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Why are the Japanese having less sex? Chie Kobayashi and Ruth Evans investigate.

Kunio Kitamura, the head of Japan's family planning association is worried he may soon be out of a job. The birth rate, condom use, the pill, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases are all declining. He says, "The only explanation is that Japanese people are having less sex."

A recent report reveals that a record number of couples are living in sexless marriages. A third of men interviewed said they were too tired for sex, and a quarter of women said they found sex troublesome. Another survey of single Japanese aged 18-34 found that the proportion of virgins had increased significantly over the past decade - almost 45% said they had never had sex.

Chie Kobayashi and Ruth Evans look at the complex reasons behind these trends, and the alarming implications for Japan's dramatically falling birth rate - the country's population of 127 million is expected to drop dramatically to around 86 million by 2060.

A Ruth Evans production for BBC Radio 4