Night Express [John Fletcher]


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20201004 (BBC7)
November 1933. Gregory Roberts is a young British spy on his first mission. Under the alias of a ball-bearings salesman, he heads to Vienna. But, in neighbouring Germany, Hitler has recently come to power and the Nazis are infiltrating Austria.

Gregory Roberts …. Cornelius Garrett
Litzi …. Melinda Walker
Harold St John …. Timothy Bentinck
The Professor …. Gabriel Woolf
MacDonald …. John Rowe
Archie …. Andrew Hilton
Simpson …. Christian Rodska
Erich …. Jonathan Tafler
The Commissioner … Michael Graham Cox
Commissioner’s Assistant …. John Hartoch
Gunter …. Ian Targett
Karl …. Richard Pearce
Gerta …. Joan Walker

Written by John Fetcher.

Director: Shaun MacLoughlin

Produced in Bristol and first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1989.

It's 1933. A British agent's first mission is in Vienna - then a political powder keg.