Notes On A Scandal

By Zoe Heller, abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths.

Read by Barbara Flynn.


0120050613By Zoe Heller, abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths.

Read by Barbara Flynn.

When Sheba Hart first arrives at St George's, history teacher Barbara Covett senses a bond with her.

But Sheba crosses a line when she becomes involved in a friendship with one of her students, the 15-year-old Steven Connolly.

0220050614Barbara has helped new teacher Sheba Hart to control her classes.

Sheba finds herself thinking about Steven Connolly, a 15 year old student who has shown an interest in art.

0320050615Barbara is growing closer to fellow-teacher Sheba Hart.

But she doesn't yet know that Sheba has been invited to an assignation on Hampstead Heath by a 15 year old student, Steven Connolly.

0420050616Sheba has begun a relationship with Steven Connolly, a 15 year old student at her school.

She hasn't yet confided in Barbara, whose interest in Sheba is becoming more intense.

0520050617Sheba's relationship with Connolly, her 15 year old student, continues to obsess her.

On an impulse, she invites fellow teacher Barbara to dinner.

0620050620Sheba has confided in Barbara about her affair with her 15 year old student, Connolly.

But she hasn't told her the whole truth.

0720050621During the summer vacation, Sheba meets up with her student lover, the 15 year old Connolly.

But the relationship is not going well and Barbara has begun to realise how low she comes in Sheba's list of priorities.

0820050622Barbara is furious now she's found out the truth about Sheba's affair with Connolly.
0920050623Sheba's obsession with Connolly makes her callous towards Barbara.

Barbara has taken her revenge by letting the secret slip to fellow teacher, Bangs.

10 LAST20050624The scandal has broken, and Barbara now takes Sheba under her wing.