01Time On My Hands20010212

By Monica Dickens, dramatised by Sam Boardman-jacobs.

With Jasmine Hyde, Zoe Waites, Frances Jeater and Clare Corbett.It's 1938 and Monica Dickens, bored by countless rounds of debutante parties, decides to prove she can earn her living as a cook.

02Dinner For One, Please, James20010219

As Monty struggles to adjust to life below stairs, her employer decides to throw a party - and invite all Monty's old chums.

03I'll Do My Best To Keep You Happy20010226

Monica's quest for a reference as a cook brings her to the house of a temperamental couturier with an aggressive Pekinese.

04Looking On The Bright Side Of Life20010305

Monica escapes from a large Devonshire estate to carry on cooking, but at the annual ball she's pursued by an old flame, providing the butler with the perfect opportunity for blackmail.

05 LASTMusic Maestro Please20010312

Monty has been cooking badly for nearly a year now.

If Isobel can't persuade her to hang up her apron, perhaps Hitler can?