Denise, a recently divorced middle-aged woman, falls head over heels for an older Polish man. But is he really who he says is, and can her desire to start afresh and love again have the happy ending she so longs for?

Reeling from a recent divorce, Denise falls passionately in love with an enigmatic Polish émigre, Karol. But Karol, a man full of secrets, is in flight from the realities of his own life - a life that had been lived, for the most part, behind the Iron Curtain: a life of moral compromise and collusion and the slow erosion of his better self, which only now, with the belated opening of the former state files in Poland, is coming to light. As truths about him begin to surface, Denise is forced to confront the fact that her longed-for fairy tale may not have a happy ending.

Now, Love is the story of Denise's powerful desire to love and live again after divorce has shattered her confidence and wrenched a sense of identity away from her.


By Virginia Gilbert

Producer/director: David Ian Neville