Night Of The Hunter


Genome: [r4 Bd=19941228]

Dramatised by John Fletcher from the novel by David Grubb , and best known as a celebrated Hollywood "film noir". Starring Struan Rodger as the Preacher, Tom Lawrence as John Harper Jnr , Angela Shaftoe as Pearl Harper and Betsy Blair as Ma Cooper. Two children are chased across rural

America by a terrifying killer.

Original music by Thomas Johnson and Stuart Gordon. Director Andy Jordan Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19941228]

Dramatised By: John Fletcher

Novel By: David Grubb

Unknown: Struan Rodger

Unknown: Tom Lawrence

Unknown: John Harper Jnr

Unknown: Angela Shaftoe

Unknown: Pearl Harper

Unknown: Betsy Blair

Unknown: Ma Cooper.

Music By: Thomas Johnson

Music By: Stuart Gordon.

Director: Andy Jordan Rpt

John Harper Snr: Peter Marinker

Willa Harper: Catherine Nix

Ben Harper: John Guerrasio

Icy Spoon: June Barrie

Wait Spoon: John Baddeley

Uncle Birdie: Brian Greene

Ruby: Pippa Hinchley

Miz Cunningham: Geraldine Fitzgerald

Grocer: John Telfer

Mary: Jessie Brammer

Clary: Abigail MacVean


By: David Grubb

Starring: Struan Rodger/Tom Lawrence/Angela Shaftoe.


By: David Grubb

Starring: Struan Rodger/Tom Lawrence/Angela Shaftoe