The Nhs At 60 - Stuffing Their Mouths With Gold



By Jerome Vincent.

Following the Labour landslide victory in 1945, new Minister of Health Aneurin Bevan knows he has the chance to bring about a real revolution with the creation of a free health service.

But can he get both the Royal College of Physicians and the dissenters in his own party on his side? Jerome Vincent's play marks the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the NHS in July 1948.

Aneurin Bevan....Robert Pugh

Clement Attlee....Richard Attlee

Lord Moran....Nicholas Boulton

Herbert Morrison....Trevor Littledale

John Buchan....David Collings

Daisy....Jaimi Barbakoff

Madge....Jean Trend

Rene/Harry....Simon Treves

Passer-by....Lucie Fitchett

Directed by David Blount