Night Of The Wolf [Victor Pemberton]


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With a werewolf prowling around the Fenlands, a judge searches for his missing son.

"It came at me from nowhere... eyes glarin' out of the dark like emeralds.
Teeth like rocks, tarnished with the blood of human flesh.
And hair streamin' out of its neck and hands and feet.
This isn't one of God's creatures, sir. It's the work of the devil himself!"

Set at the end of the 19th century, a werewolf is prowling around the Cambridge Fenlands. Judge Mathew Deacon is desperately worried about his son...

Starring Vincent Price as Judge Mathew Deacon, Coral Browne as Mrs Northcott, Hugh Manning as Professor Forrester, Sheila Grant as Sybil and Peter Whitman as Robert Deacon.

A Horror legend of Man and Beast specially written for radio by Victor Pemberton.

Producer: John Tydeman

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Night Theatre in 1975.