The Northern Irish Man In Cs Lewis [Drama]


2004100920051226 BT=1915 (BBC7)
20051227 (BBC7)
By Brian Sibley

A fascinating journey into the childhood of one of the world's best loved writers, CS Lewis.

Geoffrey Palmer as Lewis guides us through the writer's early life to illustrate how Lewis' boyhood in County Down, Northern IRELAND inspired the magical stories of Narnia.

CS Lewis....Geoffrey Palmer

Young CS Lewis....Dario Angelone

Warnie....Jack Logue

Lizzie....Doreen Keogh

Father....Stuart Graham

Mother....Laura Hughes

Grandfather....James Ellis

Doctor....John Hewitt

Penny....Hannah R Gordon

Children....Sarah Gordon, Coirle Magee, Patrick Gleadhhill

Directed by Gemma Mcmullan

A fascinating account of author CS Lewis' boyhood in Northern Ireland, and how it inspired the magical stories of Narnia.