Number Seven, Planty Street


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940804]

by Colin McLaren , narrated by Tim Pigott -Smith. With David de Keyser as Samuel Shneidermann , and the historians John Klier and Jonathan Steinberg.

In July 1946, a hundred Jews in the Polish town of Kielce were killed or injured in much the same way as they had been in the Middle Ages. This dramatised documentary draws on recent evidence to find out how such a pogrom happened.

Oboe Nicholas Daniel. Producer Louise Greenberg

Genome: [r4 Bd=19940804]

Unknown: Colin McLaren

Unknown: Tim Pigott

Unknown: David de Keyser

Unknown: Samuel Shneidermann

Unknown: John Klier

Unknown: Jonathan Steinberg.

Oboe: Nicholas Daniel.

Producer: Louise Greenberg

Mojszez Cukier: Lee Montague

Governor of Kielce: Garard Green

Cardinal Bond: Peter Howell

Walenty Blaszcyk: Trevor Peacock

Edward furowski: Clive Panto

Andrzej Drozdzenski: Donald Gee

Party official: John Cater

Julia Pirotte: Frances Jeater