Linda McAuley asks a panel of consumer experts to select their top stories from 2006.


Linda McAuley takes issue on your behalf, from welfare rights to health education and the law.


This week Linda hops on board the Digital Bus in Portadown to find out how Digital UK are gearing up for October's switchover.

In the week that we hear there is extra protection for holiday makers, the BMI baby bombshell falls. What are your rights? Should you have to wait three weeks to get your money back and is it ever possible to foolproof your holiday?


Linda McAuley champions the cause of consumers in Northern Ireland, helping them solve their problems, make the right choices and avoid the pitfalls.


Linda McAuley champions the cause of consumers in Northern Ireland.

This week we talk to people out of pocket because of Storm Ophelia - The runaway trolley that caused 14 hundred pounds worth of damage and the cancelled train journey that cost listeners £16.

Who pays for the big wind?

Also, have you made a will? More than half of parents here, more than in any other part of the UK, haven't got one.
Why do you need one? And what happens if you die without one.

And scams galore.