Zoe is a single, gay, 40-something low-level criminal defence lawyer. Without a religion, kids to look after, or golf club membership, she’s often woken with the nagging thought, ‘What’s this all about?’

She has reached a point in her career where, despite being financially secure, she realises her job will never deliver any of the fulfilment she thought it would and she’s beginning to feel trapped in a prison of her own making.

She shares her flat with her nephew, 20-something Grayson, a chef whose life revolves around banging on about the latest street food trends and pop up restaurants.

Her circle of friends are an eclectic mix of Brighton characters. Many of them pursuing freelance creative careers from cupcake making to dog fashion accessories. Her friends envy her job security and she in turn envies their apparent freedom. Zoe’s oldest pal Freddie is a no-nonsense, cigar-smoking upper-class lesbian antique dealer, who is always on hand to offer Zoe extraordinarily inappropriate advice and life-lessons.

In Zoe’s law practice, Alexa (28) - full of enthusiasm - hopes she will not end up like Zoe, who in turn hopes she won’t end up like Georgina (55) - always late, frequently drunk and a serial dater.

In this episode, Zoe is worried she’s being stalked by a stalker she defended on a stalking charge and ill-advisedly decides to invest in her friend’s new business.

Zoe Lyons - Zoe
Terry Alderton - Tricky Dicky/Chris Eubank/Max
Angela Barnes - Mel
Jenny Bede - Alexa/Supermarket Woman
Michael Fabbri - Waiter/ Award winner
Selena Griffiths - Freddie/Sharon
Jon Pointing - Clive/Grayson
Steve Speirs - Patrick
Sue Vincent -Georgina

Written by Zoe Lyons
Producer: Barry Castagnola

A Golden Path production for BBC Radio 4

A new sitcom, set in Brighton, starring and written by award-winning comedian Zoe Lyons.