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Producer: G. HOUSE

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British journalism is the focus of Tom STOPPARD's hard-edged comedy, set in a fictitious African country. How free is a free press? For idealistic Jacob Milne the Press is freedom's last line of defence.

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drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

20 Jul 1990 21:05-23:00 (RADIO 3)


Edward de Souza (Actor)

Stratford Johns (Actor)

Penelope Wilton (Actor)

Adam Godley (Actor)

Jon Strickland (Actor)

John Adewole (Actor)

William House (Actor)

Tom Stoppard (Author)

Nicholas Kok (pno)

Gordon House (Producer)

Recorded on 1990-06-12"


Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 3


Adapted by Lavinia Greenlaw Kristin Scott Thomas narrates Virginia Woolf's comic novel which is set in pre-first world war London and challenges all assumptions about the nature of love.

Katherine Hilbery, grand-daughter of a great Victorian poet, is forced to choose between her engagement to the eminently suitable William Rodney, and her attraction to Ralph Denham, with whom she feels a more profound and disturbing affinity.

Meanwhile, Suffrage campaigner Mary Datchet has also fallen for Ralph, and she too must decide between her feelings and her dedication to the Women's Suffrage movement.

Narrator....Kristin Scott Thomas Katharine Hilbery....Dervla Kirwan Ralph Denham....Jamie Glover Mary Datchet....Susannah Corbett William Rodney....John MacKay Mrs Hilbery....Phyllida Nash Mr Hilbery....Jonathan Nibbs

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Virginia Woolf's comic novel set before the First World War.

Katharine and her ridiculous but suitable fiance visit her cousins in Norfolk.

/ Kristin Scott Thomas narrates Virginia Woolf's comic novel.

Katharine and her ridiculous fiance visit her cousins in Norfolk for Christmas.