15th Anniversary - Female Takeover20171027

Noreen chats to former Asian Network presenters to celebrate our 15th birthday.

Break-up 13 - Part 120171004

Noreen spins an hour of the biggest break-up and heartbreak songs in Throwback 13.

Break-up 13 - Part 220171005

You asked for it - so here it is! Noreen spins an hour of break-up songs in Throwback 13.

Celebrating On-screen Couples20171101

Noreen celebrates the best on-screen jodis of Bollywood in a special Throwback 13.

Comedian Lovdev Barpaga Drops In20171024

Comedian Lovedev Barpaga drops in ahead of Asian Network's Comedy Night in Wolverhampton.

Diwali Vibes With Gagan Grewal20171019

DJ Kookie drops a Diwali Divas mix plus Gagan celebrates Sunny Deol's 60th birthday!

Friday Feeling!20171020

Gagan sits in with top tunes to get you in the mood for the weekend.

Gagan Grewal Sits In20171009

Gagan sits in and plays some big tunes to lift your Monday afternoon.

Gagan Grewal Sits In20171013

Gagan gets you in the mood for the weekend with top tunes.

Gagan Grewal Sits In20171016

Gagan sits in and plays top tunes in Throwback 13 and the Khandaan Takeover.

Gagan Grewal Sits In20171017

Gagan sits in and takes you down memory lane with back-to-back hits in Throwback 13.

Gagan Grewal Sits In And It's Big B's Birthday Special20171011

Amitabh Bachchan is 75 today! Gagan spins an hour of the Big B's tunes in Throwback 13.

Gagan Grewal Sits In And It's Your Turn To Dj!20171010

It's your turn to DJ by picking the songs you're feeling in the Khandaan Takeover.

Gagan Grewal Sits In With Back-to-back Hits In Throwback 1320171012

Let Gagan ease you through the afternoon with the biggest hits in Throwback 13!

Jasmine Sandlas Drops In20171102

Singer Jasmine Sandlas drops in for a catch-up with Noreen.

Join The Khandaan Takeover Club20171003

It's your chance to pick the tracks Noreen's spinning in the Khandaan Takeover.

Khandaan Takeover20171031

Listeners get in touch with Noreen to play their tracks in The Khandaan Takeover.

Noreen's Track Of The Week20171002

If you want to feel Noreen's vibe, tune in to hear her Track of the Week.

Say Cheese!20171026

Throwback 13 is all about those cheesy Bollywood songs you want to hate but secretly love!

Sports Talk20171103

Noreen and the news team chat about the weekend's fixtures and sporting events.

Tech And Gadget News20171018

Gagan sits in. James O'Malley drops in with the latest tech and gadget news.

The Latest Gizmo News20171025

James O'Malley has the latest on what's hot in the gadget world and answers your questions

Throwback 1320171030

Noreen takes you back in time, through to the present day with Throwback 13.

Track Of The Week20171023

Noreen's back in the hot seat and spins her new Track of the Week.

Track Of The Week Preview20171006

Get ready to hear the track Noreen's really feeling this week.