No Pain Like This Body



by Harold Sonny Ladoo Dramatised by David Dabydeen and Elly Niland.

This rare Caribbean novel dramatised for radio by acclaimed poets Dabydeen and Niland, vividly depicts the terrifying world of a family brutalised by violence, poverty and nature itself.

Set in a Hindu Community in the Eastern Caribbean in 1905 during the August rainy season, it centres on a poor rice-growing family's struggle to survive.

Narrator....Davis Dean Ma....Martina Laird Pa....Jim Findley Nanny....Nina Baden-Semper Nanna....Stefan Kalifa Balraj....James Smith Sunaree....Arlisha Rojas Panday....Anton Rojas Rama....Omari Bertram Jasso....Sharon Maharaj Pandit....Pandit Ram Sankar With original music by Dominique Le Gendre Directed by Nadia Molinari ".