On Life And Picnics

Series on that most British institution - the picnic.



Culinary expert Ivan Day explores the history of British picnics while cooking up a heritage hamper of goodies in his Lakeland kitchen.

02A Taste Of Heaven *2008072620090816

A specially-commissioned short story by novelist Jane Feaver, exploring the disintegration of a family as seen through the eyes of a teenage girl during a long, uncomfortable summer holiday in the 1970s.

Sent to spend the holidays with her grandparents while her mother has a baby, the narrator both relishes and feels trapped by the orderly life which her grandparents lead.

After their picnic by a river, a dare almost leads to disaster.

Scotch eggs will never taste the same again and the first phase of childhood is left behind forever.

03 LAST20080911

Art critic Louisa Buck explores the reasons why artists down the centuries have painted picnics.

Taking in Cranach and Titian, Manet and Picasso and moving right up to artists such as Matt Collishaw today, art critic Louisa Buck gives a virtual guided tour of some key works of art in which picnics are depicted.