The No. 1 Ladies' Favourite Radio Show


01Small Crocodiles2009031520090316How to avoid being eaten by a crocodile? Botswana survival techniques and the use of a short stout stick.
02Clever Animals2009032220090323The gift of turning oneself into an animal - why some animals are immune to poisonous plants.
03Never Get Lost2009032920090330America wants to track anyone, anywhere.

But this technology can fail.

The sun will never let you down.

04Baboon's Buttocks20090405Why baboons do not fear women? Plus recession-beating top tips from Solomon Modumo.
05African Beauty20090412Why do some African women want to look like European women?
06 LASTJust Rocks20090419Solomon discusses fake diamonds with the Department of Gemstones and Narcotics.