Number 10, Democracy In Traction



Written by Anders Lustgarden.

A routine council eviction has blown up into a full scale riot and the police have been heavy-handed resulting in two hospitalised civilians. With a policeman also in hospital - the Met Commissioner is demanding increased police powers. Meanwhile - Nathan is expected to go on a foreign trip with the PM only to discover his visa seems to have expired.


Simon Laity....Damian Lewis

Nathan Toltz....Mike Sengelow

Georgie....Gina Mckee

Sir Hugo....Julian Glover

Amjad Hemmati....Arsher Ali

Connie....Stella Gonet

Alan....John Hollingworth

Mike Holmes....Rob Hudson

Dave Pulis....Matthew Marsh

The Governer Of The Bank Of England....Nicholas Woodeson

Producer: Clive Brill

A Pacificus production for BBC Radio 4.

A routine eviction blows up into a riot and two men get admitted to hospital.