court Justice20160217

President Obama rejects Republican calls to leave the nomination of new Supreme Court justice to his successor; US and Cuba agree to resume commercial flights; Pope Francis visits Mexican region worst affected by drug-related violence

(Photo: US Supreme Court with flag at half mast. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Obama rejects calls to leave nomination of new Supreme Court justice to his successor

Obama Unveils Gun Restrictions20160105

Women assaulted in Cologne, Trump's campaign video row, Migrants drown in Aegean, School boy cricket record, Robert Stigwood's life.

(Photo: Handgun.

Credit: AP)

Obama Urges Us To 'reject Despair'20160712

President Obama spoke at a memorial service in Dallas for five killed police officers; Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton; 20 killed in train crash in southern Italy

(Photo: Obama and others holding hands at memorial service, credit: Reuters)

Obama Warns Against Campaign Anger20160313

President Obama warns White House contenders to avoid raising tensions, Syria foes wrangle ahead of peace talks, German election test for Angela Merkel

(Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at a Democratic National Convention event in Dallas. Credit: Getty Images)

Obama tells US candidates: 'stop insults', Syrian government 'red lines', German election

Obama: End Inaction On Gun Control20160105

Venezuela opposition-led Assembly sworn in, questions over IS video suspect, Robert Stigwood remembered

(Photo: President Obama wipes away tears from his eyes as he speaks about the impact of gun violence. Credit: AP)

Obama: Hiroshima Memory Must Not Fade20160527

Obama becomes first serving US president to visit Hiroshima, N Korea 'could be linked to bank heists', Mourinho confirmed as Manchester United manager

(Photo: US Presdent Barack Obama talks to 91-year-old Hiroshima bomb survivor Sunao Tsuboi, Credit: EPA)

Obama: Paris Climate Talks Could Be 'turning-point'20151130

Turkish-Russian tensions continue, Indian national anthem triggers angry debate, N. Ireland abortion law 'breaches human rights' (Photo: Barack Obama flanked by Narendra Modi and Francois Hollande. Credit: Reuters)

Obama: Us Stepping Up Fight Against Is20151214

Chinese expansion on Spratly Islands, South African markets rally, final judgements of Rwanda court

(Photo: Obama at Pentagon, credit: EPA)

Obama's Final State Of The Union Address20160112

China Gay App purchase / Syrian woman appeal to UK women to stay put / Doctors' strike in England

( Photo: Obama at the White House in the hours before his final State of the Union Address: Credit AFP/Getty)

Olympic Gold And New World Record For Ethiopian Runner Almaz Ayana20160812

Ethiopian athlete sets new world record for 10,000 metres at Rio Olympics, Thailand boosts security after wave of deadly bombings, Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan stopped again at US airport (Photo: Ethiopian runner Almaz Ayana after wining 10,000 metres race at Rio. Credit: Getty Images/Shaun Botterill)

Olympic Torch Carried Through Rio20160805

Rio gets ready for Olympics opening ceremony, deadly market attack in India, China buys up yet another football team in the English Midlands

(Photo: Brazilian former volleyball player Isabel Barroso Salgado holds the Olympic flame at Christ The Redeemer Monument in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Credit: Getty Images)

One Person Brain-dead In French Drug Trial20160115

Al-Shabab claims attack on Somali AU base, Egyptian raids Mursi home village, an Englishman's walk in space

(Photo: French health minister, credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Online Game Goes Educational20161121

Minecraft for schools, Myanmar violence, Catholic priests can forgive abortion

(Photo: Children play the Minecraft video game. Credit: Bloomberg)

'only The Pope Can Sack Me!'20160207

Child abuse victims' advocate denounces Vatican, Republican presidential hopefuls debate, Twitter's reported changes attacked.

(Photo: Pope Francis waves to crowd from St Peter's Basilica. Credit: Getty Images)

Child abuse victims' advocate denounces Vatican, Republican presidential hopefuls debate

Oregon Militia Stand-off Ends20160211

Last Oregon protesters surrender, gravitational waves discovery 'a milestone', Springsteen autobiography

(Photo: Soldiers patrol a roadblock near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Credit: AP)

Orlando Gay Nightclub Massacre20160612

Gun attack at a gay nightclub in Florida kills 50 people. Scores of people also injured in the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history.

(Photo: People stamp their painted hands in a banner made by the Chicago artist, Greg Marchuk, supporting the victims of the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, USA, 12 June 2016. Credit: EPA)

Orlando Killer 'visited Gay Club' Several Times20160614

Gunman, Omar Mateen, was a regular at the gay club; killing of French policeman was a 'terrorist act'; tight security for Euro 2016 matches.

(Photo: Orlando gunman, Omar Mateen. Credit: Reuters)

Orlando Shooting 911 Transcripts Released20160620

Gunman says 'I did the shooting' in police call, former VW boss under investigation, six die in Mexico protests, Nigeria floats currency

(Photo: The FBI gather in front of Pulse Nightclub at the mass shooting scene in Orlando. Credit: AP)

Oscar Pistorius Leaves Jail20151020

Migrants held at Croatia/Slovenia border, Chinese president visits UK, Philippines battles typhoon

(Photo: Pistorius leaves court in 2014, credit: Reuters)

Migrants held at Croatia/Slovenia border, Chinese president visits UK

Ouagadougou Waits For Army Arrival20150921

Israel and Russia co-operation ties in Syria, Apple hack attack, Concern over rugby hits

(PHOTO: Boy sits on a statue of lion in Tampouy neighbourhood of Ouagadougou. CREDIT: Getty Images.)

Pakistan Government Condemns Lahore Attack20160328

Pakistan police arrest several suspects, Facebook apologises for Lahore blunder, assessing the damage in Palmyra, Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets go on sale

(Photo: Police secure the scene of a suicide bomb attack in Lahore, Credit: EPA)

Pakistan Report On 'honour Killings'20160401

Pakistan's Human Rights Commission says 'more than 1100 women killed in 2016', Obama: world has 'measurably reduced' risk of terrorists obtaining nuclear weapons, British man explains why he posed for a selfie with alleged plane-hijacker

Photo: Pakistani film-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, whose latest film tackles 'honour killings'. Credit: Reuters

Pakistan: Kidnapped Son Of Governor Speaks About His Captivity20160517

Shahbaz Taseer was held for five years, Syria talks, Is Snapchat colourist?

(Photo: Shahbaz Taseer in Quetta, Pakistan in March. Credit: AP)

Palin Endorses Trump For President20160120

UN to help oversee Colombia peace, New matchfixing allegations in tennis

( Picture: Archive 2011 Sarah Palin and Donald Trump in New York. Credit: Getty Images)

UN to help oversee Colombia peace,

Palmyra Temple Of Bel Destruction Confirmed20150901

We speak to U N about Syria temple destruction, Hilary Clinton emails, Argentina disappeared child found, is your cat hot or not?

( Photo: Bel Temple, Palmyra, Syria. Credit: REUTERS/Sandra Auger )

U N satellite images show destruction, Hilary Clinton emails, Argentina disappeared

Panama Papers Reveal Extent Of Offshore Chinese Money Transfers20160406

Leaked documents reveal how China's elite use offshore banking to protect their wealth, EU outlines proposals to reform its asylum system in response to the migrant crisis, New technology creates a 3D printed painting - in the style of the Dutch master, Rembrandt.

(Photo: Hong Kong offices of Mossack Fonseca. Credit: EPA.)

Paraguay Floods20151226

Syrian rebel leader killed, Sydney yacht race

Syrian rebel leader killed, Sydney to Hobart yacht race

(Photo: Aftermath of floodings in Asuncion, Paraguay. Credit: EPA)

Parchment Throws Light On Mussolini's Regime20160831

An unearthed text shows how Italian dictator Mussolini wished to be seen, Trump in Mexico, Earliest life captured in squiggles

(Picture: Benito Mussolini, the Italian political leader and founder of the aggressively nationalist Fascist Party after World War One. Credit: AP)

Paris Attacker Shot Dead On Charlie Hebdo Anniversary20160107

Syria to allow aid to starving in Madaya, man who attacked a police station in Paris is shot dead, Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of attacking its embassy in Yemen. (Photo: armed police in Paris. Credit: EPA)

Paris Attacks Suspect Captured Alive20160318

Salah Abdeslam was injured in Brussels raid; EU and Turkey reach migrant deal; FIFA's new top level sponsor

(Photo: Salah Abdeslam seen on a wanted notice released by the French Police Credit: Reuters)

Paris Attacks Were 'co-ordinated'20151114

The chief prosecutor says three teams carried out the attacks in Paris and identifies one assailant.

(Photo: Chief Prosecutor Francois Molins. Credit: EPA)

Paris Attacks: Belgium Police Operation20151116

Hollande vows to destroy IS, G20 leaders pledge unity, Bataclan survivors

(Photo: Belgium special force officers prepare to enter a house in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean in Brussels. Credit: AFP/ Getty Images)

Paris In Mourning20151115

French prosecutor says attacks were coordinated, possible links with Belgium, and questions over French intelligence services

(Photo: People leave flowers and gather in front of the Carillon cafe in Paris. Credit: AP)

Attacks were 'coordinated', possible Belgium links, questions over intelligence services

Paris Police Raid In St Denis20151118

Hollande calls for anti-IS coalition, UK coal plants to close, FIFA appeals rejected

(Photo: Riot police stand guard as police forensics work outside the building in Saint-Denis, where French Police special forces raided an appartment. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Paris Raid: 'fate Of Suspected Mastermind Unknown'20151118

IS publishes 'Russia bomb photo', rise in Cuban migrants, pesticide resistant bees

(Photo: A member of the French judicial police inspects the apartment raided by French Police special forces in Saint-Denis, near Paris. Credit: Reuters)

Paris 'ringleader' Abaaoud Killed In Police Raid20151119

Nine people arrested in Brussels after Paris attacks, enormous diamond found in Botswana, why Turkish women are angry at Syrian migrant influx. (Photo: Suspected ringleader of Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Credit: AP)

Paris 'ringleader' Evaded Athens Police20151208

Outrage over Trump muslim remarks, oil price drops below $40, Mona Lisa mystery

(Photo: A picture taken from the Islamic State (IS) group online English-language magazine Dabiq, showing militant Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Credit: AFP / Getty)

Paris Suspect Abdeslam Captured In Brussels20160318

Main suspect in Paris terror attacks is arrested, EU and Turkey reach deal on migrants, FBI warns motorists about cars being cyber-hacked, anti-government protests in Brazil, escaped lion attacks elderly man in Nairobi

(Photo: Police during raid in Molenbeek district of Brussels. Credit: AP)

Paris Vigil20151121

US says Mali stand off over, Amazon's trees under threat, Mercury Music Prize

(Photo: People lay flowers near the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. Credit: EPA)

Paris-linked Is Chiefs 'died In Strikes'20151229

Iraqi PM visits Ramadi, US 'affluenza' teen held in Mexico, Auschwitz 'thieves' face trial

(Photo: People hold French flags in ceremony after Paris attacks, Credit; AP)

Partial Eu Deal On Refugees20150914

Files reveal Argentinian Falkland soldiers torture, Fifa probe at half time, Dying art of letter-writing.

(Photo: Wall of Welcome in Brussels as EU ministers discuss migrant crisis. Credit: Getty Images)

Passengers And Crew Rescued From Crashed Airliner At Dubai Airport20160803

All 300 people aboard Emirates Boeing 777 rescued safely, rifts deepen among US Republicans over Trump, Zimbabwe police use tear-gas and water-cannon against protestors, UK advertising boss suspended following 'sexist' comments

(Photo: Crashed Emirates airliner at Dubai International airport. Credit: AFP/Getty/Ahmed Ramzan)

Peace Talks On Syria Suspended20160203

UN says Syria peace talks suspended as neither government nor opposition are ready; Trump says Cruz "stole Iowa caucuses"; Luxembourg --to promote mineral mining in space

(Photo: Syrian negotiators, credit: EPA)

Pearl Harbor 75 Years On20161208

Victims and survivors remembered at special ceremony in Hawaii, dozens of civilians 'accidentally' killed in Iraqi airstrike, is schizophrenia a disorder of the immune system?

(Photo: Sailors stand among wrecked airplanes at Ford Island Naval Air Station as they watch the explosion of the USS Shaw in the background during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941. Credit: Associated Press)

Victims and survivors remembered at special ceremony in Hawaii

Pesticide Link To Wild Bee Decline20160816

Use of neonicotinoid insecticides blamed by long-term study; US reacts to Russian bomber base in Iran; Nazi gold train search; are classical music concerts too long?

(Photo: Bumble bee pollinating a flower as use of controversial pesticides are linked to declines in its population. Credit: Press Association)

Petrobas: Tycoon Sent To Jail20160308

Brazilian construction tycoon sentenced to 19 years in prison; Slovenia demands visas on border from midnight; Bangladesh Bank $110m stolen

(Photo: Marcelo Odebrecht, Credit: AFP)

Philando Castile: Another Black American Shot Dead By Police20160707

In Minnesota a woman films police killing her black boyfriend. It is the second police killing in 48 hours. A new German law redefines rape as sex without consent. And, painting cattle to deter lions.

(Photo: Philando Castile. Credit: Facebook)

Pinochet Era Officer Found Liable For Victor Jara's Murder20160627

The folk singer was killed in the opening days of the dictatorship of Gen Pinochet, Brexit: UK's credit rating downgraded, US Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion access law

(Photo Victor Jara. Credit: Associated Press)

Pioneering Genetic Therapy For Baby20151105

Curbs on Sharm travel widen, EU expecting migrant surge, Mafia trial in Rome

(Photo: Great Ormond Street/Reuters)

Pistorius Jail Release Delayed20150819

Germany's migrants, Bangkok bomber 'part of network', Ashley Madison hack update.

(Photo: Credit EPA)

Plane Crash-lands At Dubai Airport20160803

All 300 people on board evacuated safely, ANC popularity tested at SA polls, Republican splits grow over Trump, China elevated bus, and the world's tallest thinnest tower.

(Photo: The wreckage of the Emirates airlines Boeing 777 plane in Dubai airport after crash landing. Credit: EPA)

Platini Withdraws Fifa Presidency Bid20160108

Saudis deny strike on Iranian embassy, Polish government to control state media, Syria to allow aid into besieged town

(Photo: Archive picture of Michel Platini. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Saudis deny strike on Iranian embassy, Polish government to control state media

Poland Protests Against Anti-abortion Law20160409

Kerry in Kabul, Djibouti President wins fourth election, Austria to seize Hitler's house

(Photo: A protester in Poland holds coat hangers, a symbol of illegal, life threatening abortions. Credit: AP)

Poland Won't Extradite Polanski20151030

Syria 'peace effort', new Russian Gulag museum, one-child policy change affects shares

(Photo: Roman Polanski. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Police Arrest Gunman At Us Capitol20160328

Suspected gunman arrested following a shooting in Washington at the US Capitol; Former Brazilian president Lula says efforts to impeach his successor have no legal basis; Belgian police free suspect in last week's Brussels bombings owing to lack of evidence

(Photo: police guard near Capitol, credit: EPA)

Police Identify Attacker Responsible For Killings In Nice20160715

Children among at least 84 people killed in Nice, French President urges national unity, UNESCO lists ancient Iranian water-system as World heritage site

(Photo: Police forensic experts examine lorry used in attack in Nice. Credit: AP)

Police Move On China Protest Village20160913

- Wukan, Hungary calls for Luxembourg EU suspension, and polar wreck found

(Photo: Police "raid" on villager's home in Wukan. Credit: Supplied to the BBC by an unnamed villager, its veracity hasn't been determined)

Police Officers Shot Dead In Louisiana20160717

3 police officers killed in Baton Rouge; funerals of victims of Turkey's failed coup; China's pollution problem

(Photo: Police search for suspects after officers killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Credit: Reuters)

Police Seal Off Budapest Rail Station20150901

Google unveils new logo, second Bangkok bombing suspect held, football transfer deadline

(Photo: Hungarian police prevent migrants from entering the Keleti railway station, Credit: Getty Images)

Police Seek Motive For Shooting Of Singer20160612

Florida police probe shooting of Christina Grimmie / Post-match violence in Marseille / Swedish foreign minister warns of EU breakup

(Picture: Christina Grimmie performing at Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, Florida, Credit: AP)

Florida police probe shooting of Christina Grimmie / Post-match violence in Marseille

Polish Death Camp Controversy20160215

Outlawing the term "Polish death camps", US and UN condemn attacks on Syrian schools and hospitals, call for lasers to be classed as offensive weapons

(Photo: Candles burn behind barbed wire at the Auschwitz death camp, Oswiecim southern Poland. Credit: Associated Press)

Political Crisis In Venezuela20160517

President Maduro of Venezuela defiant; Kentucky and Oregon primaries; wildfire evacuations in Canada

(Photo: Venezuela president, Nicolas Maduro, at a news conference. Credit: EPA)

Political Fallout In Britain From Brexit Vote20160626

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faces open revolt following the Brexit vote - with the resignation of a string of shadow Ministers;

Asia expresses concern about the impact on the global economy -- as markets re-open ; Spaniards are voting in a second general election within six months to try and break the political logjam.

(Photo: Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home as shadow cabinet resignations continue. Photo: Getty Images)

Political Uncertainty In Italy20161205

The Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi has talks at the presidential palace in Rome to prevent political crisis, Opposition leader in The Gambia freed on bail, The very old monks of Glastonbury

(Photo: Matteo Renzi (centre) arrives at presidential palace in Rome. Credit:Reuters.)

Polls Close In Peru20160606

Peru's presidential run-off, Landmark cancer study, Renaissance masterpiece restored

Peru's presidential run-off too close to call, Landmark breast cancer study, Kenyan protesters warned over banned demo, and Renaissance masterpiece restored.

(Photo: A man casts his ballot in Peru's presidential election at a voting station in Lima, Peru, 5 June 2016. Credit: Reuters)

Pope Bids Mexico 'farewell'20160218

Pope Francis says Mass in shadow of drug wars; Ankara bomb kills 28

Pope Francis says Mass in shadow of drug wars, Ankara bomb kills 28, and did humans and Neanderthals have sex earlier than thought?

Pope Calls For Less Judgement And More Compassion20160408

The Pope suggests that church teachings should be interpreted according to the customs and culture of each country, A second boat load of migrants arrives in Turkey from Greece, How many people do you need to keep an eye on one person for a single day ?


(PHOTO: Pope Francis with Catholic faithful Credit: EPA)

Pope Consults On Women Deacons20160802

Catholic Church to consider women deacons; thousands attend French priest's funeral; remote island's plea for new teacher.

(Photo: pope blessing a woman watched by clergy. Credit AP)

Pope Francis Celebrates Mass In Poland20160728

Pope continues Poland visit, Aleppo 'exit corridors' to open, second French priest attacker named, and Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal.

(Photo: Huge crowds attend mass at Poland's holiest Catholic site, the Jasna Gora monastery. Credit: EPA)

Pope Francis Warns World Is At War.20160727

Pope says religion is not cause of war; murdered French priest remembered; Jupiter's Great Red Spot radiates intense heat.

(Photo: Pope Francis sitting in chair in Paul V1 Hall at Vatican on Sept 5 2015, Credit: Reuters)

Pope John Paul Ii: Just Friends?20160215

Pope's letters to married woman unearthed, Missile attacks destroy 3 Syrian hospitals, Plane hit by laser strike

(Photo: Pope John Paul II in St Peter's Square on 30/09/1998; Credit: Associated Press)

Pope Makes Abortion Pronouncement20161121

Pope Francis extends power of Catholic priests to forgive women who've had abortions, French police break up terrorist ring, Nigerian government hires 200 thousand students

(Picture: Pope Francis kissing a baby. Credit: Reuters)

Pope Prays At Auschwitz Camp20160729

Pope Francis offers silent prayer at former death camp, Clinton: 'US faces moment of reckoning', India Dalit couple hacked to death over 22 cents debt, Bowie Proms

(Photo: Pope Francis walks through a gate with the words "Arbeit macht frei" at Auschwitz. Credit: Reuters)

Pope Publishes Guidelines On Families20160408

Pope on families, More migrants returned to Turkey, Americon Idol's last show

(Photo: Pope Francis. Credit: EPA)

Pope Questions Donald Trump's Christianity20160218

Pope Francis criticises US presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Turkey blames Syrian Kurds for Ankara bombing, aid may soon be airdropped to besieged Syrians, Ugandans vote in presidential election

(Photo: Pope Francis addressing reporters on board a plane. Credit: Reuters)

Pope Questions Trump's Faith20160219

The unholy row over immigration, Britain's push to reform EU, new North Korea sanctions

The Pope's sharp criticism of Donald Trump's plans to build a wall along the Mexican border, Britain's push to reform the EU, US imposes new sanctions on North Korea

(Photo: Pope Francis gestures during a meeting with the media onboard the papal plane while en route to Rome. Credit: Reuters)

Possible Debris From Missing Malaysian Airliner Mh370 Found20160620

Campaigners have released photographs of personal effects washed up on a beach in Madagascar that could be from the missing Malaysian airliner MH370, FBI release transcripts of calls between police and the Orlando nightclub gunman, Poisonous lionfish spreading across the eastern Mediterranean

(Photo: Blaine Alain Gibson holding debris found on beach. Credit: EPA.)

Powers Meet To Push Syria Ceasefire Plan20151218

New EU border force 'by July', Rwandans vote on third Kagame term, Peake speaks from space station

(Photo: US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov sit with other ministers at the start a meeting on Syria in New York. Credit: Reuters)

Prayer Service Held For Muhammad Ali20160609

Prayers in champion boxer's home city, Uber fined by French court, Obama meets Bernie Sanders (Photo: Coffin of Muhammad Ali arrives for prayer service in Louisville, Kentucky. Credit: Reuters)

President Obama Calls For Transition From Assad Regime20150928

President Obama calls for compromise to end Syria conflict; VW fallout continues; water on Mars.

(Photo: United States President Barack Obama addresses the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Credit: AP)

President Obama To Visit Hiroshima20160510

Ex Pakistan PM's kidnapped son rescued in Afghanistan, Meghan Trainor video row

(Photo: The Japanese national flag flutters at half-mast in the foreground of the atomic bomb dome at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, in western Japan. Credit: Reuters)

President Obama: Expulsion of Russian Diplomats 'Necessary and Appropriate'20161230

President Obama: Expulsion of Russian Diplomats 'Necessary and Appropriate'20161230

Expulsion of Russian diplomats deemed a 'necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm US interests', Syrian ceasefire agreed by Syrian government and rebel factions has come into force, China open the worlds highest bridge

(Photo: President Obama at summit

Photo credit: Nur Photo/Getty Images)

President Obama: Expulsion of Russian Diplomats 'Necessary and Appropriate'20161230

Expulsion of Russian diplomats 'necessary and appropriate', Syrian ceasefire

President Trump Faces Republican Criticism20171025

Senators from within the President's own party launch stinging attacks

Senators from within the President's own party launch stinging attacks. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake said he would not seek re-election because he could not be "complicit" with the "reckless and undignified" behaviour in the White House. Also, a five day funeral ceremony begins for Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej who died in October 2016, and the French president wants to turn down the volume in nightclubs.

(Photo: Donald Trump waves after meeting with Republican Senators at their policy luncheon on Capitol Hill. Credit: Reuters)

President Zuma Rejects Resignation Demands Over Nkandla Scandal20160401

President Zuma says he will repay some of the public money spent on his rural home, Culpable homicide charges over Kolkata flyover collapse, World glut hits Chinese steel producers.

(PHOTO: A general view of the Nkandla rural home of South Africa's President Jacob Zuma. CREDIT: Reuters.)

Priest Killed In French Church Attack20160726

President Hollande says the two men who killed a priest in Rouen claimed allegiance to IS; divisions at the Democratic Party Convention; Amazon delivery drones

(Photo: French police officers and fire engines arrive at the scene of a hostage-taking at a church in Rouen, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Pro And Anti-migrant Rallies Across Europe20150913

New UK Labour leader 'will fight inequality', Turkey lifts curfew on Kurdish city, Elton wants Putin gay rights meeting

(Photo: Demonstrators hold placards during pro-refugee rally in central London, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Corbyn 'will fight inequality', Turkey lifts Cizre curfew, Elton gay rights plea to Putin

Probe Returns Closest Ever Jupiter Picture20160902

Nasa has released spectacular new images of Jupiter acquired by its Juno probe, The Uzbek, President, Islam Karimov, has died six days after he was taken to hospital, Stanford University sex attack swimmer freed from jail

Photo: Juno took this picture as it flew over the north pole. Credit: Nasa)

Progress Halted For National Front In France20151214

Last British detainee in Guantanamo speaks, another finance minister for South Africa.

(Photo: Marine Le Pen. Credit: AFP)

Prominent Is Figure 'killed In Syria'20160830

IS-affiliated media say Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was killed in Aleppo. Plus, Macron quits to clear way for French presidential bid, and White House says Apple ruling unfair.

(Photo: Adnani was mostly known for his calls for lone-wolf attacks in the West. Credit: DABIQ)

Prominent Uk Politician Switches From Brexit Campaign20160620

Baroness Warsi is a former chairman of Britain's governing Conservative Party. She accuses the anti-EU party, UKIP, of spreading hatred and xenophobia, new Rome mayor, World Refugee Day

(PHOTO: Baroness Warsi


Prosecutors Investigate Fifa Chief Blatter20150926

US and China agree cybercrime truce, Polio no longer endemic to Nigeria, UKIP hails united EU 'Out' campaign

(Photo: Blatter. Credit: Reuters)

US and China agree cybercrime truce, Polio no longer endemic to Nigeria

Protests After Death Of Pro-kurdish Lawyer20151128

Another mass grave found in Sinjar, Pope in Uganda, hidden Egyptian tomb?

(People in Istanbul protesting at the killing of lawyer Tahir Elci. Credit: AP)

Protests Against Cost Of Olympics20160805

As crowds gather for Rio opening, protests continue; Trump backtracks on Iran video; South Sudan 'agrees peacekeeping force'

(Photo: Rio residents protest against Olympics' cost. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Protests In Greece Ahead Of Tax Vote20160508

Thousands protest in Greece ahead of parliament vote on pension and tax reforms; Afghan oil tanker accident kills dozens; Syrian security forces surround prison after revolt

(Photo: Protesting Greeks in Athens, credit: AP)

Protests Over Shooting Of 2 African-american Men By Police20160707

Demonstrations after two killings by police, Theresa May ahead in Tory leadership race, Escobar's brother wants to 'check accuracy' of TV series

(Photo: Diamond Reynolds, girlfriend of Philando Castile, at protest in St. Paul, Minnesota. Credit: AP/Jim Mone)

Putin Accuses West Of 'double Game'20151022

US/Kurdish raid in Iraq, Hillary Clinton testifies at Congress, English votes for English laws

(Photo: President Putin at an event in Sochi. Credit: EPA)

'putin Corrupt' Says Us Treasury20160126

The US Treasury tells the BBC that Mr Putin pursued a policy of enriching his friends

Man who oversees sanctions in US Treasury tells the BBC president Putin pursued a policy of enriching his friends and marginalising opponents, several EU interior ministers say Greece should be isolated from Schengen if it fails to stem migrant flow, UN Security Council says it will monitor the ceasefire in Colombia between the government and FARC rebels

(Photo: Putin in the Kremlin, credit: AP)

Putin Fury After Russian Jet Shot Down20151124

Blast hits bus in Tunis, World Bank lends climate change funds, VW tax investigation

(PICTURE: Reuters - Russia's President Vladimir Putin discusses Moscow's response to one of its jets being shot down on the Turkish/Syrian border)

'putin Is Corrupt' Says Us Treasury20160125

US Treasury looks into Russian President's finances, WHO issues Zika virus alert across the Americas, US motor giant Ford is to close operations in Japan, British Antarctic explorer dies.

(Photo: President Putin. Credit:Rtr)

Putin Orders Surprise Syria Withdrawal20160314

Putin announces 'mission accomplished' in Syria, Mars probe dispatched on methane quest, dinosaur find is clue to T-Rex mystery

(Photo: Russian fighter jets on the tarmac at the Russian military base in the northwest of Syria, on February 16, 2016. Credit: Getty Images)

Putin says Syria Ceasefire Agreed20161229

Putin says Syria Ceasefire Agreed20161229

He described the agreements reached as "fragile". They've come about as a result of coordination between Russia, Turkey and Iran, More on the death of the Hollywood actress, Debbie Reynolds, Iraqi army Mosul advance

(Photo: Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with permanent members of Russia"s Security Council at the Kremlin in Moscow on December 28, 2016

credit: AFP PHOTO/Sputnik/Michael Klimentyev/Getty Images)

Putin Speaks About Panama Papers20160407

Putin dismisses as nonsense offshore companies apparently owned by close associates. Brussels attacks - who's the man in the hat, Gaming awards

(Picture: President Putin attends media forum of All-Russia People's Front in St. Petersburg. Picture REU)

Putin Takes Questions On Live Tv20160414

The Russian President answers viewers' questions on Syria, relations with Turkey, Ukraine and other topics, Germany passes integration law, the secret to successful dieting.

(PHOTO: Vladimir Putin stands next to TV presenter Valeria Korablyova during his marathon phone in.

CREDIT: Mikhail Klimentyev/Sputnik Kremlin Pool - photo via AP).

Putin Vows To Take Action On Doping20151111

Why do migrants want to leave Africa? Sweden to impose new border controls, Shelley's lost poem

(Photo: Putin in Sochi speaking on doping allegations in athletics. Credit: AP )

Putin Warning Over Downed Plane20151124

US and France stand together; Trials at the Vatican; Amazon founder claims rocket landing

(PICTURE: Reuters - A war plane crashing in flames in a mountainous area in northern Syria, after it was shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Turkish-Syrian border)

Putin Withdraws Most Troops From Syria20160314

President Vladimir Putin orders withdrawal of most of Russia's military forces from Syria, saying objectives were achieved;

Migrants break through Macedonian border; German chancellor Merkel to carry on regardless of regional election setback

(Photo: Putin and ministers, credit: AP)

Putin: We Will Hunt Down Metrojet Perpetrators20151117

France fugitive brother speaks, Hanover stadium evacuated, Charlie Sheen reveals he has HIV

(Photo: Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, attend a meeting on Russian air force's activity in Syria. Credit: Reuters)

Putin's 'framework To Fight Is'20150927

Pope pledges to protect children from abuse, Bangui in lockdown, red moon tonight

(Photo: President Vladimir Putin. Credit: Reuters )

Quake Rocks Afghanistan And Pakistan20151026

Processed meats do cause cancer - WHO, Five UK whale-watchers die in Canada, Chinese city loses fried rice record.

(Photo: An Afghan man digs through the rubble of a damaged building after a powerful earthquake.

Credit: AFP)

Queen Becomes Britain's Longest Serving Monarch20150909

EU announces refugee quota plan, Islamists seize key Syria airbase, understanding whale chatter

(Photo: Queen thanks wellwishers during the official opening of a Scottish railway line, Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Queen Invites May To Form Next British Government20160713

New PM says country faces 'time of great change'; Donald Trump calls for US judge who criticised him to resign; South Sudan death toll higher than estimates suggest, warns UN

(Photo: Theresa May meets Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. Credit: WPA Pool)

R2-d2 Star Kenny Baker Dies20160814

Russian whistle-blower athlete has password stolen, Venezuela-Colombia border reopens, Flooding in southern US

(Picture: Kenny Baker attends premiere in London Credit: PA Wire)

Russian whistle-blower athlete has password stolen, Venezuela-Colombia border reopens

Race To Find Ecuador Quake Survivors20160419

Aid agencies step up activities in Ecuador; Voting in New York; Oldest bottle message

(Photo: Firefighters remove a body recovered from a destroyed building felled by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake, in Portoviejo, Ecuador. Credit: AP Photo)

Radovan Karadzic Verdict Due20160324

Hague judgement on former Bosnian Serb leader awaited, Brussels bombs aftermath

Hague judgement on former Bosnian Serb leader awaited for 1990's genocide, Brussels bombs aftermath

(Photo: Combination photo of Radovan Karadzic taken before his arrest in 2008 and (R) attending a parliamentary session in February 1995. Credit: Reuters)

Rage Over Execution Of Shia Cleric20160103

Indian PM praises soldiers after attack, Al Shabab uses Trump to recruit, Charles talks about Prince's Trust

(photo: Demonstrator holding Nimr-al-Nimr picture, Credit: AFP/Getty)

Indian PM praises soldiers after attack, Al Shabab uses Trump to recruit

Rally For Missing Mexico Students20150927

Pope in Philadelphia, Everest attempt, Paris car free day

(Protestor in Mexico City. Credit: Getty Images)

Rare Tarantula Species Successfully Bred In Captivity.20160812

English Zoo becomes first in the world to successfully breed rare Montserrat tarantulas; US Department of Defence says its drones have killed the leader of the Islamic State group in Afghanistan and Pakistan, South Sudanese president says he will no longer cooperate with the United Nations following its decision to strengthen its peacekeeping force in the country.

(Photo: Adult Montserrat tarantula bred in captivity at Chester Zoo Credit: Chester Zoo/PA)

Reaction To Eu Apple Ruling20160830

European Commission rules that Ireland should recover up to 14.5bn dollars from Apple in back taxes, Funerals in Amatrice for earthquake victims, French economy minister Emmanuel Macron resigns

(Photo: Person standing in front of Apple logo. Credit: AFP.)

Reaction To Russia's 'withdrawal' From Syria20160315

Lyse Doucet's assessment on Russia's actions in Syria; latest on Brussels terror raid, Indiana Jones again

( Photo: Rebel fighters and civilians during a protest marking the fifth anniversary of the Syrian crisis in Aleppo. Credit: Reuters )

Reagan's Would-be Assassin Released20160911

The man who tried to kill US President Roland Reagan is released after 35 years in psychiatric hospital, at least 11 people have died in an earthquake in Tanzania, cautious welcome of US-Russia truce on Syria.

(Photo: John Hinckley Jr. arriving at U.S. District Court in Washington in 2003. Credit: AP)

The man who tried to kill Roland Reagan is released from psychiatric hospital

Rebels Withdraw From Old Aleppo20161207

Syrian rebels withdraw from old city and call for truce, Trump is Time's magazine Person of the Year and , the giant pandas who liked American food.

(Photo: Aleppo's old city and citadel. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Record Aid Pledge For Syrian Refugees20160204

Representatives of seventy nations promise ten billion dollars to help victims of the war in Syria, Rwanda denies training Burundi rebels, Morocco opens vast solar farm

(Photo: Syrian refugees stand outside their tents at a refugee camp in east Lebanon. Credit: AP)

Record Price For Mexican Work Of Art20160520

'Dance in Tehuantepec' by the Mexican artist, Diego Rivera sells for nearly $16 million, International search for Egyptian plane, White House shooting incident.

(Photo: Dance in Tehuantepec' in the Royal Academy of Arts on July 2, 2013 in London. Credit: Getty Images.)

Record Revenue For Apple20151028

Iran could attend Syria talks, China exam cheating penalties, sound waves 'move objects'

(Photo: Apple logo. Credit: Getty Images.)

Record Saudi Deficit20151229

Ramadi after its recapture, Good Riddance Day, Your favourite streamed Beatles song

( Photo: A Saudi employee fills the tank of his car. AFP/Getty Images )

Remembering Helmut Schmidt20151110

Cameron EU demands, 'Stunning' meningitis vaccine success, Suu Kyi predicts majority

(Photo: Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Credit: Getty Images)

Remembering Verdun 100 Years On20160529

Longest World War I battle centenary, India arrests over attacks on Africans, North Koreans 'forced' to work 200 days in a row, BBC Top Gear returns

(Photo: The French front line at Douaumont, Verdun, France, 25 February 1916. Credit: Getty Images)

Renovation Of Parliament Forcing Mps To Leave20160908

MPs are warning that the Palace of Westminster risks "crisis" and a growing chance of a "catastrophic event" without a $5bn restoration, Syrian government evacuates Damascus suburb, Hula hooping

(Photo: Houses of parliament Credit: AFP.)

Report Highlights Cost Of Air Pollution20160908

World Bank report says air pollution is responsible for one in ten deaths worldwide, Syria: President Assad consolidates his grip over western Damascus suburb, NASA launching spacecraft to intercept asteroid

(Photo: Cyclists passing through thick pollution from a factory in China's northwest Hebei province. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Report: Mexico Thwarted Probe Into Missing Students20160425

Report disputes Mexican government's account on missing students; Serbia election; African music legend Papa Wemba dies

(Photo: Parents and other relatives of the 43 missing students from teachers school attend the reading of the final report. Credit: YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Report disputes Mexican government's account on missiing students; Serbia election

Republican Quits With Fierce Attack On Trump20171024

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake denounces Trump presidency and says he won't seek re-election

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake denounces Trump presidency and says he won't seek re-election. Also, Saudi Arabia's crown prince promises country will return to 'moderate' Islam, and Paul Weitz, the first commander of the Challenger space shuttle, dies.

(Photo: US Republican Senator from Arizona Jeff Flake speaking to reporters. Credit: AFP)

Republican Senators Target Trump20171025

Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake launch fiery attacks against President Trump

Republican senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake launch fiery attacks against President Trump, with Senator Flake announcing he will not run for election in 2018. Also, Twitter launches new rules for adverts, Kenya's Supreme Court prepares to decide whether the re-run of the presidential election can go ahead on Thursday, and Einstein's theories of happiness are sold at auction.

(Photo: Senator Jeff Flake speaks to reporters after announcing he will not run for re-election. Credit: Reuters)

Rescue Teams In Pakistan And Afghanistan20151026

FIFA nominations; Processed mean report; Spectre premiere in London

(PICTURE: AFP - Pakistani residents gather next to rubble)

Researchers Invent A Dna "tape Recorder"20160527

Researchers find a way to trace the family history of every cell in an organism, Row over US soldiers' insignia, How nagging could make you healthier

(Picture: The zebrafish, which helped scientists prove their technique, Credit: Science Photo Library)

Rio Olympic Cutbacks20151006

Nato criticises Russia over Syria, Henning Mankell dies, Chile and US marine reserves

(Photo: Rio Olympic logo. Credit: IOC)

Rio Paralympics Still On Track Despite Big Budget Cuts20160819

The International Paralympic Committee has announced that next month's Paralympic Games will take place as planned, despite major budget cuts, and will act as a catalyst to positive social change in Brazil and Latin America, A new automated docking port is being installed on the International Space Station

(Photo: Rio 2016 Paralympic Silver medal Credit: Getty Images.)

Rio Police: Us Swimmers Not Robbed20160818

Brazilian police say charges could be brought against 4 US Olympic swimmers who claimed they were robbed in Rio; Russia to support 48 hour ceasefire in the Syrian city of Aleppo; US to phase out private prisons

(Photo: US swimmers at police station, credit: Reuters)

Rio Set For Olympic Opening Ceremony20160805

Army and police out in force as Rio prepares for launch of Olympics, Trump backtracks on Iran video claim, city of Lille cancels annual market due to security fears

(Photo: Crowds at foot of statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Credit: PA)

Rip Muhammad Ali20160604

We reflect on the life and legacy of the US boxing champion who's died in Arizona at the age of 74

(Photo: Muhammad Ali. Credit: Associated Press)

Robert Downey Jr Pardoned For 20-year-old Drug Conviction20151225

Nigeria gas blast causes casualties, Afghan forces 'kill Taliban leader in Sangin', the Colossus of Rhodes is to be rebuilt

(Photo: Robert Downey Jr. Credit: Reuters)

Nigeria gas blast causes casualties, Afghan forces 'kill Taliban leader in Sangin'

Robot Surgery Inside The Eye20160909

For the first time surgeons have used a robot to operate inside the human eye, Fury at 'biggest' North Korea nuclear test, Fifa has launched a formal investigation into its former President, Sepp Blatter

(Photo: Eye surgeons at work. Photo: BBC.)

Rome Poised To Elect Populist Mayor20160620

Exit polls suggest win for Virginia Raggi, Trump endorses profiling to combat crime

Exit polls suggest win for Five Star Movement candidate Virginia Raggi, Trump endorses profiling to combat terrorism and crime, world's first live music performance inside a volcano

(Photo: Virginia Raggi, Five Star Movement candidate for the election of Rome's mayor attends a campaign meeting at Piazza del Popolo in Rome. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Romney And Mccain Denounce Trump20160303

US Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, has come under scathing attack from Mitt Romney and John McCain; Donald Tusk, says illegal migrants arriving in Greece could be sent back; German police arrest doctor accused of recruiting for Islamic State

(Photo: Mitt Romney, credit: AP)

Rousseff Accuses Deputy Of Coup Plot20160412

Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, accuses her vice-president of being part of a plot to overthrow her; Candidates for UN Secretary-General compete openly for the job for the first time; South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar returns to his country

(Photo: Rousseff, credit: AFP/Getty)

Rousseff Impeachment Decision20160831

Brazilian Senate vote; Trump to visit Mexican leader; Aerial survey shows dramatic decline in African elephant numbers

(Photo: Dilma Rousseff. Credit: Reuters.)

Royal Couple Visit Mumbai20160410

Prince William and Catherine pay tribute to the victims of Mumbai attacks, Indian temple fire kills more than 100 people, Ukraine's Prime Minister to resign

(Photo: Prince William and Catherine float flowers at the Banganga Water Tank in Mumbai. Credit: Reuters)

Russia Accused Of Athletics Doping20151109

Myanmar opposition confident of victory, global warming set to worsen, Nigerian wins Scrabble title

(Photo: Richard Pound, Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency's Independent Commission presents the findings of a report on doping, Credit: European Press Agency)

Russia Accused Of Targeting Civilians In Syria20160213

BBC's Frank Gardner at Munich's security conference on Syria, The Pope in Mexico, Thousands of soldiers in Brazil warn of risks of Zika virus

(Picture: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at Munich Security Conference. Credit AFP/Getty)

'russia Airstrike' Kills Syrian Rebel20151225

Paraguay Floods, Sydney yacht race, Xmas no.1

(Photo: Injured boy rests in a field hospital in Dael after what activists said were airstrikes carried out by the Russian air force near Deraa, Syria )

Russia And India Sign Defence And Nuclear Deals20151224

US jets target Afghan Taliban in Sangin, Palestinians die in attacks on Israelis, Plans to build a modern day Colossus of Rhodes

(Photo: Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow Credit:AP)

Russia Announces Turkey Sanctions20151129

Istanbul unrest after lawyer's death, Colorado shooting latest, hunt for Nefertiti's tomb

(Photo: President Erdogan and President Putin. Credit: AP)

Russia Athletic Doping Ban Extended20160617

British MP Jo Cox 'was targetted' say police; MSF charity shun EU money over migrant policy; huge crab gathering in Australia

(Picture: Sebastian Coe, President of IAAF in Vienna announcing international ban on Russian athletes over doping allegations. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Russia Athletics Call20151110

Ethiopia food warning, Myanmar awaits vote results wait, Humour sign of dementia?

(Photo: Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko. Credit: AP)

Ethiopia food warning, Myanmar awaits vote results

Russia Backs Syria Ceasefire20160818

Russia says it will support a forty-eight hour pause in fighting in Aleppo to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid; Brazilian police say US Olympic swimmers made up mugging story; Uber to use driverless cars

(Photo: Destruction in Aleppo, credit: RTR)

Russia Blocks Renewal Of Syria Chemical Weapons Investigation20171024

Russia uses Security Council veto to halt probe into use of chemical weapons in Syria

Russia uses Security Council veto to halt probe into use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Also, far-right politicians represented in German parliament for first time in more than fifty years, and could new vaccine help eliminate typhoid ?

(Photo: UN Security Council discusses renewal of Syria chemical weapons investigation. Credit: AFP/Timothy A. Clary)

Russia Defends Its Syria Strategy20151001

Afghan army says it's retaken Kunduz, Iran gives higher figure for Hajj deaths, An app that reveals what people think of you (Photo: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov addresses the UN. Credit: Andrew Kelly/REUTERS)

Russia Denies Missile Crash In Iran20151008

FIFA's top three officials suspended; New EU rules on rejected asylum applicants; New Mexico's ghost city

(PHOTO: Russian cruise missile launced from ship in Caspian Sea. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Russia Gets Ultimatum On Doping Allegations20151109

Myanmar elections; fifty years since UK abolished the death penalty; new climate data concerns

( Photo: Sebastian Coe, President of IAAF, Credit: AP)

Russia Launches Airstrikes In Syria20150930

NATO helps Afghan army in battle for Kunduz, Cairo University staff banned from wearing niqab in classroom (Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin meets government ministers. Credit: Ria Novosti/REUTERS)

Russia Plan For Syria20150928

Catalonian nationalists win election, Pope US mass, stargazers await 'Supermoon'

(Photo: Syrian city of Aleppo. Credit: Reuters)

Russia Ramps Up Attacks Against Is20151117

'Act of terror' downed Russian plane, Paris update, Charlies Sheen confirms HIV status

(Photo: Putin chairs meeting on Russian MetroJet crash investigation results.

Credit: EPA)

Russia Says It Won't Play 'tit For Tat'20161230

President Putin says he won't expel diplomats in response to US expulsion of his embassy staff, latest on Syria ceasefire, last day to deposit or exchange high value India Rupee notes

(Photo: Red Square and Kremlin;

Credit: AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Russia Says Syrian Army Has Stopped Active Military Operations In Aleppo20161208

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has also said that Russian and U.S. military experts will meet in Geneva on Saturday to discuss the situation in Aleppo, Electronic cigarettes challenge anti-smoking efforts, Japan tracks dementia patients with fingernail barcodes

(Photo: Syrian pro-government troops in eastern Aleppo. Credit: AFP.)

Russia Stops Egypt Flights20151107

Sierra Leone to be declared ebola-free, Obama stops Keystone pipeline, Batmobile designer dies

(Photo: Russians in Egypt, credit: AP)

Sierra Leone to be declared ebola-free, Obama stops Keystone pipeline

Russia Suspends Flights To Egypt20151106

Myanmar's final day of campaigning, US rejects pipeline proposal, why Irish women are tweeting about menstrual cycles (Photo: A passenger at Moscow's Domododevo Airport. Credit: Reuters)

Russia Uses Iranian Base For Bombing-missions In Syria20160816

How Russian use of Iran airbase fits into Moscow's wider Middle East strategy, China launches quantum satellite, Polish team starts digging for 'Nazi gold train' (Photo: Russian Defence Ministry website photo reportedly showing TU-22 bomber over Syria. Credit: EPA)

Russia: Second Day Of Airstrikes In Syria20151001

Has Afghan government retaken Kunduz ? We report from the city, Cigarette butt fines in Paris, New popularity app

(Picture: Airstrikes in Kafr Nabel, Idlib provence Syria. Credit: AP)

Russian Airliner Investigation Consensus20151108

Bangladesh: killings sentences / Germany migrants budget / UK: remembrance services

(Photo: Reuters - People in St Petersburg grieving in front of a makeshift memorial for victims of a Russian airliner which

crashed in Egypt)

Russian Airspace Incursion Rhetoric Stepped Up20151006

Social media court ruling, Austrian leader visits Lesbos, Neutrinos lead to Nobel Prize

(Photo: Russian jet in Syria, credit: Reuters)

Russian Athletes Banned From Rio Olympics20160721

The Court of Arbitration for Sport upholds ban on Russian athletes due to doping claims, Turkey coup sparks state of emergency; Michelle Obama carpool karaoke

(Photo: The Olympic and Russian flags, Credit: EPA)

Russian Helicopter Shot Down In Syria20160801

Kremlin says five people killed were on Aleppo humanitarian mission, France closes many mosques, Turkey arrests Erdogan 'snatch squad'

(Photo: Syrian rebels reportedly near wreckage of Russian Mi-8 military transport helicopter after it was shot down in Idlib province. Credit: Getty Images)

Russian Jets In Syria Raids20150930

Palestinian flag raised at UN; Kunduz outcome unclear; South Africa anthem row

(Photo: Russian Sukhoi Su-24. Reportedly this type used in Syria raids. Credit: Russia Defence Ministry.)

Russian Orchestra Stages Concert In Palmyra20160505

Controversy as Russian orchestra stages a concert in Syria, Many deaths in Syria airstrike, Wildfires spread in Canada

(Photo: the Great Colonnade in the ancient city of Palmyra, in central Syria. Credit: AFP/ Getty Images)

Russian Pm's Anger At 'cynical' Ban On Paralympians20160823

Fury in Moscow over upholding of ban on Russian Paralympians, Terror-attacks in France damage tourism, have risks of HRT been underestimated ? (Photo: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Credit: AP)

Russian-french Cooperation On Is Agreed20151126

Sebastian Coe resigns from Nike role, Belgium lowers terror threat level, Hidden cost of online quizzes?

(Photo: French President Francois Hollande welcomes Russian President Vladimir Putin to a meeting in October. Credit: Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images)

Russians React To Obama's Expulsion Of Diplomats20161230

Russians in Moscow react to Obama's decision to expel Russian diplomats from US, Remembering champion cyclist Ferdy Kübler, Investigation into damaged dinosaur fossils.

(Photo: US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva; Credit: AFP)

Russia's 'state-sponsored' Olympics Doping20160718

IOC threatens toughest sanctions; Turkey continues coup crackdown; Republican convention meets to adopt Trump as presidential candidate

(Photo: Olympics and Russian flags at Sochi closing ceremony 23/02/14. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Rwanda Genocide: International Criminal Tribunal Closes20151214

Nurofen maker defends packaging, Angela Merkel outlines refugee policy, Star Wars movie

Photo: A Rwandan refugee girl at a mass grave outside Kigali in July 1994. Credit: Reuters

Ryan: Trump's Comments 'racist'20160607

Trump accused of making racist comments; Four arrested over Istanbul bombing; Premier of Harry Potter play.

(Credit: Reuters)

San Bernardino Shooting: Friend Of Gunman Charged20151218

IMF chief Lagarde to stand trial in France, Migrant crisis dominates EU summit, UN condemned over 'CAR sex abuse'

(Photo: San Bernardino attackers, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook. Credit: AP)

IMF chief Lagarde to stand trial in France, Migrant crisis dominates EU summit

Sanders Vows To Maintain Presidential Campaign20160609

Bernie Sanders says he'll fight to stop Donald Trump becoming US president, but stopped short of endorsing fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton: thousands attend Muslim prayer service in honour of the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali; forces aligned to Libya's UN-backed government step up their assault on the city of Sirte

(Photo: Sen. Bernie Sanders, on the campaign trail. Credit: AP Photo. )

Sarkozy Launches Bid To Win Back Presidency20160822

Sarkozy seeks nomination to run in 2017 poll, Turkey attacks targets in northern Syria, disgraced US swimmer Ryan Lochte dropped by four sponsors

(Photo: Nicolas Sarkozy, credit: AFP/Getty)

Saudi Arabia - Iran Crisis Deepens20160104

Zidane preplaces Benitez at Real Madrid; New elements in periodic table; World market falls

(Photo: Iranian women in Tehran protest execution of Shia cleric, Nimr al-Nimr. Credit: AP.)

Saudi Arabia Approves Radical Measures To Modernise Economy20160425

Saudi Arabia approves economic reforms to reduce its dependence on oil, Thousands of police and soldiers deployed across Egypt ahead of planned anti-government demonstrations. Millions in Nepal still living in makeshift accommodation, a year after earthquake.

((Photo: Riyadh skyline Credit: BBC)

Saudi Arabia Says Iran Must Accept Assad Exit20151029

China ends one-child policy, why 'gay' gestures are discrimination, Deutsche bank to cut 15,000 jobs

(Photo: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Credit: EPA)

Saudi Arabia Severs Diplomatic Ties With Iran20160104

Militiamen occupy centre in Oregon; Arrest in Kyrgyzstan over 'horse penis' dish joke

Armed militiamen occupy a national wildlife centre in Oregon; A UK citizen faces jail in Kyrgyzstan after comparing a national dish to a horse penis.

(Photo: Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir Credit: Reuters video

Saudi Arabia's Allies Take Diplomatic Action Against Iran20160104

UK security services try to identify new jihadi, Denmark increases border controls with Germany, New elements enter periodic table.

(Photo: Iranian protesters take part in anti-Saudi Arabia demonstration as they hold posters of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr at the Imam Hossein square in Tehran.

Credit: EPA)

Saudi Suicide Bombs20160704

Medina blast is third explosion in Saudi Arabia; Israeli PM's bid to get close to Africa; UK prepares for Chilcot Inquiry into Iraq invasion

(Photo: Minarets at the Prophet Mohammed Mosque, Medina; a suicide bomber detonated his device near here on 04/07/16. Credit: EPA)

Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves20160211

NATO warships to deter people smuggling in Aegean, former Nazi guard on trial, Star Wars prosecuted over Ford injury

(Photo: Scientist looks at telescope of the interferometer Virgo detector which is used for the detection of gravitational waves.

Credit: AFP)

Scientists Discover New Human-like Species20150910

Syria chemical warfare investigation, migrant crisis latest, Nigeria's noisy churches

(Photo: Some of the fossils of a newly discovered ancient species, Credit: Reuters)

Scores Missing In Sri Lanka Mudslide20160518

Rescuers in Sri Lanka search for survivors, Suzuki faces questions over fuel tests, Palestinian museum with no exhibits, World's largest cruise ship

(Photo: Sri Lankan military personnel take part in relief and rescue efforts following a landslide northeast of Colombo. Credit: AFP)

Search For Marilyn Monroe's Scottish Ancestors20160609

Scots sought to investigate Monroe DNA link, 2 former British PMs campaign in Northern Ireland to stay in EU, the world's longest reigning monarch celebrates 70 years as Thai King

(PHOTO: Marilyn Monroe circa 1951

CREDIT: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Search For Migrants In Mediterranean20160603

Hundreds of migrants missing near Crete; new Fifa allegations; eyewitness account of giant panda birth

(Photo: A boat from the Greek coastguard that's been involved in the rescue operation. Credit: BBC team in Crete)

Search For Quake Survivors Continues20160825

The death toll in the Italian earthquake exceeds 240, as thousands of rescuers continue efforts to find survivors, political turmoil in Maldives, Singapore's driverless taxis

(Photo: A search dog works in the remains of a building in Amatrice, Italy. Credit: Getty Images)

Search For Zika Cure20160127

James Cook gets exclusive access to the main Zika virus testing laboratory in Houston USA, New rules in wake of Volkswagen scandal, EU says Greece neglects borders, Trump row

( Photo: Aedes aegypti mosquito which can spread the Zika virus, Sao Paulo University, Brazil. Credit: AP)

Second Quake In 2 Days Hits Japan20160415

Powerful earthquake hits southern Japan, just 24 hours after smaller quake in same region; Brazilian congress debates whether to impeach President Dilma Rousseff; Ukrainian authorities find paintings stolen from the Netherlands more than a decade ago

(Photo: Quake aftermath in Kumamoto, credit: EPA)

Security Tight After Bangladesh Opposition Executions.20151122

Security tight after Bangladesh opposition executions, Brazil toxic mud threatens marine life, Miss Canada cries foul over Chinese human rights

(Picture: police on streets of Dhaka after opposition executions. Credit: EPA)

Brazil toxic mud threatens marine life, Miss Canada cries foul over Chinese human rights

Senator Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton20160712

Bernie Sanders endorses his former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination; defiant Chinese reaction after tribunal rejects historic claims in South China Sea; Twenty killed and dozens injured in head-on train collision in southern Italy.

(Photo: Hillary Clinton on Presidential campaign trail Credit: AFP)

Serbian Anger At Hungary Border Closure20150915

Kerry talks to Lavrov about Syria, but did Vladimir speak to Elton talk? Mugabe misspeaks

(PHOTO: Hungarian Serbian border fence. CREDIT: Getty Images)

Seven Football Clubs In Spain Ordered To Repay Millions Of Euros Of State Aid20160704

UKIP leader Nigel Farage resigns, two detained after Bangladesh attack, Chris Evans quits Top Gear

(Photo: Real Madrid celebrate after they win Champions League Final, 2016. Credit: Getty)

Several Dead In California Shooting20151203

UK MPs authorise Syria air strikes, Brazil President faces impeachment, biblical seal found

(Photo: Police armored cars close in on a suspect vehicle following a shooting incident in San Bernardino, California. Credit: Reuters)

UK authorises Syria air strikes, Brazil President faces impeachment, biblical seal found

Several Killed At Turkish Wedding20160821

Bomb at a wedding in the Turkish city of Gaziantep; IOC-president Bach praises Rio Olympics despite logistical and financial problems; World's longest and highest glass-bottom bridge opens in China

(Photo: Turkey bomb aftermath, credit: AP)

Bomb at a wedding in the Turkish city of Gaziantep

Several Rebel Factions Endorse Syria Ceasefire20161229

Several Rebel Factions Endorse Syria Ceasefire20161229

President Putin described the agreements reached as 'fragile', Stars pay tribute to Debbie Reynolds, World premiere for opera by a 11 year old

(Photo: Damaged street in Aleppo. Credit: EPA.)

Severe Security Delays At Uk Port To France20160724

UK ferry passengers facing major delays crossing to France

UK ferry passengers at port of Dover facing major delays into France, Dozens killed in Afghan bombing, Clinton introduces running mate

(Picture: The long queue of traffic outside Dover, in England, Credit: AP)

Severe Storms In Us20151228

Ramadi retaken; Stevie Wright dies

Ramadi retaken; Floods in UK; Stevie Wright dies;

(Science Photo Library: Tornado moving over rural land creating a large debris cloud.)

Shanghai Disney Opens To Visitors20160616

Disney opens sixth theme park with Chinese flavour. The park has been 17 years in the planning. It is similar to other parks but with a Chinese twist.

(Photo: A girl wearing Mickey Mouse ears watches opening ceremony of the Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Sharapova Fails Drug Test20160307

Tennis star Maria Sharapova says after failing drug test that she's 'taken medicine for a decade', No EU -Turkey migrant deal, British Royal photographs.

(Photo: Maria Sharapova playing at Wimbledon in July 2015. Credit: PA Wire).

Sharm Dominates Uk-egypt Talks20151105

Pioneering leukaemia therapy, Anonymous to publish KKK names list, how good does Ronaldo think he is?

(Photo: Sisi, Cameron credit: EPA)

Shia Protesters Storm Iraqi Parliament20160430

Shia demonstrators storm parliament in Baghdad during protests against government corruption; Reformists make further gains in Iran elections; Kenya's president torches tonnes of ivory in action against elephant and rhino poaching

(Photo: Shia protesters in Baghdad parliament. Credit: Reuters)

Shift Workers More Prone To Viral Infections20160815

Study suggests viral levels are ten times higher when an infection starts in the morning, Trump calls for new approach to anti-terror fight, Zambia's President Edgar Lungu declared election winner

(Photo: Herpes simplex viruses, computer artwork)

Should Surfing Be An Olympic Sport ?20150929

Obama and Putin meet at UN, Taliban overrun Kunduz, FIFA president defiant

(Picture: A surfer rides the waves. Credit: International Surfing Association)

Significant Losses For Anc In South African Elections20160804

African National Congress heading for worst election result since end of apartheid, Head of International Olympic Committee says drugs cheats will have no place to hide, Scientists say ability to "reconcile" may help explain male dominance in the workplace.

(Photo: Woman voting in South Africa's municipal elections Credit: EPPA)

Sinai Plane Crash Bomb Fears20151104

Rescue efforts at collapsed Pakistan factory, police question ex-IAAF boss, who's a lady?

(Photo: Sinai plane wreckage. Credit: Reuters)

Sinai Plane Crash: Recorder 'noise'20151107

Historic China Taiwan meeting, JFK car plates auctioned, cricket in NYC

(Photo: Ayman el Mokadem, head of Egyptian investigation into Sinai plane crash, speaks to reporters. Credit: Reuters)

Singer Prince Dies At 5720160421

American singer Prince dies after a short illness at the age of 57; Volkswagen agrees to pay compensation or buy back vehicles of American motorists affected by the emissions cheating scandal, Celebrations mark Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday

(Photo: Prince, credit: PA)

Slovenian Army To Help In Migrant Crisis20151017

Slovenia's army to help police deal with thousands of migrants expected to arrive from Croatia, Top Indian official claims not enough being done to protect children, Pastie museum.

(Photo: A Croatian police officer assists migrants to board a bus in Cakovec, near the Croatian-Slovenian border. Credit: AP)

Smoker? It Might Be The Neanderthal In You20160212

Clues to human health in Neanderthal DNA, Unity call as Pope meets Russian Patriarch, Online only: Independent newspaper to cease as print edition

(Photo: Neanderthal man. Credit: Science Photo Library)

Snowden Criticises Russia's Human Rights20160910

American whistle-blower was critical of Moscow's human rights record and implicated Russia in recent hacking scandals, cautious welcome of US-Russia deal on Syria, 25 people die in a factory blaze in Bangladesh.

(Photo: Former CIA technical assistant, Edward Snowden. Credit: The Guardian via Getty Images)

Somme Centenary Commemoration20160701

Battle of the Somme remembered in UK and France, court annuls Austria presidential after far-right Freedom Party challenge, Wales set for 'biggest game' since 1958 World Cup

(Photo: Young people holding flowers and bouquets in front of war graves in the Somme valley. Credit: Reuters)

South Africa Students Clash With Police20151022

Biden won't run in 2016, Rousseff faces impeachment, climate scientists study permafrost.

Biden won't run in 2016, Rousseff faces impeachment, climate scientists permafrost study.

(Photo: Students clash with police in Cape Town. Credit: AFP/Getty)

South Africa: Anc Set For 'worst Ever Election Result'20160804

Anxiety within ruling party as local election votes are counted, Israel arrests the head of a charity in Gaza, hidden portrait by Degas revealed

(Photo: South African voter casting ballot. Credit: AFP/Rajesh Jantilal)

South African Court Rules Against President Zuma20160331

President Jacob Zuma is told to pay back some of the public money spent on his private home, several die after Indian flyover collapses, Hungarian author Imre Kertesz dies

(Photo: South African president Jacob Zuma answers questions in parliament in Cape Town. Credit: AP)

South Asia Quake Claims 250 Dead20151027

Cyber threat warning from US NSA, UK constitutional crisis, Bond film premiere.

(Photo: Rubble of house damaged by 7.5 earthquake in Mingora, Pakistan. Credit: Reuters.)

Cyber threat warning from US NSA, UK constitutional crisis

South Sudan's Rebel Leader, Riek Machar, Returns To Juba20160426

South Sudan's rebel leader, Riek Machar, returns home as part of peace deal, Ukrainians mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Inquest concludes that Liverpool football fans were unlawfully killed.

(Photo: Riek Machar (left) and President Salva Kiir exchanging signed peace agreement. Credit: Reuters)

Space X Rocket Explosion20160901

Unmanned Falcon 9 blows up at Cape Canaveral in Florida; Venezuelan protestors demand referendum; Gabon unrest; France tightens school security; History of the songbird

(Photo: Kennedy Space Center in Florida where a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded during a test. Credit: Erin Head)

Spain Imposes Direct Rule Over Catalonia20171028

Spanish PM, Mariano Rajoy, has dissolved Catalan parliament and called new elections

Spanish PM, Mariano Rajoy, dissolves Catalan parliament and calls new elections as Madrid imposes direct rule over Catalonia. Also: nine British servicemen have been sacked for illegal drug use, and scientists discover the first ever space rock from beyond our solar system.
(Photo: Protesters hold Spanish flags during a demonstration to support the unity of Spain in Barcelona. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Spain Takes Charge Of Catalan Government20171028

Control of Catalonia is handed over to the deputy PM as the region's autonomy is removed

Control of Catalonia is handed over to the deputy PM as the region's autonomy is removed. Also: the US says the threat of nuclear attack from North Korea is increasing, and plans for East Antarctic marine park rejected.

(Picture: Spain's Deputy PM Soraya Saenz de Santamaria is now officially in charge of Catalonia. Credit: EPA)

Spain Votes In 'historic' Election20151219

Yemen ceasefire falters, Billion dollar fine for Brazillian dam owners, Why are Russians good dancers?

( Photo: Election posters in Spain. Credit AFP )

Yemen ceasefire falters, Billion dollar fine for Brazilian dam owners

Spain's Election Shake-up20151221

Idlib deaths; UK jihadist; Chile's ancient fog

(PICTURE: Reuters - Podemos (We Can) party leader, Pablo Iglesias.

Idlib deaths; UK jihadist

Spanish Pm Dissolves Catalan Parliament20171028

Spain's Mariano Rajoy dissolves the Catalan parliament and calls snap local elections

Spain's Mariano Rajoy dissolves the Catalan parliament and calls snap local elections after it declares independence. Also: the first lump of rock from beyond our solar system, a sex and drugs scandal on a British nuclear submarine, and India falls in love with football.
(Photo: Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy addresses the media after a cabinet meeting in Madrid. Credit: EPA)

Special Forces Storm Mali Hotel20151120

Third body found at Paris attackers' flat, Israel's spy Pollard is freed by US, could a worm increase women's fertility ? (Photo: Malian soldiers help hostage escape Radisson Hotel in Bamako. Credit: AFP)

Speedo Ends Deal With Us Swimmer Lochte20160822

The swimwear manufacturer drops its sponsorship of the disgraced US swimmer, UN Aid chief warns of 'unparalleled catastrophe' in Aleppo, Sarkozy announces bid for old job

(Photo: US swimmer, Ryan Lochte. Credit: Reuter)

Starving Children In Yemen20161207

Yemen is on the brink of famine warns the World Health Organisation

The World Health Orgnanisation says Yemen is on the brink of famine. Widespread destruction and displaced people in Myanmar's Rakhine State. And, a 75 year-old Tanzanian man advertises for a wife.

(Photo: Ibrahim Bolgaith was born with severe malnutrition; his twin brother died. Credit: Kate Benyon-Tinker)

Stay In Eu, Obama Urges During Uk Visit20160422

President Barack Obama has said Britain's membership of the EU enhances its special relationship with America and the UK was best leading a strong Europe, Record turnout at UN for climate deal, Tributes in purple, to superstar Prince, 400 years after his death, Cervantes lives on in 'Don Quixote'

(Photo: President Obama and British prime minister, David Cameron. Credit: Reuters)

Sudanese Migrant Speaks After Rescue By Italian Navy20160527

Sudanese migrant tells of ordeal after boat capsized off the Libyan coast, and how hundreds of people were rescued by Italian Navy,

Barack Obama makes historic visit to Hiroshima, UK to send warship to Libya, Is Chinese detergent commercial the most racist ever?

(Photo: Migrant boat capsizing off Libyan coast. Credit: EPA.)

Suicide Attacks Hit Saudi Arabia20160704

Explosion in one of Islam's holiest cities, Medina, is third in Saudi Arabia on Monday; UKIP leader Nigel Farage steps down; France's third-richest man on trial for tax fraud

(Photo: Saudi police, credit: AFP/Getty)

Suicide Blast In Kabul Kills At Least 2820160419

Attack targets Afghan government building, German far-right leader in race trial, Iran's morality police, world's oldest message in a bottle

(Photo: A relative of one of the victims of the suicide bomb blast that targeted the Afghan Ministry of Defence. Credit: EPA)

Suicide Blast Kills Ten In Istanbul20160112

UK concern over women going to Syria, Obama's State of the Union Address, a new dinosaur

(Photo: Police officers secure area after suicide blast near Sultanahmet mosque in Istanbul. Credit: Reuters)

Suicide Bombers Kill Dozens In Beirut20151113

Bulgaria accused of brutality towards migrants, "Goodfellas" heist suspect not guilty, Jewish twin brother of Nazi dies

(Photo: Beirut bomb aftermath, credit: Reuters)

Bulgaria accused of brutality towards migrants, "Goodfellas" heist suspect not guilty

Super Tuesday20160302

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump expected to win vote; BBC with Russian troops in Syria; Rolling Stones to satisfy Cuba.

(Photo: Abby waits while owner casts vote at Mary Lin Elementary School, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Credit: EPA)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump expected to win vote; BBC with Russian troops in Syria

'super Tuesday' Voting Underway20160301

Europe migrant border crisis intensifies, 'brain prize' for memory mechanisms, Indian jobseekers forced to strip to prevent exam cheating

(Photo: People vote in the Super Tuesday primary.

Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Access Law20160627

The US Supreme Court decision hands victory to pro-choice movement, Brexit: Cameron says Britain will not be rushed, Turkey 'sorry for downing Russian jet'

(Photo: US Supreme Court, Washington. Credit: BBC)

Survival Of The Moose20160414

Global warming 'helps Alaskan moose', Syrian peace talks threatened by fighting around Aleppo, Parents of missing girls march through Abuja

(Photo: Moose. Credit: AP)

Survivors Rescued From Nairobi Rubble After 6 Days20160505

Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu confirms he's resigning, Russian musicians stage concert in Palmyra, Australian bank's error gives customer an unlimited overdraft

(Photo: Rescue workers at site of collapsed building in Nairobi. Credit: AFP WIRES)

Suspect Killed In Brussels Terror Raid20160315

A man armed with a Kalashnikov has been shot dead during a major security operation, linked to last year's attacks in Paris, five US states vote in crucial primaries, return of Indiana Jones

(Photo: A police officer takes position on a rooftop in Brussels. Credit: EPA)

Suspected Nyc Bomber Arrested20160919

Afghan-born Ahmed Khan Rahami arrested after shoot-out with police in New Jersey; German chancellor admits open-door policy contributed to dismal election results; Japan's ageing population

(Photo: Ramahi on stretcher after shoot-out, Credit: Reuters)

Suspected Ringleader Confirmed Dead20151119

More Mexicans leave US than enter; diamond in Botswana; Bond in India

(PICTURE: Reuters - Forensics of the French police at work outside a building in Saint-Denis, near Paris, the day after a police raid to catch fugitives from Friday night"s deadly attacks in the French capital)

Swiss Officials Quiz Blatter20150925

Pope addresses UN, Volkswagen latest, new Bond song

(Photo: FIFA President Sepp Blatter, Credit: Reuters)

Syria Ceasefire 'largely Holding' On First Day20160913

Aid workers hope to deliver emergency supplies if truce lasts till Wednesday, German 'IS cell' probed for possible Paris links, could humans reproduce without egg cells ? (Photo: Children play in street in Aleppo. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Syria Ceasefire Takes Effect At Sunset20160912

10-day cessation of hostilities begins in Syria, Donald Trump hopes Hillary Clinton 'gets well soon', Chinese bridesmaid dies of alcohol poisoning, will special new planes bring more accurate weather forecasts? (Photo: man carries bicycle through ruins in Aleppo. Credit: AFP/Getty Images/Ameer Alhalbi)

Syria Fighting Was "even More Brutal" After Pause In Fighting20160906

UN report describes plight of Syrian civilians caught in conflict, S. African court gives right of citizenship to stateless 8 year-old girl, is the "Ox" the truck the developing world needs ? (Photo: Explosion in Syrian town of Dael. Credit: Reuters)

Syria 'new Peace Effort'20151030

US special forces into Syria, Guantanamo detainee back in UK, Gambian boy releases album

(Photo: Staffan de Mistura, Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry in Vienna. Credit: Reuters)

Syria Peace Talks Begin In Geneva20160129

Which groups will be represented at negotiations ?, Mafia leaders captured in mountain hideout, the social life of the octopus

(Photo: Delegates at Syria peace-talks. Credit: AFP)

Syria Peace Talks: 'some Progress Made'20151030

US to send special forces into Syria, more migrants drown off Greece, Poland rejects Polanski extradition

(Photo: US Secretary of State, John Kerry, heads Syria peace talks at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna, Credit: AFP)

Syria Rebel Leader Killed20151225

Iraqi forces continue fight against I S in Ramadi, Nigeria gas explosion, NHS beats Bieber

( Photo: Syria rebel leader Jaish al-Islam (JAI) Credit: EPA)

Syria 'to Let Aid Into Madaya'20160107

Man shot on Charlie Hebdo anniversary, athletics officials banned, hydrogen into metal

(Picture: a young child in a video said to be from Madaya. Credit: Reuters)

Syria Towns Under Siege20161122

As UN says almost a million Syrians are trapped, a mother from Aleppo speaks to the BBC

As UN says almost a million Syrians are trapped by fighting, a mother from Aleppo speaks to the BBC, Trump to withdraw from TTP trade deal, dementia rates falling in the US

(Photo: The UN said hundreds of civilians had been killed in eastern Aleppo in the past week. Credit: AFP)

Syria: Aid Reaches Madaya20160111

Worldwide tributes to David Bowie; Anglican schism fears; Cologne attacks on foreigners

(Photo: Syrians waiting for aid convoy in Madaya town. Credit: Getty Images)

Syrian Army Gains In Eastern Aleppo20161127

Syrian government forces have retaken several rebel-held districts in eastern Aleppo; Ugandan police arrest king over clashes; coffee cup recycling

(Photo: pro-government forces walk through Hanano district of Eastern Aleppo. Credit: AFP)

Syrian Army 'suspends Aleppo Fighting'20161209

Russia's foreign minister says Syrian army has suspended fighting in eastern Aleppo; Nato's former deputy supreme commander warns that some of Donald Trump's statements could spell the beginning of the end for the alliance; John Glenn, America's first man in orbit, dies at the age of 95

(Photo: Syrian refugees leaving Aleppo, credit: AFP/Getty)

Russia's foreign minister says Syrian army has suspended fighting in eastern Aleppo

Syrian Fighters Evacuated To Lebanon20151228

BBC reporter in Ramadi after recapture by Iraqi army, Saudi Arabia in deficit, Abstract artist Kelly dies

( Photo: Syrians waiting for the arrival of convey carrying fighters and civilians at Masnaa on the Syrian Lebanon border, Credit: AFP )

Syrian Forces Retake Old City Of Aleppo20161207

Syrian government says its forces have retaken historic old city, Passenger plane carrying 48 people crashes in Pakistan, HMS Illustrious makes final journey

(Picture: People ride a tricycle as they flee deeper into the remaining rebel-held areas of Aleppo. Credit: Reuters)

Syrian Government Evacuates Damascus Suburb20160908

Hundreds of civilians leave the rebel stronghold of Muadhamiya, west of Damascus, as Assad strengthens control of Damascus; how weather affects chronic pain; hula hooping world record holder

(Photo: Bus with civilians leaves Muadhamiya, Credit: BBC)

Syrian Government Limits Peace Talks20160312

The Syrian government says there'll be no discussion about a future without President Assad at Monday's peace talks; thousands demonstrate in Poland over changes to court system; prison sentence for suggesting Egyptian women are unfaithful (PHOTO: Syria"s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem speaks during a news conference in Damascus. CREDIT: Reuters)

Syrian 'is Sleeper Cell' Arrests In Germany20160913

German police question IS suspects seized in raids, sailor highlights arctic sea-ice loss, why it's not good to be a pushy parent.

(Photo: men in balaclavas seize suspect. Credit: AFP)

Syrian Nusra Front 'splits From Al Qaeda'20160728

US says Nusra Front are still terrorists; Hillary Clinton prepares big speech; Polynesian sharks' feeding frenzy

(Photo: Video of Nusra Front leader, Abu Mohammad al-Golani, announcing split from Al Qaeda. Credit AFP/Getty)

Syrian Opposition Groups Agree On Key Demands20151210

Indian court finds gang-rapists guilty, Rwandan ex-mayor accused of role in genocide, 1950s lesbian romance wins most nominations at Golden Globes (Photo: Fighters from Syrian Democratic Front. Credit: AFP)

Syrian Peace Talks Suspended20160203

Peace talks paused after Assad forces advance near Aleppo, Obama's first visit to US mosque, Helen Mirren on drink-driving

Syrian Rebels 'fully Withdrawn From Old City Of Aleppo'20161207

Syrian government says its troops have recaptured historic Old City from rebels, Britain's parliament debates timetable for leaving EU, have scientists discovered why modern humans' brains are much bigger than our extinct ancestors' ? (Photo: Syrian government tank in eastern Aleppo. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Syrian Truce Excludes Aleppo20160429

Partial truce in Syria supposed to begin, but it doesn't include Aleppo; MSF angry as US military won't bring criminal charges over Afghan hospital bombing, Former Nazi guard ashamed of his part in killing of Jews

(Photo: Aleppo wounded, credit: AFP/ Getty)

Syrians Evacuate Town After Four-year Siege20160826

The evacuation of the Damascus suburb of Daraya begins after a deal between the Syrian government and rebel fighters, French court suspends 'burkini' swimsuit ban, Runner reunited with marathon companion dog

(Resident of Daraya leaves by bus. Credit: Reuters.)

Syriza Wins Greek Election20150920

Pope meets Fidel Castro, new Nepal constitution, death of Jackie Collins

(Photo: Greek national flag)

Taliban Leader Targeted By Us Air Strike20160522

A Pentagon statement says Mullah Mansour was the target of a US drone; First photos of debris from EgyptAir plane; Turkey to appoint new Prime Minister.

(Photo: Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour. Credit: Reuters.)

A Pentagon statement says Mullah Mansour was the target of a US drone

Talks To Prevent Italy Political Crisis20161205

Matteo Renzi holds talks with president after referendum defeat, Japanese prime minister to make historic visit to site of Pearl Harbor attack, Sepp Blatter loses appeal against six-year ban from football (Photo: Matteo Renzi. Credit: AFP/GETTY)

Tank Centenary Celebrations20160915

100 years ago today British tanks were first used in battle in the Somme against the Germans, Philippines hitman revelations, new GB nuclear power deal with China and France

(Photo: Mark IV replica tank drives down a street near Trafalgar Square in London;


Tate Modern Doubles In Size20160614

The Tate Modern gallery in London is extended, Russian football fans arrested in France, A copyright battle over Stairway to Heaven

(Picture: Tate representatives pose in front of Ai Weiwei's Tree sculpture at the Tate Modern, as it unveils its new Switch House building , Credit: Getty Images)

Tax Authorities To Investigate Leaked Panama Bank Accounts20160404

Tax authorities investigating huge data leak linked to offshore tax havens, First migrants deported from Greece have arrived in Turkey, Spanish Prime Minister proposes ending traditional siesta.

(PHOTO: View of Panama City showing glass towers of banks and luxury hotels. CREDIT: AP Photo/Julie Plasencia)

Tear Gas Used In Turkish Newspaper Protest20160305

Police disperse protests against government takeover Turkey's biggest newspaper; Greek regional governor calls for state of emergency over migrant crisis; The eight-legged ghost from the deep

(Photo: Protesters run from tear gas in Istanbul, credit: Reuters)

Tel Aviv Attack Leaves 2 Dead20160101

IS attacks army base near Ramadi, German police give terror alert details, Natalie Cole dies aged 65

(Photo: Tel Aviv aftermath, credit: Reuters)

Temple Destroyed In Palmyra20150824

Protests in Lebanon, Migrants in Serbia, Train heroes praised

Photo: AP Picture of Palmyra

Ten Is Leaders "killed" In Past Month20151230

UK Cabinet overruled Thatcher over 1986 AIDS crisis / "Affluenza" teen detained in Mexico

(Photo: Infographics of coalition airstrikes near Talafar, Iraq and subsequent explosions.)

Tens Of Thousands Of Starving Residents Trapped In Fallujah20160407

Tens of thousands trapped and starving in the besieged Iraqi city of Fallujah, Belgian police ask public for help in the hunt for the third suspected bomber, Venezuela declares every Friday a holiday to save power.

(Photo: Man stands in front of destroyed house in Fallujah, Iraq. Credit: Getty Images)

Terror Attacks In France Damage Tourism20160823

Tourist visits to Paris plunged in the first half of the year, Turkey tells residents to leave town near Syria border, Meningitis could be diagnosed in minutes:

(Photo: Ferris wheel in Paris near Eiffel Tower. Credit: PA)

Terror On The Beach20160313

At least five people killed in gun attack at Ivory Coast beach resort; many casualties in Ankara suicide bombing; Angela Merkel suffers losses in regional elections in Germany. (PHOTO: Victims of the gun attack are loaded onto a truck in front of a hotel in Ivory Coast. CREDIT: STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

Terror Plot Foiled In France20151222

Iraqi forces make progress against I S, France's most famous brothel keeper dies.

(Photo: French Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve shaking hands with police in Toulouse: Credit: AFP/Getty images)

Texas Balloon Crash20160730

Hot air balloon crashes with 16 people on board; 'families leave' besieged Aleppo; row over use of Nelson Mandela's name

(Photo: Scene of balloon crash, near Lockhart, Texas. Credit: AP)

The Benefits Of Harem Life20160311

Turkish president's wife praises Ottoman harem, IS chemical weapons expert captured

Turkish president's wife praises Ottoman harem, IS chemical weapons expert capture confirmed, US public 'need to know' what's on iphone

(Photo: Emine Erdogan makes a speech in Ankara. Credit AP)

The Draw Of Our Magnetic Field20160511

New details of Earth's magnetic field, Brazil's Senate vote, Bombings in Baghdad

(Photo: Depiction of Earth's turbulent magnetic field, Credit: BBC)

The Plight Of Madaya20160130

Dozens more besieged Syrians face starvation, attack on Indian man accused of converting Hindus to Christianity, the film inspired by the Obamas' first date in Chicago

(Photo: A toddler is held up to the camera in this still image taken from video said to be shot in Madaya. Credit: Reuters)

The Uk Decides: Counting Under Way20160623

Counting in referendum on UK's EU membership; pound reaches highest level this year; the Colombian government signs historic ceasefire with FARC rebels

(Photo: The 1st ballot box arrives at the North East Regional counting centre in Sunderland; Credit: Getty)

The Ultimate Brain Map20160721

Scientists discover 97 previously unknown areas of our cortex, Brazil terror arrests, Zimbabwe war veterans group withdraws backing for President Mugabe

(Photo: Image map of myelin content (red, yellow are high myelin, indigo and blue are low myelin) in the left hemisphere of cerebral cortex. Credit: AFP/Getty)

The World's Newsroom Brings You Global Events As The Happen20160606

The US Federal Reserve warns over Brexit,

Theresa May Prime Minister-in-waiting20160711

Theresa May set to be Britain's PM as Andrea Leadsom quits Conservative leadership race, South Sudan on brink of civil war, Portuguese fans welcome their victorious team back home

(Photo: Theresa May Credit PA)

Theresa May Takes Over At Number 1020160713

Former Home Secretary becomes Britain's 54th Prime Minister; Turkey seeks to re-establish relationship with Syria; Tributes paid to assassinated Burundi politician

(Photo: Theresa May outside 10 Downing Street. Credit: AP)

Theresa May To Replace David Cameron As Prime Minister20160711

Britain now knows its next Prime Minister - after last rival drops out; more deadly clashes in South Sudan between supporters of the President and his deputy; hundreds of thousands take to the streets to welcome home the victorious Portuguese football team

(Photo: Theresa May launching her successful bid for Prime Minister. Credit: AP)

Theresa May V Andrea Leadsom To Be Next British Pm20160707

Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom will battle it out to become the next leader of the Conservative Party after Michael Gove was eliminated from the contest, Video shows US police shooting aftermath, Germany decides 'No means No' on rape

(Photo: Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Theresa May's New Government20160714

Theresa May finalises her Cabinet - how does Europe view Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary? Migrants on the Hungary border, EU expands Google investigation

(Photo: Newly-appointed UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Credit: Getty Images/WPA Pool)

Third Violent Attack In Bavaria20160725

Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up in Germany, two dead in Florida nightclub shooting, Yahoo sold to US telecoms giant Verizon

(Photo: Police investigators work at the site of a suicide bombing in Ansbach, southern Germany. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Thousands Flee Fires In Israel20161125

If arson, Netanyahu says fires will be viewed as terror acts; new Colombian peace deal

If arson, Netanyahu says fires will be viewed as terror acts; new Colombian peace deal; following in the steps of Britain's WW2 code breakers

(Photo: Wildfires near Haifa, Israel. Credit EPA)

Thousands Line Route For Muhammad Ali Farewell20160610

Thousands of people attend farewell procession for boxing legend Muhammad Ali in Kentucky, Syrian suburb 'bombed' after aid arrival, huge monument found under sands at Petra

(Photo: young boy wearing boxing gloves awaits funeral procession. Credit: AP.)

Thousands Mourn Hezbollah Commander20160513

Thousands of people attend the funeral in Beirut of the top Hezbollah military commander Mustafa Badreddine, There's been a substantial fall in the number of migrants entering Greece from Turkey, Keeping ancient Bengali singing alive.

(Photo: Hezbollah members carry the coffin of Mustafa Badreddine Credit: Reuters)

Thousands Of Migrants Enter Croatia20150918

FIFA executive suspended, Fed keeps rates on hold, quake-hit Chile declares emergency

(Photo: Migrants in Tovarnik,Croatia / Gavin Lee)

Three Killed In Jerusalem Attacks20151013

Missile confirmed to have downed MH17, Angolan activists arrested, Booker Prize preview

(Picture: scene of a Jerusalem attack. Credit: AFP/Getty)

Three Stabbed In Egypt Attack20160109

Cologne police chief suspended, Mexican police capture El Chapo, Hitler's "Mein Kampf" published in Germany again

(Photo: security forces at Egyptian hotel, credit:EPA)

Cologne police chief suspended, Mexican police capture El Chapo

Tianjin Blast Aftermath20150813

Greek parliament debates bailout deal, Pakistan to execute school killers, Kenya limits foreign music.

(Photo: Damaged fire truck at site of massive explosions in Tianjin, China. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Tianjin Blast Recovery20150814

Greek MPs yet to vote on bailout plan, Zimbabwe skulls to be returned from UK.

Greek MPs yet to vote on bailout plan, Zimbabwe skulls to be returned from UK, How to remove a titanium finger ring.

(Photo: Firemen work among destroyed buildings and containers after huge explosion in Tianjin, China. Credit: EPA)

Tianjin Residents Ordered To Leave20150815

Victory over Japan day, Burundi Colonel shot dead, Is Britain doing enough to help migrants? 'Dear Evan Hansen' musical.

(Photo: Chinese traffic police wearing masks at security checkpoint as Tianjin evacuates 3 km radio. Credit: Ng Han Guan/ AP)

Tibetan Film Director Detained By Chinese20160629

Pema Tseden, Tibetan film director detained in China, Brexit: next steps, Tributes to Scotty Moore, rock guitarist who played with Elvis Presley

(PHOTO: Pema Tseden

CREDIT: Martial Trezzini/Keystone via AP, file)

Tight Security At Lourdes20160815

Thousands of Roman Catholics make annual pilgrimage to French town; Saudi air strike hits MSF hospital in Yemen; Trump foreign policy speech; UK's oldest ballet dancer

(Photo: Security agents check people's belongings at the entrance of the sanctuary of Notre Dame de Lourdes as part of the security measures for the annual Catholic pilgrimage on August 15th, 2016. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Time Running Out For Paris Climate Deal20151211

Confusion over Russia's role in Syria, US-Cuba postal services resume, final Playboy edition featuring naked women

(Photo: Rennes City Hall, France. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

To Neptune And Beyond?20160120

New evidence for ninth planet, oil price blamed for global shares slump, Abba taverna

(Photo: Artist's impression of the Corot planet-finding space telescope. Credit: CNES 2006/D. Ducros/PA Wire)

Tourists Wounded In Egypt Attack20160108

Three tourists have been injured in an attack in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada, Cologne's police chief has been suspended following a wave of attacks on New Year's Eve, and the drug cartel leader "El Chapo" has been recaptured in Mexico. (Photo: Bella Vista Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt. Credit: Bella Vista Hotel)

Train Suspect Has 'radical Links'20150825

Universal flu vaccine, Patel community demand rights, footballer's 'excessive' PA role

( Photo: Francois Molins, French prosecutor Credit: EPA

Trayvon Martin Killer Tries To Auction Gun20160512

George Zimmerman who shot the black teenager wants at least $5000 for the weapon he used, Kenya in breach of athletics doping rules, Brazil's former President Rousseff defiant after suspension by senate

(Photo: The handgun used in the death of Trayvon Martin. Photo provided by the Florida State Attorney's Office. May 17, 2012. Courtesy State Attorney"s Office/Handout via Reuters)

Tributes And Flowers Flood Nice20160715

Floral tributes cover the boulevard where dozens died; police identify the attacker as Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel; how is France dealing with its third terrorist attack in 18 months?

(Photo: Flowers are laid out near the site of the truck attack in Nice. Credit: Associated Press)

Tributes For Helmut Schmidt20151110

UK objectives on Europe; Portugal govenrment toppled - again; End to producing Betamax tapes

(PICTURE: Former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, smoking a cigarette during a round of talks in eastern Germany.)

Trump And Clinton In Super Tuesday Test20160301

Eleven states go to the polls to vote for presidential candidates, Are the days of going grey over? The rise of Chinese cinema

( Photo: A sign with voting opening times, shortly after polls opened in Norfolk, Massachusetts. Credit: EPA)

Trump Asks An Asian-american To Be Un Ambassador20161123

Nikki Haley, a former Trump critic, is the first woman to be given a top job in his cabinet; A British white-supremacist has been convicted of murdering a British MP; Bangladesh summons the ambassador of Myanmar over Rohingya Muslims coming into the country

(South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at the Federalist Society"s National Lawyers Convention in Washington. Credit AP)

Trump Backtracks On Iran Video20160805

Trump retracts comments about US 'ransom money' for Iran, deadly gun attack in Assam, last journalists leave iconic home of British journalism

(Photo Donald Trump with head in his hands June 10 2008. Credit PA)

Trump Calls For Ban On Muslims Entering Us20151207

Chicago police investigation, Civilians 'killled' in Syria airstrike, Islamic State earns $80 million a month

(Photo: US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Iowa. Credit: AP)

Trump Campaign Manager Resigns20160819

Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman for Donald Trump, resigns; Rio Paralympics to go ahead with fewer venues and staff; German government ponders burqa ban

(Photo: Manafort, credit: Reuters)

Trump Card?20160224

Donald Trump says the Republican nomination could be his within two months, UN air drops aid to Syria for the first time, Austria says the flow of migrants must be reduced for the survival of the EU. (PHOTO: US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event at Regents University in Virginia Beach. CREDIT: Reuters)