Old Curiosity Shop, The [1996]



By Charles Dickens , dramatised in six parts by Elizabeth Proud. 1: Mysteries and Secrets Dickens meets Little Nell. with Barbara Leigh-Hunt , Michael Mears.

Rowan Stuart , Fiona Christie. Keith Drinkel.

Terry Molloy. David Vann. David Timson , Sunny Ormonde. Ann Beach. Richard Pearce. Kim Wall. Jean Perkins. Rebecca Wright. Simon Carter. Charmian Eyre. Richard Curnow.

Geoffrey Whitehead. Alex Jones. John Dixon. Elizabeth Proud. James Thackwray. Lennox Greaves. Norman Bird and Geoffrey Serle. Music composed and played by Malcolm McKee with Audrey Douglas. Steve Roberts and Paul Arden Taylor. Director Sue Wilson


2: An Uglier Dwarf Than Can Be Seen Anywhere for a Penny Daniel Quilp learns a secret. For details and cast see yesterday


3: As Honest a Lad As Need Be Daniel Quilp sets out to find Little Nell and her grandfather. For details and cast see Christmas Day


4: Sharks. Daniel Quilp brings Dick Swiveller into the service of Sampson and Sally Brass. For details and cast see Christmas Day


5: The Dream. Nell and her

Grandfather are forced to leave

Mrs Jarley 's employment while

Dick Swiveller has more encounters with the small servant.

For details and cast see Christmas Day

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6: An Unmitigated Staggerer. Nell is ill but safe with her grandfather at

Mr Marton 's. Quilp plans an unpleasant revenge for Kit. And Dick, too, is a victim of Quilp's evil machinations. For details and cast see Christmas Day