Number 10, The Emperor's New Speech



Written by Jonathan Myerson.

It's the Party Conference in Brighton...and it's 11 hours until the PM is due to deliver his speech with only one problem - it's not written yet. And just when they didn't need it, one of Lord Rudolph's newspapers splashes a Treasury leak, ruining the latest bond issue and jeopardising the UK's credit rating. But who leaked the information in the first place? Meanwhile - the major supermarkets are being leaned on to contribute to a fund to help small shop owners, but will they agree before the conference speech is delivered?


Simon Laity....Damian Lewis

Nathan Toltzn....Mike Sengelow

Georgie....Gina Mckee

Sir Hugo....Julian Glover

Amjad Hemmati....Arsher Ali

Connie....Stella Gonet

Alan....John Hollingworth

Mike Plimpton....David Troughton

Rodney Birch....Matthew Marsh

Tejan Mahoi....Chinna Wodu

Lord Hendrik Rudolph....Paul Jesson

Producer: Clive Brill

A Pacificus production for BBC Radio 4.

It's 11 hours until the PM has to give his party conference speech, but it isn't written.