One Thousand Days, One Thousand Nights



by Nandita Ghose.

Scheherazade and Dinarzade are sisters, named after the famed story tellers of A Thousand and One Nights.

Like their namesakes, they love old stories and tell them to each other by candle light.

The family are torn apart by the 1979 revolution in Iran.

They don't meet again for twenty-five years, but when they do meet, their only way of communicating is through the old Persian fables.

Scheherazade....Souad Faress Dinarzade....Bharti Patel Young Scheherazade....Rina Mahoney Young Dinarzade....Natalia Keery-Fisher Jyoti....Hema Mangoo Mark....Andrew Greenough John Bryson....Alexander Delamere Father....Nasser Memarzia Mother....Adlyn Ross Directed by Jenny Stephens