The Night Watch

By Sarah Waters, read by Rosalind Ayres.

The moving story of three women and their love affairs, set in 1940s London.

Producer Martin Jarvis.



By Sarah Waters, read by Rosalind Ayres.

The moving story of three women and their love affairs, set in 1940s London.

Producer Martin Jarvis.The Second World War has ended but its after-shocks linger.


London 1947.

Duncan encounters an old friend, Helen and Julia have an uneasy picnic in Regent's Park and Viv spends the afternoon in the countryside with Reggie.


London 1947.

Viv Pearce spots Kay outside the Tivoli cinema.

Viv's brother Duncan spends an embarrassing evening and Kay visits her old ambulance friend Mickey.


Helen tries to talk to Viv about Julia.

Viv's behaviour is rather puzzling to her brother's wartime friend Robert Fraser.


London, 1947.

Helen is becoming obsessive about Julia's new friendship.

Duncan behaves eccentrically late at night and Kay wonders about the packet she's been handed by Viv.


In 1947, Viv Pearce was having an affair with Reggie and had a secret concerning a gold ring.

Helen and writer Julia were living uneasily together.

And Viv's brother Duncan was living with Mr Mundy.

But what were they all doing three years before? The story moves back to 1944.


London, 1944.

Kay Langrish works as an ambulance driver in wartime London and lives with Helen, who is about to meet Julia.

Viv Pearce's brother Duncan is in prison for a mysterious offence.

Viv has worries of her own.


Ambulance driver Kay Langrish is devoted to Helen.

But Helen has become fascinated by Julia.


London, 1944.

Viv Pearce confides in her office friend, Betty.

Helen is feeling stifled by Kay's gallant devotion.


London, 1944.

Viv Pearce and her father continue to visit Duncan in prison.

After Kay goes off to the ambulance station, Helen decides to make a secret nocturnal visit.


It's 1944.

Helen and Julia take a night-time walk, which Kay doesn't know about.

Pretty typist Viv Pearce makes an emotional telephone call to Reggie at his unit.


London, 1944.

A horrific time for Viv - and Reggie doesn't behave well.


London, 1944.

Helen and Julia can hear the sirens from Mecklenburgh Square.

Duncan and Robert hear them too, from their prison cell.

And Kay races back home, full of fear for Helen.


The story now unravels backwards in time - to 1941.

Pretty Viv Pearce meets an attractive soldier on a train to London.

Her younger brother Duncan has problems dealing with his best friend Alec.

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It's the London blitz, 1941.

Viv Pearce's 17-year-old brother Duncan has just been given frightening news.

Ambulance driver Kay Langrish meets the love of her life.