Nightmare World [Wally K Daly]


1989031820180407 (BBC7)
20200628 (BBC7)
A worldwide power failure brings chaos and terror to Earth, but some towns are unaffected.

Dramas and adaptations from the famed writer for radio and TV.

Gary Henderson and old man Jenkins head up a mountain road to Hill House every November 13th. But on their ascent this year, the mountain begins to shake like hell on earth. And Gary? He meets himself coming back...

As a world-wide power failure brings chaos and terror to Earth, one town in every country undergoes a curious and startling transformation.

Wally K Daly's sci-fi thriller stars James Laurenson as Gary Henderson, Nigel Anthony as Jenkins, Peter Jeffrey as AP Smith and Geoffrey Whitehead as the Prime Minister.

Director: David Hitchinson

First broadcast on the BBC World Service in 1989.