On Kosovo Field


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Rebeka and Dardan must reconcile themselves with their past to forge a path for the future

Fin Kennedy's drama inspired by PJ Harvey's notebooks, poetry and songs from her travels in Kosovo, with her unreleased song demos 'Where is Our City?' and 'Clothes of Grief' woven through.

Siblings Rebeka and Dardan have returned to their native Kosovo to find out the truth about their parents and now they must reconcile themselves with their past in order to forge a path for the future.

Songs and music composed and performed by PJ Harvey

Sound Design by Steve Brooke

Directed by Nadia Molinari

PJ Harvey latest album 'The Hope Six Demolition Project' and her book of poetry 'The Hollow of the Hand' draw from several journeys undertaken by Harvey from 2011-2014; one of those journeys was to Kosovo. The inspiration for the drama 'On Kosovo Field' came from Harvey's Kosovan notebooks, her poems and her Kosovan song demos. Writer Fin Kennedy undertook extensive research, including travelling to Kosovo with producer Nadia Molinari where they retraced some of Harvey's steps and talked to journalists, politicians and human rights activists working on conflict resolution and reconciliation. One of these was Kushtrim Koliqi who was the cultural consultant on the script. 'On Kosovo Field' is the search for an identity via a road trip back through a lost heritage for a young, Kosovan born brother and sister. The story is told in five episodes. The 'play cycle' as an idea takes its inspiration from the traditional song cycles of the Albania/Kosovo region. By the end of the cycle we understand that the siblings are a metaphor for Kosovo itself, the newest country in Europe, poignantly searching for an identity after centuries of conflict.