The Nuremburg Trial



This drama-feature is an overview of the most significant trial of the 20th century - from the opening words of Chief US Prosecutor Justice Robert Jackson, the Indictment, and the not guilty pleas of the Nazi leaders, to the summing-up 11 months later by the Chief British Prosecutor Hartley Shawcross, and the verdicts and hangings that followed.

Enacted extracts from the trial transcripts reveal the horrors of Hitler's Third Reich, the actions of the instigators of major crimes, and weaknesses in the Prosecution case.

Leading Nazis, arrogant, indoctrinated, but otherwise intelligent men, deny and often try to justify the horrific results of their actions.

Crucial moments from the examination and cross-examination of defendants are interwoven with eye-witness accounts from relatives and victims, as well as the views of historians, lawyers and prosecutors recorded in Britain, Germany, Russia and the USA.

Geoffrey Lawrence....Bernard Hepton

Robert Jackson....Henry Goodman

Hartley Shawcross....David Timson

David Maxwell-Fyfe....Geoffrey Whitehead

Dr Gilbert....Mike Nussbaum

Hermann Goering....Gerard Murphy

Ribbentrop....David Collings

Kaltenbrunner....Ian Hogg

Alfred Jodl....John Shrapnel

Albert Speer....Michael Cochrane

Commentator....Jane Whittenshaw

Others taking part:

Nigel Anthony, Bob Sherman, John Rowe, Andrew Branch, John Hartley, John Hollis, Paul Copley, John Castle, Paul Jenkins, Robert Glenister, Michael Maloney, Crawford Logan, Ross Livingstone, Stephen Critchlow, Roger May, Tessa Worsley, Caroline Strong, Linda Rogan.

The re-enacted trial sequences were selected, compiled and edited by Peter Goodchild.

Producer/directors Martin Jenkins and John Theocharis