Night With Johnny Stompanato, A [Drama]


20091113Jonathan Holloway's hard-boiled Hollywood drama is based on a true story.

One night in 1958, police were called to the home of 'sweater girl' Lana Turner. The actress' current boyfriend Johnny Stampanato lay in a pool of blood, stabbed to death by Lana's daughter Cheryl. At the subsequent inquest, Turner gave the performance of her life.

Lana Turner....Laurence Bouvard

Johnny Stampanato....John Guerrasio

Cheryl....Georgie Moffett

Del....Demetri Goritsas

McGinley....John Chancer

Geisler....Paul Mohan

Langhauser....John Telfer

Bill Brooks....Oliver Millingham

Annie....Kim Baker

Directed by Sara Davies.

Jonathan Holloway's drama is based on the story of the death of Lana Turner's boyfriend.