Nine Tailors, The [Reading]

Alex Jennings reads from Dorothy L Sayers's classic mystery.



Lord Peter Wimsey and his faithful manservant Bunter find themselves stranded in a remote East Anglian villlage on New Year's Eve.

A chance encounter draws them into investigating a 20-year-old mystery.


Lord Peter Wimsey finds himself helping the locals to ring in the new year.

At breakfast the following morning, tales of an unsolved jewellery theft arouse his curiosity.


Lord Peter Wimsey returns to the village following the discoveries of a strange cipher in the belfry and a corpse in the wrong grave.


Lord Peter Wimsey goes fishing in a well for clues and finds the ramblings of dim-witted Potty Peake more revealing than most.


Lord Peter Wimsey's manservant Bunter charms some vital information out of the postmistress.

It seems that the clue to the identity of the dead man may be found in France.


An enlightening trip to France reveals the identity of the mutilated corpse.

Potty Peake's bizarre ravings seem to put a local bellringer in the frame.

07* *20080101

A parrot's unwelcome comments and a beer bottle in the belfry add to the confusion.

With the vicar's help, Wimsey seems to have cracked the cipher.


When gentlemen thief and prime suspect Nobby Cranton is brought to ground, he reveals a hair-raising story.

The Thoday brothers seem to know more than they are saying.


An interview with the Thoday brothers clears up some loose ends, but Wimsey is still none the wiser about how the victim met his death.

10 LAST*20080104

As the weather turns nasty and the floodwater rises, Wimsey finally discovers who killed the man in Lady Thorpe's grave.