A Night With A Vampire 2, A Lot Of Mince Pies


05 LAST20111202

Written by Robert Swindells.

Swindells is a British author known mainly for his children's books and indeed, this tale first appeared in a collection of haunted tales for the young adult. But it has a macabre and chilling undertone - set at Xmas and focussing on a group of carollers who visit the same cottage every year - and receive a special treat in return. - David Tennant returns with another selection of chilling Vampire stories.

Last year in the first series we concentrated on Victorian Vampire output but in these five tales we enter the 20th Century and introduce stories with a little twist from the UK and the USA.

Producer: Clive Brill

A Pacificus Production for BBC Radio 4.

By Robert Swindells. A group of Christmas carollers receive a special treat.