Nude With Violin [Noel Coward]


1970042120190511 (BBC7)
20190512 (BBC7)
Paris 1956: Paul Sorodin, the world-famous artist, has just died.

His family, gathered together for the funeral, is shocked by the discovery that during his life Sorodin had perpetrated an enormous hoax on the international art world.

Only Sebastien, his former valet, knows all the answers...

Noel Coward’s comedy of manners dramatised by Peggy Wells.

Sebastien....Aubrey Woods
Isobel Sorodin....Joyce Carey
Jane Patricia....Routledge
Cherry-May Waterton....Barbara Mitchell
Anya Pavlikov....Betty Huntley-Wright
Jacob Friedland....Wilfrid Carter
Pamela....Margaret Wolfit
Colin Allan....Cuthbertson
Clinton Preminger....Junior Kerry Francis
Lauderdale....Rufus Frampton

Producer: Glyn Dearman

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1970.

Artist Paul Sorodin's hoax on the art world shocks his family, but his valet knows all.