No Harm

Becky and Jez are nearly 15.

They've been robbing houses since they were nine.

Lately they're sick of it.

Really they're just looking for something nice in their lives.

Jez doesn't know her mum, who is from the Caribbean.

She decides to go and find her.

Elizabeth Hardwick is a feisty woman in her eighties.

She's lived a full life but now she sits at her window waiting for the teenagers to come to her house.

The play follows Becky and Jez over two days.

We see snatches of their chaotic, harmful lives punctuated by scenes of them breaking into three houses where, paradoxically, they find a kind of safety and calm that exists nowhere else in their world.

In the first house they watch TV and make themselves a meal.

In the second house they listen to unlikely music.

In the third, they find an elderly woman, sitting in her armchair.

She appears to be dead.

The elderly woman becomes a symbol for much that is lost and damaged in the girls' lives and they perform a ceremony for her: their own, non-religious funeral service.

A play about the transcending power of ritual and the imagination.

EH is 82.

She watches Becky and Jez, nearly 15, through her net curtains.

The girls have been robbing houses since they were nine, but are they criminals?



  • dave....Dave Hill
  • jez....Carla Henry
  • becky....Rachel Brogan
  • by - Amanda Dalton
  • directed by - Susan Roberts
  • elizabeth hardwick....Olivia Jardith
  • sid....Jody Latham
  • sue....Siobhan Finneran