Fantasy anthology drama series from Canada's CBC Radio.


0101Love And The Lonely One1980070420190616 (BBC7)

Two anatomy students pull a prank involving the cadaver of an old woman.

The following day, one of them gets a very unexpected visitor...

Elva Mai Hoover …. The Girl
Jay Bowen …. Fred
John Stocker …. George
Mignon Elkins …. The Hospital Doctor
Graham Haley …. The Anatomy Professor

Written by John Graham.

Director: Bill Howell

0102Hands Off1980072520190623 (BBC7)

A scientist is driven to extreme measures when a solution he's created sparks violence in others.

Colin Fox …. Striker
Jennifer Browne …. Sylvia
Marian Waldman …. Doris
Murray Westgate …. George
Ruth Springford …. The Neighbour
Ken James …. The Policeman

Written by John Graham.

Director: Bill Howell.

0103Buried Alive1980101720190630 (BBC7)

The Great Santini, a sleazy hypnotist, has been buried alive. It’s an insurance scam and he intends to double cross his wife, just as soon as she’s collected half a million.

But first he needs Rose to dig him out. He's six feet underground and running out of oxygen. Just how great are Santini's powers of persuasion?

Dawn Franks.... Santini
Lally Cadeau.... Rose
John Stocker.... Phil
Frank Perry.... The Minister

Written by John Graham.

Directed by Paul Mills.

Don Francks.... Santini
Lally Cadeau.... Rose
John Stocker.... Phil
Frank Perry.... The Minister

0104Baby Doll1981121820190707 (BBC7)

A young husband gets more than he bargained for when he buys his wife an antique doll.

Elva Mai Hoover …. Kathleen
Jay Bowen …. Alex
Jimmy Morris …. Loomis
Ruth Springford …. Old Woman
Claude Rae …. Fireman

Written by Larry LeClair.

Director: Fred Diehl.

0105 LASTFrom My Appointed Place Below1982031920190714 (BBC7)

A young man delivers his rent to the local Scottish landowner, Sir Robert Redgauntlet, but the latter dies before writing a receipt, and the money disappears.

Desperate, the young man turns to a stranger for help.

Hugh Webster… Steenie Steenson
Chris Wiggins… Sir Robert Redgauntlet
John Douglas… Sir John Redgauntlet
Sandy Webster… Dougal MacCallum
Frank Perry… Hutcheon
John Bayliss… The Writer In Black

Story by Sir Walter Scott, 1824.

Directed by Fred Dalzell.